New resources to help staff caring for residents at the end of life


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Presented at Palliative Care New South Wales, 31 October - 02 November 2012

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New resources to help staff caring for residents at the end of life

  1. 1. New resources to help staff caring forresidents at the end of lifeTieman JJ, Dicker R, Hayman SPCNSW Nov 2012
  2. 2. RAC and End of Life• Residential aged care in Australia – 185,000 places – 2,760 facilities – 50,000 deaths in 2010/11• Policy Emphasis – Living Better, Living Longer – National Palliative Care Strategy – Dementia as priority health area• Challenges in care – Comorbidities (Dementia) – Resourcing and workforce
  3. 3. Why a Hub?• Hubs – Discrete set of content and resources reflect specific context of a particular group• Recognises RAC engagement in EOL care• Relationship to evidence• Online (24/7)• Success of previous hubs – GP, Nurses
  4. 4. Development Processes• Needs• Partners• Content Development• Pre-Post Marketing• Hub Production• Evaluation
  5. 5. Partnerships• Partners – National Advisory Group – Working Group – RAC Search Filter Group – Feedback Providers – Reviewers• Ensure clinical/functional utility
  6. 6. Issues in development• Size and expectations of the sector• Diversity of potential users• Acknowledging RAC environment and areas of expertise• Evidence based practice in this context• Starting not finishing
  7. 7. Hub Content• People working in RAC;• Care Issues;• Facility and Quality Issues;• Recognising Resident’s Concerns;• Communication;• For Residents and Families;• Resources and Tools; and• News and Events
  8. 8. RAC Search Filter• RAC Search Filter Advisory Group• Development Process – Gold Standard – Term Selection – Search Testing – Post hoc relevance• PubMed Translation – Open access, free to use – Hyperlinking for one click searching
  9. 9. Building Awareness• Project News during development• Invitations to participate/feedback• Associated work/Cross promotion• Launch – Ambassador for Ageing (Also Minister for Ageing) – Held in a RACF – Release day announcements – Launch pack
  10. 10. Supporting engagement• Communications strategy• RAC Promotional materials• DVDs• My Learning module• RAC newsletter
  11. 11. Conclusion• Hub recognises role and realities of RAC and EoL• Processes involved working with RAC• Encouraging access and learning
  12. 12. CareSearch would like to thank the many peoplewho contribute their time and expertise to the project includingmembers of the National Advisory Group and the KnowledgeNetwork Management Group.CareSearch is funded by the Australian GovernmentDepartment of Health and Ageing.