How to Help Keep Seniors Healthy


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This slideshow gives helpful tips on ways to keep seniors healthy. It outlines why maintaining a healthy lifestyle is so important and gives ways to do so. Some of these ways include a healthy diet and exercise.

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How to Help Keep Seniors Healthy

  1. 1. How to Help Keep Seniors Healthy Presented by: Tom Knox January 23, 2014 CAREFAMILY.COM
  2. 2. Why Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle is So Important for Seniors • • • • • • • • • Physical Wellbeing Lower Probability of Illnesses Positive Outlook on Life Better Relationship with Family and Friends Peace of Mind for the Family Reduction of Falls Less Medications Fewer Hospitalizations & ER Visits Longer Life
  3. 3. Encourage a Healthy Diet • Make sure meals and fluid intake is consistent • Diet should keep cholesterol low – Seniors often default to frozen, processed foods, all sweets – Less probability of dementia, heart disease, and other diseases with a healthy diet • Diet should keep blood pressure down – Decreases the risk of heart attack, heart disease, kidney failure, and stroke – Simple Tip: Limit salt, alcohol, and caffeine • Include a lot of vegetables and vitamins – Helps keep the immune system strong – Encourage fresh foods instead of frozen fruits and vegetables • Watch alcohol intake – reduce in severe cases with N/A beer or wine • Remember: Balance is important. A senior should still be able to eat some foods they enjoy while also keeping an overall healthy diet.
  4. 4. Encourage Exercise • Options for Exercise – – – – Basic Physical Therapy (arm and leg exercises from chair) Walking on nice days or in the mall Swimming or water classes at community centers Online boot camps with low impact exercises • Benefits – – – – – – Lowers cholesterol and blood pressure Strengthens the heart Increase in happiness and motivation Decrease in medication Better appetite Less falls CAREFAMILY.COM
  5. 5. Encourage Socialization and Participation in Activities • Keeping Them Engaged – Time with family and friends – Clubs or recreational events – Skype • Activities They Enjoy – Important to keep the mind active – Increase memory and reaction time – Examples: crossword puzzles, reading, playing on the Wii • Overall Benefit of Socialization and Activities: Less Chance of Depression CAREFAMILY.COM
  6. 6. The Importance of Hygiene • Toileting – Urinary Tract Infections • Oral Care – Gum Disease linked to Alzheimer’s and Heart Disease • Seniors often get physically uncomfortable bathing or toileting (temperature, physical exertion, or afraid of fall) • Seniors may be more comfortable with a caregiver helping in this area. CAREFAMILY.COM
  7. 7. Benefits of Home Care • Can reduce stress of the senior and the family • Decreases risk & slows progression of more serious illnesses due to ongoing monitoring and care • Supports you in maintaining all areas of health for the senior: – – – – Diet Exercise Socialization & Activities (Companionship) Hygiene (Minimize UTI’s) CAREFAMILY.COM
  8. 8. Our Story … Your Story “ My beloved grandmother was neglected in a facility. It inspired me to start an agency that successfully hired and cared for thousands of seniors at home. Now, with CareFamily, we are revolutionizing senior care by bringing families and great caregivers together directly. We help you safely manage the process without a middle man. Caregivers make more, families pay less, we partner to make it work.” Held by my great grandmother … 5 Generations of my family. - Tom Knox, Founder CAREFAMILY.COM
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