7 Signs Your Kid is a Brat


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Every mom has her embarrassing days; some are just brattier than others. "I often wonder if my daughter is the most misbehaved kid in the world," says Jennifer Gustafson from Darien, CT, mother of Lyla, age 3. "She goes from the sweetest girl to Satan in seconds when she doesn't get her way." For example: "If she says, 'Mommy, I'm going to jump off the roof,' and I don't let her, she's going to kill someone and it's usually me."

Jennifer has been kicked, bit and scratched by her adorable yet, menacing toddler. Bratty? Maybe. Just being a 3-year-old? It's that, too.

When Bratty Behavior is a Problem

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7 Signs Your Kid is a Brat

  1. 1. 7 Signs Your Kid is a Brat<br />Alonna Friedman, Care.com Contributor<br />
  2. 2. Background<br />2<br />June 6, 2011<br />Psychotherapist  Robi Ludwig, Psy.D, Care.com'sparenting expert, and Nancy Samalin, author of "Loving Without Spoiling" both agree that we're living in an age of child-centric homes.  Whether both parents work and feel guilty for spending too much time at the office or they just can't stand to see their children cry (or are too tired to deal with it) permissive parenting has created an entitled set of kids. <br />Here’s advice on how parents can take back control from spoiled rotten behaviors: <br />
  3. 3. 1.  Constantly throws tantrums. <br />3<br />June 6, 2011<br /><ul><li>You can expect preschool-aged children to have frequent temper tantrums -- some just can't be avoided and need to run their course -- but when fits erupt any time you set limits, it's a problem. </li></ul>How to handle:<br /><ul><li>First, don't have a tantrum yourself! 
  4. 4. Be empathetic and let your child know that you recognize he's angry but that his behavior is not acceptable. 
  5. 5. Help find the right words to express feelings and don't be afraid to take away a privilege or give a "time out" if you feel the situation calls for it. </li></li></ul><li>2.  Hits, grabs and embarrasses you<br />4<br />June 6, 2011<br /><ul><li>Toddlers and young kids have primitive impulses like grabbing toys and hitting to express their feelings. </li></ul>How to handle:<br /><ul><li>Hold your child accountable for behavior in an age-appropriate manner. 
  6. 6. If your son freaks out whenever a play mate wants to try his remote control digger, have him help you put it away before friends arrive. 
  7. 7. Remember not to yell and that it's okay if your kid gets upset -- he'll forget about it in two minutes. </li></li></ul><li>3.  Whines from wake up.<br />5<br />June 6, 2011<br /><ul><li>The sound of your child whining is the most irritating noise in the world. 
  8. 8. If "No" is truly how you feel, you need to stand your ground.</li></ul>How to handle:<br /><ul><li>Inform your child: "I don't like when you speak like this and I can't understand you." 
  9. 9. Tell her you won't respond until she uses her regular voice. 
  10. 10. Ward off whining with some preventive parental medicine.  If you know your daughter will whine for ice cream each time you leave the playground and pass the Good Humor truck, take a different exit.</li></li></ul><li>4.  Acts defiant and negotiates. <br />6<br />June 6, 2011<br /><ul><li>A kid can say "No!" -- and they will in the most snotty tone --  but that doesn't mean you have to obey or accept that answer. 
  11. 11. When your daughter is accepting more bribes than a corrupt politician, you're cultivating a top-notch manipulator. </li></ul>How to handle:<br /><ul><li>Stop sweetening the deal and you'll cut down on the defiance. 
  12. 12. Instead, offer them rewards when they've exhibited good behavior. </li></li></ul><li>5.  Complains of being bored. <br />7<br />June 6, 2011<br /><ul><li>Moms would give anything to feel bored. 
  13. 13. The child who always complains he's bored is probably the one who can never be gratified. </li></ul>How to handle:<br /><ul><li>Teach your child the difference between wants and needs. 
  14. 14. The next time your son insists he wants a new toy, let him make the choice.  Seriously.  Choose two goodies at the store you would be happy to buy him and ask him to select.  He'll feel empowered and proud of his decision. </li></li></ul><li>6.  Talks rudely to adults peers.<br />8<br />June 6, 2011<br /><ul><li>  Grandma is probably sneaking your kids candy on the sly so they have little reason to tell her off.    A child that speaks or behaves rudely to an adult -- especially a relative -- needs to be corrected. </li></ul>How to handle:<br /><ul><li>Tell your son he hurt grandma's feelings and he is not to speak that way or treat people that way. 
  15. 15. You can never excuse bad behavior because it just shows you're going along with it. </li></li></ul><li>7.  Controls your life.  <br />9<br />June 6, 2011<br /><ul><li>Raising kids is a full-time job but Mom and Dad deserve to be just a wife and husband sometimes.
  16. 16. Always putting your child first -- above yourself and your marriage -- sends a message to your kid that the world revolves around him.
  17. 17. How to handle:
  18. 18. Whether you get Grandma to come for the night or hire a babysitter, you need to plan a date night. 
  19. 19. Parents are allowed to have play dates, too. </li></li></ul><li>Learn More<br />10<br />June 6, 2011<br />Read 7 Signs Your Kid is a Brat here:<br />http://www.care.com/child-care-permissive-parenting-7-signs-your-kid-is-a-brat-p1017-q6594347.html<br />Want to learn more about child care and families? Go here: <br />http://www.care.com/child-care-articles-resources-p1019.html<br />