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Recurring payments - Cardinity


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All the necessary information about recurring payments. Cardinity provides a service of recurring payments which allows merchants charge the customers’ cards on a periodic basis for a particular good or service.

Cardinity is a card payment service provider for online merchants in the EU/EEA.
With more than 10 years of experience in the provision of online payment solutions, we continue to grow and improve in order to help online merchants' businesses become global.

Cardinity offers:
• Global payments. Accept payments in major currencies with all main credit and debit cards from customers all around the world.
• Recurring billing. Offer subscriptions or memberships, and your customers will be charged automatically.
• One-click payments. Let your customers purchase with a single click.
• Mobile payments. Purchases made anywhere on any mobile device.
• A payment gateway and a free merchant account.
• Virtual Terminal. Accept mail and phone orders.
• Fraud prevention. We help merchants to ensure security with our enhanced protection measures.
• Low price. No monthly fees.
• Fast application and boarding procedure.

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Recurring payments - Cardinity

  2. 2. What is a recurring payment? Recurring payments is a service provided by Cardinity which allows a merchant to charge the customers’cards periodically for the offered products or services.
  3. 3. About recurring payments Merchants can choose different payment cycles. Customers can be charged: Daily Monthly Annualy
  4. 4. About recurring payments Recurring payments are perfect for businesses which adopt  subscription models, such as: Television and internet providers Magazines, newspapers and other media Home services or housecleaning Software services Gyms for monthly membership fees Food delivery services Financial services Non-profit organizations that accept recurring donations
  5. 5. The benefits of recurring payments  Less work for the merchant  Less late payments  Improved customer relationships Tokenization  Secure storage of payment information  Attractive free trials for the customers  Various plans and types of goods
  6. 6. How to integrate recurring payments into your e-shop? Specify that you will accept recurring payments when filling in the Cardinity merchant application form. Integrate your online shop with Cardinity. Let your web developers do the job! The first payment your customer makes requires entering all card details, but there is no need to save them for further upcoming payments. Once the first payment is processed, your system saves the payment reference ID. Our system uses this payment reference ID to make further recurring charges on a periodic basis. And that’s all! Now you won’t need to worry and remind your customers to pay.
  7. 7. Feel free to contact us! UAB Click2Sell Sauletekio ave. 15, Vilnius, Lithuania Company code: 300110581,  VAT code: LT100005028414 Phone: +44 2035 144 748