Planningness survey results


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PLANNING-NESS is an industry gathering of planners, strategists, thinkers and makers. The theme is to challenge the common way of thinking to create new and valuable things. Carbonview Research is a three year sponsor of the conference and this year we facilitated a pre-event survey

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Planningness survey results

  1. 1. 2 0 1 3   p l a n n i n g -­‐ n e s s   u n -­‐ c o n f e r e n c e   u n -­‐ s u r v e y  
  2. 2. websites  that  inspire  you  
  3. 3. personal  passions  “The  food  revolu-on,  educa-on  reform,  GMOs,  my  community,  buying  local,  the  rebuilding  of  livable  spaces  (the  an-thesis  of  box  stores),  my  family...”    “Good  wine  fussy-­‐food  down-­‐to-­‐earth-­‐non-­‐fussy-­‐friends  conversa5on.  A  page-­‐turner  fic5on  novel.  Working  out.  My  neuro5c  dog.  Florida  State  Football!”    
  4. 4. stuff  you  make   “I  make  people  think.  I  make  ideas  into  reality  and  some5mes  make  reality  a  beFer  idea.  I  make  my  kids  beFer  people.  I  make  my  people  laugh.  I  make  myself  happy  when  I  dont  have  to  do  things  that  other  people  are  beFer  at  making.  I  make  5me.  I  make  fun.”  
  5. 5. what  inspires:this  year  and  on-­‐going?  Finally seeing my young children as duplicates ofmyself. My 2 year old son gives me inspiration tomake sure hes proud of his father as he grows up
  6. 6. learn  or  make:  planners  want  to  be  Sheldon  Cooper  arts:  cinematography,  photography  arts:  fashion  design  building  something  (treehouse,  furniture,  wooden  things,  etc.)  culinary  arts/arGsan  food  or  wine  
  7. 7. interesGng  or  inspiring  conversaGons  
  8. 8. What  inspires:this  year  and  on-­‐going?  “All things in the digital space are inspiring, butparticularly Google. Observing and trying each of theirinnovations is inspiring, as it shows the potential ofdigital media.”
  9. 9. this  is  SO  over…  
  10. 10. teach  internal  &  external  clients  Break  away  from  stereotypes  Be  authen2c  Create  connected  experience  Stand  for  something  people  wont  like  Merge  strategy  and  crea2ve  Planning  is  not  just  pre-­‐work  -­‐  it  enables  the  en2re  process  Be  more  crea2ve  How  to  evaluate  crea2ve  Define  a  problem  &  objec2ves  Be  an  empathe2c  genius  What  each  department  does  Take  educated  risks  Strategy  is  important  The  brief  maHers  Digitals  full  poten2al  Go  for  emo2on,  go  for  differen2a2on,  go  for  a  meaningful  message...tell  stories  Think  like  your  customer  Understand  your  customer  Their  ins2tu2onal  processes  are  failing  them.    Being  bound  by  concept  tes2ng  paradigms  (BASES,  e.g.),  being  stuck  in  the  old  methodologies,  etc.  are  slowing  them  down  in  a  rapidly  changing  world.  Be  entrepreneurial  Dream,  see  the  vision,  ignore  the  formula  Reject  fear,  stand  out,  make  REAL  change  Take  risks  What  does  good  work  look  like  and  what  does  it  take  “Their  ins-tu-onal  processes  are  failing  them.    Being  bound  by  concept  tes-ng  paradigms  (BASES,  e.g.),  being  stuck  in  the  old  methodologies,  etc.  are  slowing  them  down  in  a  rapidly  changing  world.”  
  11. 11. what  inspires:this  year  and  on-­‐going?  A quote from an article on Brain thatencourages you to realize the power of humans & learnfrom Amelia Earhart: "Life really beings when you realizeyou can do anything." Learning from other people &how they learn to do anything their set their minds toencourages me to keep dreaming even when realitysets in.
  12. 12. planner’s  daily  work  challenges  are…  
  13. 13. planner’s  daily  personal  challenges  are…  
  14. 14. what  inspires:this  year  and  on-­‐going?  Getting involved in or watching community events orchallenges like marathons. Being around people whohave a curiosity in the world and who ask lots ofquestions. Being around people who arent justmotivated by self interest and getting ahead.TEDtalks, Harvard Business Review. Fast Company.
  15. 15. useful  technology  
  16. 16. What  inspires:this  year  and  on-­‐going?  AttendingTEDActive was very inspirational. Ongoinginspiration isTED, the people I follow onTwitter, theconsumer taking matters into their own handsagainst corporation, blogs and articles I read, andTEDTalks.
  17. 17. r e s e a r c h   p o w e r e d   b y  r e s e a r c h   p o w e r e d   b y  
  18. 18. New Business – “It’sTuesday.We need data byThursday for our pitch on Friday.” Determine the Winner – “We have three campaign concepts with twoexecutions each and need to understand which one is best.” Gut Check– “Our qualitative shows our concept is solid, we need quick,quantitative validation before we move forward.” Get Beyond DIY – “DIYTools and asking around the office isn’t going to cut it.We need real research.” What isYour Challenge? Call Us! 1.866.340.7204