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Winning The Story Wars: Why Those Who Tell -- and Live -- the Best Stories Will Rule the Future


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Are you looking for a better way to tell your organization's story?

Tired of watching your cause drown in the flood of marketing messages that surround us?

Ready to get people to listen to what you have to say and - even better - become evangelists for your cause?

Join Jonah Sachs, CEO of Free Range Studios and author of Winning the Story Wars: Why Those Who Tell (and Live) the Best Stories Will Rule the Future, and Justin Perkins, Director of Nonprofit Services for Care2, for this presentation on how you must engage in storytelling to get noticed and create a better future.

Fro m this webinar you will learn:

-What the story wars are and why you need to join the fray!
-The 5 deadly sins of marketing and how to avoid them
-3 steps for engaging in "empowerment marketing," including identifying your organizational values, telling the truth and being interesting
-How to create your own Story Strategy Map

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Winning The Story Wars: Why Those Who Tell -- and Live -- the Best Stories Will Rule the Future

  1. 1. Why those who tell – and live – the best stories will rule the future. Jonah Sachs Justin Perkins Free Range Studios Care2@Care2Team #C2Webinar
  2. 2. aboutCitizens use Care2 for: Starting or signing petitions Nonprofits use Care2 for: Volunteering Donating $ Recruiting Donors & Supporters Spreading news Traffic/Branding/Awareness Commenting on blogs Starting group (organizing) Advocacy Joining nonprofits Building Facebook fan base
  3. 3. The fundamentalsof breakthroughstorytellingBY JONAH SACHSCEO | FREE RANGE STUDIOSWWW.FREERANGE.COM
  4. 4. Survival of the fittestTransmission is a webEveryone owns ideasIdeas get passed or they die
  5. 5. Survival of the richestTransmission is one to manyIdeas are proprietaryDoesn’t rely on audienceparticipation to spread
  6. 6. Survival of the fittestTransmission is a webEveryone owns ideasIdeas get passed or they die
  7. 7. What will survive the landscape ofour new oral traditions?
  8. 8. Stories.
  9. 9. Inadequacy Marketing =
  10. 10. “[Myths are about] the maturation ofthe individual from dependency toadulthood through maturity andthen to the exit; and then how torelate to this society and how torelate this society to the world ofnature and the cosmos. ”– JOSEPH CAMPBELL
  11. 11. Myths that Survive theOral Tradition MATURES TO BECOME
  12. 12. Marketing’sFive Deadly Sins
  13. 13. THE 2012 ELECTIONSEntertainment
  14. 14. FIJI GREENEntertainment
  15. 15. JAMES HANSENEntertainment
  16. 16. The Structure of a Story
  17. 17. The Structure of a Story
  18. 18. The Structure of a Story
  19. 19. Inadequacy Marketing Fear, Vanity Greed, Status
  20. 20. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
  21. 21. NIKEPerfectionThe need to master a practice through hard work.
  22. 22. VOLKSWAGENTruthThe need to tear down falsehood.
  23. 23. OBAMA 2008WholenessThe need to be part of a community beyond oneself.
  24. 24. STORY OF STUFFSimplicityThe need to find meaning hidden behind complexity.
  25. 25. APPLEUniquenessThe need to express individuality/creativity.
  26. 26. DOVE REAL BEAUTYJusticeThe need to resist abuses of power.
  27. 27. Empowerment Marketing Perfection, Wholeness Uniqueness, Justice Simplicity. Truth
  28. 28. Of course, values alonedon’t make a story.
  29. 29. The Hero’sJourney
  30. 30. The Hero
  31. 31. The Hero• Is not you• Is your audience• Is unlikely for the role• Is dissatisfied with a “broken world”• Is jaded and has the chance to just muddle through• has an inner calling to livevalues
  32. 32. The Mentor
  33. 33. The Mentor• Is your brand• gets the hero moving toward her destiny• makes change appealing• never makes change mandatory• Is a real, tangible person• fits a recognizable archetype
  34. 34. The Hero’s Journey
  35. 35. The Gift
  36. 36. The Gift:• is the wildcard that makes the impossible possible• is something unique, beautiful and entirely unexpected
  37. 37. The Moral of the Story
  38. 38. The Moral:• is the truth behind every communication• provides brand consistency• makes intuitive sense but stretches what we know
  39. 39. The Moral of the Story
  40. 40. Making it all come alive
  42. 42. Freaks, Cheatsand Familiars
  43. 43. THE MEATRIX+ +
  44. 44. Fill your stories with human-like characters that break the pattern of our expectations.
  45. 45. Tell stories about villains who break cherished norms or rebels who defy hated ones.
  46. 46. Tell stories people can instantly identify as their own. Give them easy entrance points.
  47. 47. There are easy ways to startchecking your work and movingminds to action.
  48. 48. Is your story strategic?
  49. 49. Is your story interesting enough?
  50. 50. @jonahsachs
  51. 51. thank you! questions? contact us! Jonah Sachs @jonahsachs Justin Perkins @elperko