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Bring It On! Getting Started with Multichannel Fundraising


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As online giving trends steadily increase, nonprofits need to embrace and maximize multichannel fundraising.

But what if you’re just getting started? It can be an overwhelming and daunting task! Well look no further: in this webinar, we show you the ropes on how to get started with multichannel fundraising.

Join OMP and Earthjustice as they share stories from their successful multichannel campaigns spanning email, direct mail, telemarketing, mobile, and social media.

Now is your chance to learn and devise your own multichannel fundraising campaigns with the advice of two seasoned professionals!

In this webinar you'll learn:
-How to create an effective multichannel campaign
-Best Practices and what kinds of returns you can expect
-How to know when you are ready to add a new channel such as telemarketing, mobile, etc.

-Teresa Weaver (VP of Client Services, OMP)
-Erica Gulseth (Online Fundraising Manager, Earthjustice)
-Ashley Hansen (Director of Nonprofit Services, Care2)

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Bring It On! Getting Started with Multichannel Fundraising

  1. 1. Bring It On! Getting Started withMultichannel Fundraising Presented By: Teresa Weaver, OMP Erica Gulseth, Earthjustice Moderator: Ashley Hansen, Care2 March 22, 2012
  2. 2. IntroductionsAshley Hansen Care2Director of Nonprofit Services @luvthemtnsTeresa Weaver OMPVice President, Client ServicesErica Gulseth EarthjusticeOnline Fundraising Manager @ericaeg
  3. 3. About Care2Citizens use Care2 for:• Starting or signing petitions Nonprofits use Care2 for:• Volunteering• Donating $ • Recruiting Donors & Supporters• Spreading news• Commenting on blogs • Traffic/Branding/Awareness• Starting group (organizing)• • Advocacy Joining nonprofits • Building Facebook fan base
  4. 4. Teresa WeaverVice President OMP
  5. 5. MultichannelCampaigns
  6. 6. Why Does Multichannel Matter?In 2011, 16% of thenew donors gave viaon-line gifts up from9% in 2007These new donorsswitch from onlinegiving to offlinesources – primarilydirect mail From Target Analytics 2011 Internet and Multichannel Giving Benchmark Report
  7. 7. Multichannel Donor Metrics• Median revenue per donor for multi-channel supporters was $228 compared to $89 for off-line and $113 for online donors.• First year retention for multi-channel donors was 57% compared to 28% for offline donors, and 23% for online donors.• Multi-year multi-channel donor retention was 78%, compared to 60% for offline donors, and 49% for online donors.• Reactivation rate for 1-5 year lapsed multi-channel donors was 21% compared to 11% for offline and 8% of online donors.
  8. 8. Creating Campaign Plans• Establish Campaign Theme -Message or Program Area -Seasonality -Renewal or Membership Campaigns• Set Campaign Goals -Fundraising Targets -Actions and/or New Activists -Impressions
  9. 9. Channel Options• Direct Mail • Social Media - Facebook pages and ads• Email Campaigns - Twitter feeds - Blogs• Telemarketing - YouTube Videos• Canvassing • Text promotions • Banner Ads• Events • Chaperoned Emails • Petition Sites• Peer-to-Peer • Earned and Paid Media • Search – Google Grants and Paid• Corporations• Foundations
  10. 10. Be Open toNew Opportunities Tens of Thousands in a Captive Audience
  11. 11. Be Open toNew Opportunities Tens of Thousands in a Captive Audience
  12. 12. Moving Beyond the SilosDo your best to have the campaigns cross all divisions within your organization…
  13. 13. Moving Beyond the SilosDo your best to have the campaigns cross all divisions within your organization……but don’t wait for the perfect opportunity –use what you have now and start planning how to bring in other channels
  14. 14. How to Use the Channels
  15. 15. How to Use the Channels• Direct Mail
  16. 16. How to Use the Channels• Email Campaigns
  17. 17. How to Use the Channels• Telemarketing
  18. 18. How to Use the Channels• Canvassing, Events, Peer-to-Peer
  19. 19. How to Use the Channels• Corporations and Foundations
  20. 20. How to Use the Channels• New Media
  21. 21. Don’t Forget the Thank YouThank You Video from charity: water with an update of the September effort Thanks to The Agitator – this Video was their featured Monday (03/19) Post
