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Sector changes and career development in libraries: Every flavour career beans by Lizz Jennings


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Lizz Jennings gave this presentation at the Career Development Group’s National Conference 2011. The theme this year was : "The Practical Professional", Monday 21st November 2011

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Sector changes and career development in libraries: Every flavour career beans by Lizz Jennings

  1. 1. Every flavour career beansSector changes and career development in libraries Lizz Jennings Information Librarian University of Bath @inquistador
  2. 2. CertificationChartership Career Path
  3. 3. Standard FlavoursIdentify aspects of the same core activitiesDevelop an understanding of: Library work Strengths InterestsReflectionSelf-awarenessBuilding good habitsDemonstrable experienceWhy are particular skills important?
  4. 4. Carrot? Actually... Description vs practice Making the most of combinations Pulling experience together in new ways
  5. 5. Join the dotsCommon threads Refreshing older skills Recognising patterns
  6. 6. Join the dots
  7. 7. “Alas! Earwax!” (Rowling 1997, p. 218)Visits give a good ideaIdentify weaknesses to play to strengthsAbsence of an activity may highlight its importanceReflect and adapt
  8. 8. Too many flavours?The ever-growing CVRewriting Group activities together Use the version of a skill with most responsibility Sector-specific skills only if relevantUse CILIP Update to understand priorities in target sector
  9. 9. Pick and mixBeing selective is useful in itselfPay systematic attention to requirementsWhat a “protean” career looks like: Progress measured psychologically A series of shorter progressions, not ascent to a plateau
  10. 10. Earning and Learning
  11. 11. A framework for reflectionConsolidate experienceBring disparate career elementstogetherObserve contribution of each roleobjectivelyYou become centreAnalytical vs speculative reflection “How did that contribute to whereI am now?”
  12. 12. A framework for developmentFlexible way of assessing future needsPPDP is vital: to be in charge of your own development to plan for the futureSpace to include areas for your personal professionaldevelopment
  13. 13. ConclusionSector changes: Use existing skills in new ways Open up new optionsReflection and self-directed learning leadto job satisfactionFramework of Qualifications: Reflection and learning feed in Structure to plan for the future
  14. 14. Image CreditsSlide Image title Creator LinkTitle slide Jelly Beans Hermann Kaser zz/525064280/Career Path jelly in my belly Amanda Tipton ndaj/4820917737/Standard Flavours In Easter Tradition Julia Anderson 60434717/Carrot? Actually... Jelly Beans Richard Scott dmscott/3137955817/Join the dots Jelly Bean Frame Queen Kaughan nkaughan/3342621940/"Alas! Earwax!" DSC01127 Alexander /2214473515/Too many flavours? Jelly Beans Ricardo Zappala pala/4234943046/Pick and Mix Oslo0709 0008 Marius Watz Jelly beans 1331075689/Earning and Learning Odd ones out Blue Square Thing quarething/3417058477/A framework for Friday Fun Day Josh Kenzer -art/4446942356/A framework for Jelly beans Jeremy Keith io/531747474/Conclusion 我拍來當桌面的 Alda Chou bubble/2436707192/