Mazda Rx 7 Racing History Starter Kit A4


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Mazda Rx 7 Racing History Starter Kit A4

  1. 1. Welcome to a Brief History of Mazda RX 7 Racing Mazda RX 7 Racing started in new Zealand in 1991 when a group of Canterbury car dealers took advantage of the ample supply of Series 1 RX7’s being imported from Japan and started a 1 make controlled racing category. The following year the series commenced in the North Island and has grown into what has become one of New Zealand’s premier Sanctioned Series classes. There has been a series in both the North and South Islands ever since. In 1996 the first ever New Zealand Championship was held at Ruapuna in Christchurch. The New Zealand Championship is now contested annually, usually over two race meetings, one in the North Island the other in the South The Pro 7 name used by the successful North American Series was adopted in 1998 to better reflect the professionalism of the NZ Series. The Pro7 Plus name was adopted in 2001to identify the newer model Series 4 and Batmobile Series 6 cars. Pro7 Plus Grid 2007-2008 The Spirit of Pro 7 Racing Pro 7 Racing places the emphasis on driver skill and chassis tuning. With this in mind the closely controlled rules are designed to limit car costs. For those seeking a more technical challenge we have developed the Pro7 Plus category using the Series 4 and Series 6 RX7 models. These cars do cost more to put together and have a higher degree of sophistication. They are a logical stepping stone from the proven Series 1 car. The Series Structure The Pro 7 series is a closely fought and competitive championship. It is a Motorsport New Zealand Sanctioned Series, which means a heightened profile and regulatory support from the Sports administration. The North Island Championship for Series One is usually run over 6-8 race meetings at the North Island circuits. Pro7 Plus holds a National Series in both Islands. The typical format is  Friday – Optional Testing and Set Up  Saturday – Test and Qualifying and 1st race And Social/Prize Giving  Sunday – 2 races 1
  2. 2. The races are a sprint format over 6-8 laps. There is 3 races during each meeting. Points are awarded from your finishing position from each race. Accumulated points determine a round winner and an over all champion at the end of the season. The season runs from October to April. An annual National Series known as the NZ Championships is separate to the North Island Series. This is detailed in the next section. NZ #3 2005-2005 Myles Fothergill leads a Tight Pack The New Zealand Champs (Series One cars only) The South Island also runs a series at their Circuits, from which the S.I champion is found. Since 1996 there has been a North-South Challenge “The New Zealand Champs”. The title is competed for, usually over two rounds of three races, one held at a North Circuit and the other in the South. The championship, while held at a round of each Island series, is separately scored for the NZ title. Previous winners include high profile drivers like Wade Henshaw and Brent Collins. For the 2005-2006 NZ Champs there was only one round. Usually two rounds comprise the Champs with one being held in each Island. Pictured are the 2005-2006 podium winners. Graham Beirne #2 NZ Eddie Bell #1 NZ Myles Fothergill #3 NZ 2
  3. 3. Key Personnel The North Island Mazda RX7 Racing Association is an incorporated society and a registered car club with Motorsport New Zealand. As an incorporated society the club is bound by legislation insuring that the operating of the club is transparent and for the benefit of all its members. As such, key personnel are elected at the Annual General Meeting which occurs in May or June each year. The key personnel for the 2009-2010 season are  President – Terry Carkeek  Series Coordinator – John Clunie  Promoter – John Clunie  Club Captain – Nigel Hanley  Technical Officer - Raymond (Crunch) Bennett The club has a strong base of experience and is recognised as one of the most professionally organised in NZ Motorsport. All the key personnel are experienced in their roles and are approachable for assistance. Refer to the Contacts page of our web site for a complete directory. The Cars There are three models of Mazda RX7 eligible to compete in the Pro 7 series. Pro7 Series 1: This car is the original car and now a true classic. It is powered by a 12a rotary engine and fuelled by a 4 barrel Nikki Carburettor. The cars are a dream to drive and easy to work on. Simplicity makes them an excellent starting point for someone embarking on their motorsport career but offer enough tunabiltiy to challenge the most experienced race engineer. Left. Series One racing is a great place to learn race craft Bottom left. Debbie Hill, one of 6 lady racers who have enjoyed Pro7 racing Bottom right. 2008-2009 Pro7 Champion Shannon Ferguson 3
  4. 4. Pro7 Plus Series 4: These cars launched the Pro7 Plus concept in 2003. They run a 13B 4 port NA engine with Link Computer and factory injection. As the donor car price is inexpensive this model can be built for around $20,000. They are a fast smooth ride with outstanding handling and very easy to work on. Left. Leon McKnight, Pukekohe 2005-2006 Bottom left. Paul Savage Bottom center. Garry Bradburn Bottom right James McLennan. Leon McKnight Pukekohe 2005-2006 Pro7 Plus Series 6 Batmobile: The Series 6 car was introduced in 2004 after changes in government legislation made the cost of a pre 1996 model Batty very affordable. The Series 6 is a more sophisticated car to build. Expect to send around $30,000 to put a competitive Series 6 on the track. Left. Bruce Gay, Pukekohe 2005-2006 Next page, Top left, Chris Hanley Top center, Matt Lockwood Top right, Myles Fothergill. 4
