Creating the life of your dreams


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The formula for Creating the life of your dreams.
It all starts with clarity and the expectation of a specific outcome.
Apply this formula in any endeavor to achieve the success you desire

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Creating the life of your dreams

  1. 1. Creating the life of your dreams...So many people across the world ask the question, How can I end up creating the life of mydreams? I typically focus on income production in regards to goals but Im going to keep thispost very broad so that anyone who stumble upon it can use the below mentioned strategy in anyarea of life. (if you want income to create the life of your dreams and income is necessary forthat feel free to still read on)It all begins with clarity.Your goal, dream, future, vision needs to be so crystal clear that a child could understand it the1sttime you explained it. You need to have a clear outcome even if the method for the outcomedoesn’t make any sense. Start running toward your goal even if there is no path. You have to getthe ball rolling. An object at rest will stay at rest. An objection in motion will stay in motionunless acted upon by an outward force.The difference between failure and success
  2. 2. Failures want to figure everything out before they take action. They want the perfect solutionbefore they take action. They don’t want to act now, they don’t want to get their knees bloodyuntil they know the perfect solution.Successful people, have a vision and a goal and they takes action before they know how to do itand in the process of action they correct their mistakes and that’s how they figure out what to do.That is the difference. Take action before you know how to do something.You sir, failed to realize that even after you had heard it.Here is the basic formula you can use to develop a clear and concise outcome that is in align withyour vision and goals...1, What do you want to achieve?Is it more income? Is it completing a marathon? Is it being a full time parent to your child andnever having to go to work again? Develop a strong reason that will be the foundation of yourmotivation (no rhyme intended) to press on with your endeavors.2, Why do you want to achieve it? What is about that goal that is so important to you?3, What evidence will there be that youve achieve your goal? Try to think present tense eventhough the result will be in the future.4, What reward will you create for yourself once you achieve your goal or vision? This will helpyou enjoy the process of achieving your dream. Theres a good chance youll have to work yourbutt off in order to to get the result you want. A reward will indeed be necessary when creatingthe life of your dreams. (you can thank me later :-)Believe in your results before they happen. Successful people have faith in their vision.This has to be done in present tense. It has to consist of 1stperson view, visually, auditory, andhave a kinesthetic feel to it. That way you automatically imagine and see yourself achieving yourgoal. Heres an example if your goal was to produce $4,000 worth of income in your businesswithin 90 days. *note how specific Ill be.Today is July 9th 2013, its a beautiful Tuesday morning. The birds are chirping as usual. I openthe fridge and grab a snack and then head back to my computer to check my bank account. Thereis over $4,000 worth of income in my account as we speak. I giggle a bit as I realize that thework I put forth was indeed worth the effort. Of course an annoying fly lands on my computerscreen and I quickly shew him away. Im thankful for the goal that Ive achieved. As itapproaches 11 am I hear the bell rings. Its probably the carpet guys to put in our new carpetthroughout the house which was my reward for creating the extra income in my business. I justcant stand this old filthy shag carpet that hugs the bottom of your socks every time you walkacross it. Boy was it worth it to properly set my goal and take action on it.
  3. 3. You absolutely have to be able to see yourself accomplishing your goal in your mind before itwill manifest itself in the physical world. Makes sense right?The last part would be to determine how much each day is worth and what actions you wouldneed to take each day to achieve your goal. If you want to create $4,000 worth of income in 90days then you would need to generate $45 on average each day ($4000/90 days). That means thateach days worth of action is worth $45. Once you know this number you can learn to create anyincome you desire (if you have the right plan of course). This same formula can be applied toanything in life. You would just have different variable.I hope this article helped in creating the lifestyle of your dreams...If youre trying to achieve a specific amount of income in your business or just life in generalfeel free to subscribe to our newsletter and our team mastermind by clicking here.Take Care!