Diploma In Career Coaching


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This comprehensive and practical career coaching training course will enable participants to become professionally qualified Career Coaches who are fully competent and equipped to coach people in a variety of situations such as career decision making, career development and job search. Diploma in Career Coaching (NFQ Level 7) is delivered part-time over 7 months and is awarded by Dublin Institute of Technology.

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Diploma In Career Coaching

  1. 1. NFQ LeveL 7 DipLoma iN Career CoaChiNgThis comprehensive and practical programme will enable participantsto become professionally qualified Career Coaches who are fullycompetent and equipped to coach people in a variety of situationssuch as career decision making, career development and job search.Diploma in Career Coaching (NFQ Level 7) is awarded by Dublin Instituteof Technology.
  2. 2. DIPLoma IN Career CoaChINg ouTComeS • Qualify with an Internationally recognised Qualification • Enhance your career prospects through continuous professional development • Develop an in-depth understanding of the theory and best practice of Career Coaching • Be competent in international best practice Coaching methodologies • Benefit from the knowledge of highly experienced and accredited Career Coaches • Understand Individual, Team and Organisational development needs from a Coaching perspective • Be equipped to confidently engage in effective coaching discussions with individuals • Benefit from an experiential approach to learning by delivering career coaching to coachees in a real life context • Learn about traditional and latest on-line strategies to effectively market your Career Coaching Service • Be uniquely and strongly positioned to deliver exceptional results for your Coaching clients module 1. experiential Introduction to Career module 2. module 7. Coaching Career marketing Coaching Strategies Fundamentals module 6. ModuleS module 3. Career Decision effective making Self-marketing methodology Strategies module 5. module 4. Delivering advanced Professional and ethical Career Career Coaching Skills Coaching Programme STruCTureThis NFQ Level 7 Diploma in Career Coaching is a highly interactive programme which consists of sevenmodules, run over one academic year and involves a total of 28 evenings or 14 days of face-to-facetraining. Please contact us for programme dates and locations- email: diploma@careerdecisions.ie orcall: 01 6340077.Continuous assessment is utilised, emphasising practical based assignments, thus replacing thetraditional exam based approach. A variety of assessments are used such as learning journals, in classassessments, written assignments and coaching external clients.
  3. 3. Diploma in Career Coaching modulesmodule 1. experiential Introduction to module 4. advanced Career CoachingCareer Coaching Skills* Understand what it is like to personally participate in a * Reflect on and learn from practice sessions withCareer Coaching programme coachees* Appreciate what Career Coaching is like from the * Develop advanced career coaching skills – supportingclient’s perspective change, overcoming resistance, challenging clients,* Be familiar with the approach and methodology that using silence effectively and problem solvingwill be followed in the programme * Develop strategies to ensure all clients can derive* Role model what they observe the experienced Career maximum benefit from Career CoachingCoaches doing* Make an inventory of their own skills, strengths andmotivations as a Career Coach. module 5. Delivering Professional and* Form working relationships with fellow learners andbecome comfortable in the group learning setting. ethical Career Coaching * Reflect on and learn from practice sessions with* Complete a Career & Learning Plan for themselves, coacheesincluding goals and continuous professional development * Career coaching clients in different situations – clientsas a Career Coach facing change, redundancy or job loss; clients with specialised support needs (such as literacy difficulties) and clients from diverse backgroundsmodule 2. Career Coaching Fundamentals * Enhance competence in delivering all aspects of Career* Comprehend the best practice models of Career CoachingCoaching * Develop a personal Career Coaching knowledge bank* Be knowledgeable about the 6 roles of Career Coaches and use it to research industry sectors, occupations and* Acquire the essential skills of Career Coaching: Active labour market trendslistening, Reflecting, Empathy, Explaining, Questioning, * Learn about ethical issues and how to ensure coachingGiving Feedback is delivered to the highest professional standards* Establish an effective Career Coaching relationship* Develop competence in delivering introductorysessions with clients* Learn how to administer, use and interpret module 6. effective Self-marketingpsychometric assessments in Career Coaching Strategies* Facilitate Step 1 of Career Decision Making Model – * Develop competencies in self marketing coaching“Who am I?” - helping clients to understand their Values, * Assist clients in communicating their unique sellingInterests, Personality and Skills points * Learn how to prepare high quality Curriculum Vitaes and letters of application * Use networking and social media to enhance jobmodule 3. Career Decision making huntingmethodology * Coach clients in interview skills* Reflect on and learn from practice sessions withcoachees* Fine-tune Career Coaching skills, address areas ofweakness and recognise areas of achievement. module 7. marketing Strategies * Prepare to apply for accreditation with the Association* Develop additional Career Coaching skills of – reality of Career Professionals International (ACPI).testing options; exploration and creatively identifying * Learn about traditional and latest on-line Marketingoptions; problem solving; resourcing; goal setting. Strategies to promote yourself as a Career Coach and* Develop competence in facilitating the remaining steps build a Career Coaching Practiceof the Career Decision Making model: * Learn how to prepare a Marketing Plan to build aStep 2 “Where are I now?” – assist clients to appraise successful practicetheir current situationStep 3 “What do I want?” – visioning a preferred futureStep 4 “How can I get what I want?” – making a step-by-step plan to achieve career goals
  4. 4. Why Choose the Diploma www.careerdecisions.iein Career CoaChing? * Qualify with an Internationally recognised Level 7 Diploma in Career Coaching * Set yourself apart with world class Career Coaching skills * Significantly improve your career prospects and position yourself to secure a promotion or move to a new job * Improve your employability and marketability as a professional * Acquire the competencies and best practice tools and methodologies to establish and market a Career Coaching Service * Tap into excellent business opportunities in Career Coaching, one of the World’s fastest growing industries, providing services such as: CV and Interview Coaching to: • People in employment seeking a promotion, new job or at career crossroads- 1.9million in employment • 3rd level students & graduates-188,166 in 3rd level education • Organisations providing support to Jobseekers- 295,700 people unemployed Career assessment & Career Coaching for: • 3rd Level Students unhappy with their course choice and at risk of dropping out- 15 to 30% drop out annually • People wishing to up-skill or re-train but are unsure as to what career/course they are suited • Organisations supporting Jobseekers to identify suitable career and course pathways * Add value to your employer through enhanced coaching competencies * Become qualified and licensed to use the award winning psychometric assessment- CareerDecisionMaker.com™ *Figures are related to Republic of Ireland and correct at time of publishingWho is the Course Feesprogramme For? The Diploma in Career Coaching fee is €2995. Career Decisions understand that large sumsThe Diploma in Career Coaching of money in this economic climate are difficult to(NFQ Level 7) will benefit individuals: part with and for this reason we are offering each student the opportunity to avail of our Instalment* interested in gaining a professional based Payment Plan. An initial deposit will secure qualification your place, with the balance payable in staged* who wish to enhance their employment instalments. prospects or who wish to change jobs/ careers.* with a background in Teaching, Training, hoW to apply Management, Business, Human Recourses, For more information or to request an Recruitment, Coaching, Development & Leadership or related areas. application form please contact Teresa Nash on 01-6340077 or emailentry Criteria diploma@careerdecisions.ie* Suitable Applicants will have relevant Class size and places are limited, applyexperience or a 3rd Level Qualification now to avoid disappointment