  22. 22. Erica GulsethOnline Fundraising Manager Earthjustice
  23. 23. Who we are• World’s largest public interest environmental law firm• Founded in 1971• Has represented—without charge—more than a thousandpublic interest clients• Strengthens and enforces laws that protect theenvironment
  24. 24. Who we are• $28 million in contributed revenue - 75% from individuals• $6.1 million from $5K and under donors (Public Support/Intermediate Giving) - 19.5% from online gifts (According to Blackbaud’s 2010 Online Giving Report the average is 7.6%) - 6% from telemarketing - Bulk of gifts are still through direct mail• 71,000 current donors - 33,000 (46.5%) have email addresses on file
  25. 25. Online• $1.2 Million YTD - 40% increase over previous YTD• Active email list size of 400,000 - 13% are donors - 4% are online donors - 75,000 are new to the list in the last 6 months - 92% have mailing addresses on file
  26. 26. Changes Over Previous Year Refinement and testing of cross-channel integration efforts Refined online list growth efforts - Advocacy-based list growth (Care2) - Email appends - Cross promotion with other groupsCare2 Tip: time campaigns around issue or around offline efforts(acquisition mailing, telemarketing campaigns, work you knowyou will be doing) 20-25% conversion through offline channels 18-24 month return on investment
  27. 27. Changes (cont’d) Drive to Grow Online RevenueWHY? - Higher average gift - Lower cost - Easier to make donors cross channel donorsHOW? -Online list growth (higher prospect pool) -Mail driven through URL and unique URLs, email box, petitions with email ask, etc. -Pre and post email efforts
  28. 28. Major ChannelsONLINE…is growing -Donors are younger and wealthier -Higher average gifts, low overheadMAIL -Expensive channel -Bulk of money is still raised through the mailTELEMARKETING -Most expensive channel -Many donors are still telemarketing responsive -Can’t discontinue any channel, but can use channels more effectively
  29. 29. Why Integrate?• Higher average gifts at lower costs• Donors give more over time• Donors through multiple channels are gold—more than 2 times as valuable than single channel donors.Statistic: Cross-channel donors are worth more:• 1.5x online-acquired donors who stay online• 2.7x offline-acquired donors
  30. 30. Integrated Fundraising Test #2• Integration Test: Final Renewal Mailing/Email (July 2011) -Sent integrated email/mail piece to unresponsive renewal donors
  31. 31. Results Test #1 Question: Are these donors more responsive simply because we have an email address for them. Are they naturally more engaged?
  32. 32. Integrated Fundraising Test #2• Integration Test: 1st Year-End Mailing/Email (October 2011) -Sent integrated pre-email/mail piece to half of donors with email addresses. Did not email the other half.
  33. 33. Results Test #2
  34. 34. Integrated Fundraising Test #3• Pre (vs. Post) Renewal Email/Telemarketing/ Mailing/Web
  35. 35. Integrated Fundraising Test #3• (Pre vs.) Post Renewal Email/Telemarketing/ Mailing/Web
  36. 36. What are we doing?• Online appeals offline donors • Higher average gifts/increases response• Mail appeals/telemarketing online donors and prospects • 20-25% of online list members convert into donors through DM/TM• Everyone with an email address gets: • Action alerts (~2-3/month) • Fundraising Appeals (~2-3/month depending on who you are) • Monthly e-newsletter (1/month) • Other informational updates and cultivation messages (~1-2/month)
  37. 37. Other ways to integrate• Send donor update emails to offline donors with email addresses (huge opportunity)• Allow people to share on social media when they make a gift online• Send fundraising asks out via social media
  38. 38. What will we be doing?• Mobile -May 2012• Pre & post telemarketing emails• Greater monthly giving push to online members• Better $1,000+ integration -Branded William O. Douglas Society ($1,000 - $5,000)• More testing (pre vs. post emails, etc.)
  39. 39. Questions?Contact:Erica Gulseth, Online Fundraising Manager (Email) @ericaeg (Twitter) (LinkedIn)
  40. 40. Questions and Contact UsTeresa Weaver OMPVice President, Client ServicesErica Gulseth egulseth@earthjustice.orgEarthjusticeOnline Fundraising Manager @ericaegAshley Hansen Care2Director of Nonprofit Services @luvthemtns