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Clad agm ceh_mark_cooper


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Clad agm ceh_mark_cooper

  1. 1. Peatlands and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Mark Cooper, Chris Evans, Piotr Zielinski, Tim Jones, Annette Burden, Mike Peacock, Chris Freeman, Mike Billett, Nick Ostle, Pete Levy, Kerry Dinsmore, et al.
  2. 2. Talk Structure• CEH Carbon Catchment Project• Effects of drainage ditch blocking• Effects of atmospheric depositionAcknowledging CEH, WCCL and Bangor University
  3. 3. CEH ‘Carbon Catchments’ UK Soil C Auchencorth Moss Forsinard Moor House Upper Conwy• Ecosystem carbon balance being measured at four peat catchments (land-atmosphere and dissolved C fluxes)• Experimental components: – Drained/undrained (Forsinard) – Burnt/unburnt (Moor House) – High/low nitrogen deposition (Auchencorth) – High/low acid deposition (Conwy)
  4. 4. Carbon Catchments ForsinardBaseline monitoring Auchencorth Moor House Migneint Gas exchange DOC input in from bog- precipitation pool system Land surface exchange of CO2 and CH4 Floating chambers or tracer gas injections Evasion of CO2 and CH4 Array of static from stream chambers Eddy covariance surface measurement system (flux footprint) Outlet measurement station: discharge and aquatic C concentrationsPeat cores formeasuring C Downstream exportaccumulation rate of DOC, DIC, POC, CO2, CH4
  5. 5. Main Peatland Carbon Fluxes CO2 Exchange Methane Dissolved CARBON Gases BALANCE Dissolved Carbon
  6. 6. Site Net CO2 Net C CH4 DIC DOC POC exchange balanceMer Bleue, -40 4 15 -22Quebec1Degerö Stormyr, -51 11 4 13 -23N. Sweden2Glencar, SW -55 5 15Ireland7,8Auchencorth, -115 <1 15* 25 4 -70E. Scotland3,4Moor House, -20 7 10 23 18 +38N. EnglandMigneint, 5 1 19 1N. Wales
  7. 7. Carbon Catchment: Nant Y Brwyn• Upland Blanket bog which forms part of the Migneint• Nant Y Brwyn is approx 1.68km2• Mean annual rainfall is approximately 2200 mm yr–1• Mean annual temperature is 5.6°C• Main vegetation consists of Calluna, Juncus, Sphagnum, Eriophorum• Light grazing between May and October
  8. 8. Carbon Catchment: Nant Y Brwyn• Flux Tower• Automated Weather Station• Static Gas Chamber sampling• Automated River Monitoring• Complete carbon budget is still a working progress
  9. 9. Methane
  10. 10. Landscape Scale • Aerial Photography • Field Surveys • High Resolution LiDAR
  11. 11. Nant Y Brwyn Estimated Habitat Coverage (%) Riparian Juncus flush covers 12% & Ripariancontributes 87% of the overall CH4 Juncus Flush Undrainedbudget Calluna Heath Sphagnum Gully Upland Juncus Flush Acid Grassland Contribution to Landscape CH4 Budget Riparian Juncus Flush 86.97% Undrained Calluna Heath 7.30% Sphagnum Gully 3.91% Upland Juncus Flush 1.08% Acid Grassland 0.74%
  12. 12. Llyn Serw, Migneint• Conwy, North Wales• Habitat – wet Calluna heath on Blanket Peat – NVC M19 – Calluna, Eriophorum sp., Sphagnum sp.• Historical Drainage with ditches – 1920’s & 1930’s running S-SE (mostly re-vegetated) – 1970’s & 1980’s running N-S• NT blocked ditches in pilot study in 2008
  13. 13. National Trust peat restoration pilot study, Llyn Serw
  14. 14. CO2CO2 CO2 CO2CH4 CO2 CH4 CH4 CO2 CH4
  15. 15. Transect of trace Gas MeasurementsDip wellGas MeasurementTransect A B C D E Code F A B C D E FGas Measurements - between 11am – 3pm
  16. 16. Before: Two years after:After:
  17. 17. Results Summary• Infilled ditches contribute a significant percentage to landscape scale methane budget despite occupying a tiny percentage of the landscape• Compensating increase in CO2 sequestration not yet quantified• Vegetation in ditch is critically important for CH4 flux• Is this a transient or a long-term effect?
  18. 18. Defra project to assess the impacts of peat restoration on the GHG balance• Five year field experiment to evaluate the effects of peat restoration on methane emissions and the overall C and GHG balance (with Leeds and Open Universities, National Trust)• Replicated study of 12 ditches, with 2 ditch-blocking treatments, pre- and post treatment measurements (CH4, CO2, DOC, discharge, etc)
  19. 19. Many thanks I am expecting to finish my PhD 2011/2012.