Mazda 13 B Rotary Engine Turbo 498 Hp


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Mazda 13 B Rotary Engine Turbo 498 Hp

  1. 1. 441hp to 498 hp Mazda 13B Turbo We were recently faced with an opportunity to test our Martini Racing 110 Unleaded fuel head to head against industry heavyweight, VP’s leaded C16, in a high powered 13B rotary Mazda RX3 drag racing vehicle. Testing took place at Autotechnique (03-97631195) where proprietor Mario Pancione simply ‘drove’ the dyno with the car tuned by a rotary expert. In a never ending search for power, the owner of the crazy Mazda asked that the engine be tuned to deliver optimum power when running on C16 (the traditional choice of many drag racers). The tuner was extremely happy with a best of 441 rwhp and felt that this figure could not be surpassed. We then drained the C16 out of the fuel cell, and replaced it with 20-litres of Martini Racing 110 Unleaded. The engine immediately picked up 18 rwhp (459 rwhp) with no tune or other modifications. Then, taking into account the new AFR readings, the tune was modified to best take advantage of the much higher density .840 (.733 for C16) and 3.5% oxygenate (C16 nil), that this new generation of Martini unleaded racing fuel is now able to offer enthusiasts and professionals alike. The final run (now needing two men in the boot for added ballast) produced a huge horsepower increase across the board with an outstanding gain in mid range power (179 rwhp!! gain at 6980 rpm, refer chart) with the little Mazda topping out at 498 rwhp. The car’s owner will take his revitalised steed to the race track soon, and we will keep you abreast of the results. Some of the features that this hypo “street car” are as follows: • Mazda 13b Cosmo rotary with 3mm • Alloy fuel cell, Carter pre-pump, surge Apex seals, extended turbo port tank and twin Bosch Motorsport pumps • Machined block for eight extra dowels • Supra Turbo 5 speed gearbox • Port matched Cosmo intake manifold • Mini tubs housing a Ford 9 inch • Modified injector bosses to suit Indy shortened rear end blue 1700cc injectors • Wheels are Bob Glidden Pro Stars, • Custom exhaust manifold with 3.5” front 4x15, rears 8x15, tyres are Mickey exhaust pipes Thomson all round with 8.5x26 slicks • Garret 800 hp roller bearing turbo • Rear wheel Horsepower on C16 = 441 • Garret 42mm wastegate • Rear wheel Horsepower on MR110 = 498 • Microtech MTX8 3 bar map sensor Corrected to SAE J607,15oC, 1013mBar Martini Racing Products P/L 38 Henderson Rd Rowville VIC 3178 ph.03-97630977 fx.03-39761977