  5. 5. The introduction of the Pro 7 Plus cars ensures we have a vibrant mix of cars and secures a long term future for RX7 racing in New Zealand Motorsport. The Cost As stated earlier, Pro 7 Racing is one of the most cost-effective forms of motorsport, undoubtedly offering most bang for your buck. The following table outlines the basic costs incurred on a per meeting basis to run a Pro 7 car. Running Cost per Meeting Entry Fee $275.00 Test day optional $ 80.00 Race Car Fuel $120.00 Consumables $100.00 Total $575.00 Plus personal costs Compared to most other forms of motorsport the initial capital outlay is very reasonable. The table below outlines an average spend to get started. Purchase Race Car Series 1 From $7,000.00 Series 4 From $15,000.00 Series 6 From $30,000.00 Car Trailer Approx $2,500.00 Licence Requirements The minimum racing licence to race in the Pro 7 Series is a National Race Licence. The cost for this is approximately $121.00 Contact Motorsport New Zealand to find a licence examiner who lives near by and book the test with them. The licence exam is an open book test consisting of written multi choice and oral questions covered in the current Motorsport manual. You will need to study this first. Once you have passed the test simply send the completed licence application to Motorsport New Zealand and they will issue the licence. In order to be eligible for a licence you must be a member of the North Island Mazda RX7 Racing Association or any Motorsport New Zealand affiliated car club. 5
  6. 6. Safety Equipment Pro 7 Racing operates under the rules of Motorsport New Zealand, as such our cars and equipment must comply with the required safety standards outlined within Schedule A in the Motorsport Manual. The manual is available on line at We have access to a number of suppliers who can offer you package deals to get you started. Series Sponsors We are fortunate to have a fantastic naming right sponsor in the form of Toyo Tyres. Their sponsorship provides us with the financial resources to operate the class for the benefit of members. Both Pro7 and Pro7 Plus cars race on the Toyo RA1 race tire, which Toyo provide to our members at a sponsor subsidised price. Nationwide Accessories have supported Pro7 Racing through their TOYO branding for 12 years. This makes them one of the longest serving Sponsors of a Sanctioned Series class. TOYO Tires have proven a winner with all drivers. In addition we also have support from George Stocks and Co who provide the KYB or Koni shocks used in our racecars. Stocks have also supported Pro7 Racing for a similar period. With this type of loyal support the club has been able to prosper and grow toward the success it now enjoys. Cars for Sale The are a number of cars for sale starting from less than $7,000. To find more out about these check the Classified Section on our website. Other useful places to look for the right car are the TradeMe web site and NZ Speedsport magazine. In most cases the vendor can also supply comprehensive spares packages and full set up data. For more information on cars for sale contact John Clunie on 021 745-604. As a club we are proactive in ensuring that new competitors are given as much assistance as they require as they start their racing career with the Pro 7 Club. 6
  7. 7. Support Pro7 have adopted a “Buddy System” for new competitors by assigning an experienced member to assist them as they start out. This involves helping with technical car issues and what sort of things to take to the track and how things happen at the race meetings. We have each been new racers at sometime and understand how a little friendly assistance can go a long way. What to Do Now Pro7 racing is fast paced highly competitive and excellent value for money. The strength of the class is its people and its friendly nature off the track. Armed with this information all you need to do is contact John Clunie on 021 745-604 or email him at and he will help you find the car to buy and hook you up with a buddy to get you started. For other information regarding the class and regular news updates visit our website, The membership application form can be completed and returned to John Clunie or mail to; Pro7 Racing P.O. Box 220 Paraparaumu Payment of your preferred membership type should be included Driver membership $200.00 + GST (1 vote at meetings) Family membership $250.00 + GST (2 votes at meetings if both present) Add per extra driver $ 75.00 + GST (votes as above) Associate $ 80.00 + GST each member (no votes) Fees quoted apply for 2009 – 2010 (1st June – 31st May) Our pledge to you The North Island Mazda RX7 Racing Association welcomes all new members with the intention of providing affordable racing in a family environment where interaction between members is as important as the racing itself. We will do everything we can to foster this objective and ask only in return that all members respect each other at all times. Thank you for taking this time to consider Pro7 Racing, if our objectives are in harmony with yours we are sure you will have a rewarding racing experience. John Clunie Promoter NIMRRA Pro7 Racing New Zealand 021 745 604 7