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9 Christmas Marketing Ideas to Win More Customers | Cardinity


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9 ideas on how to prepare for the upcoming Christmas sales and attract more customers.

Cardinity is a card payment service provider for online merchants in the EU/EEA.
With more than 10 years of experience in the provision of online payment solutions, we continue to grow and improve in order to help online merchants' businesses become global.

Cardinity offers:
• Global payments. Accept payments in major currencies with all main credit and debit cards from customers all around the world.
• Recurring billing. Offer subscriptions or memberships, and your customers will be charged automatically.
• One-click payments. Let your customers purchase with a single click.
• Mobile payments. Purchases made anywhere on any mobile device.
• A payment gateway and a free merchant account.
• Virtual Terminal. Accept mail and phone orders.
• Fraud prevention. We help merchants to ensure security with our enhanced protection measures.
• Low price. No monthly fees.
• Fast application and boarding procedure.

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9 Christmas Marketing Ideas to Win More Customers | Cardinity

  1. 1. 9 Christmas Marketing Ideas to Win More Customers
  2. 2. Christmas Gift Bundles Prepare and offer special holiday edition bundles exclusive to this time of the year. Create a special Holiday season, Winter edition or Christmas subscription box.
  3. 3. Special Personalized Deals Include daily offers in your marketing emails. Send your customers a gift catalogue to introduce your product line. Offer recently viewed products and remind about abandoned carts.
  4. 4. Social Media Marketing Become closer to your customers and develop a long-term relationship with them. Consider Christmas giveaways, competitions, product spotlights and exclusive discounts. Publish Christmas related posts, images, videos, or surveys.
  5. 5. Christmas Keywords Make your ad campaigns related to Christmas. Target such keywords as Christmas gifts, gift ideas, Christmas specials, etc. Check which keywords work best for your business with free SEO tools. Christmas offer
  6. 6. Christmas Landing Page Direct your potential customers to a Christmassy landing page. Add festive and winter design elements, such as ribbons and snowflakes. Do not forget about Christmas colours: red, green, white, and golden. SHOP
  7. 7. Fast And Smooth Purchases Ensure your website is stable and loads quickly. Make sure your e-shop functions properly on mobile devices. Inform customers about products which are running low before the checkout.
  8. 8. Responsive Customer Support The website traffic will increase right before Christmas. Be ready to answer all support questions, emails and phone calls from your customers. Consider creating email templates to speed up the process.
  9. 9. Creative Gift Packaging Surprise your customers by wrapping and decorating their orders. Offer them different Christmassy gift packaging to choose from. Include a postcard with a Christmas greeting and an exclusive discount. Add a small gift as a sign of appreciation.
  10. 10. Delivery Before Christmas Offer shipping before holidays to make your customers happy. Inform your customers in advance if their orders will be delivered only after Christmas. Offer a limited time free shipping for your local customers.
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