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Learn how to leverage the power of Viadeo to promote your business in the 2nd highest professional networking site.

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  1. 1. ViadeoWith the hundreds of Social Media Sites added to the web each year, it’s no wonder you cantkeep up with half of them. With that said, Viadeo is a social media site that was founded in May2004. Whether you’re an Entrepreneur, own a business, or even a supervisor at your company,Viadeo gives you the opportunity to network with a wide range of professionals.The initial concept was to create a network of Entrepreneurs through the internet and the powerof networking to connect them to other professionals on either a local scale yet have the potentialfor a global reach. That vision has grown Viadeo to a professional Web 2.0 social network thatacts as the Internet’s business directory.Since its inception Viadeo has grown to 50 Million members, spans across 2.7 MillionCompanies, 20,000 different groups and over 5 Million alumni. When you combine that with itspresence in 186 countries not to mentions several different languages; it’s to no surprise that theyare sought out in the world of entrepreneurs.How Can Viadeo help me?
  2. 2. As you can see in the above image many members utilize Viadeo to build their own networks. Ifyouve ever heard the phrase "your net worth is your network" then you should understand theimportance of creating new and valuable relationships with likeminded individuals.People also use the social media site to Find New Idea/Make proposals. That comes to the basicframework of an Entrepreneur. Creating something new for the world to enjoy and love.Getting Advice is sometimes worth its weight in gold. When you combine this with the networkof professionals your able to reach, The Sky is the limit.My favorite category would have to be the ability to Find New Opportunities. Im a work fromhome kind of guy and it took me a while to find a credible company to not only prosper from,but one that had integrity as well. When you search on the web youre typically subject tosomeone just spouting their opinion versus cold hard credible facts. I wish I would have beenable to leverage Viadeos powerful social network so that I would have been able to avoid severalless than positive experiences.
  3. 3. Even though finding a new job is certainly comforting & a major reason several considercreating a profile; I strongly urge you to think outside of the box. Start your own business!Whether it’s an old school brick and mortar business or whether you leverage the power of theinternet to create a lucrative online income. Think of the alternatives to a J.O.B. (Just OverBroke) before you commit to working for someone else. Theres always another alternative toempower yourself.The other 3 categories are fairly self-explanatory.Key points to remember:1, Viadeo is a social media site tailored to professionals & Entrepreneurs.2, Gives members the opportunity to create a list and likeminded business partners, and allowingthem to network, find an alternative career path, give advice, or create a new businessopportunity.Once again social media in of itself is a powerful platform for people to create a network,develop followers, discover new opportunities, and even create income. Imagine the possibilitiesif you were able to leverage the power of a social media site based on professionals.I hope this article helped you in understanding how Viadeo can help you in your business and orprofession. The power lies in being able to leverage the social platform to achieve the desiredgoal you seek.
  4. 4. If youre interested in communities that help empoweryour to achieve more, earn more, become more! Then I strongly suggest you get started inthe online space here at Empower Network. The Empower Network is an internetmarketing community that gives its members the power to create massive results in anybusiness without experiencing the common problems, challenges, and pitfalls most peopleexperience when starting a business.If youre ready to create your online empire and attain the success you know you deserveclick here for more details.To Your SuccessViadeoYou can find the above picture at the link below :-)