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Symantec Solutions Working Together


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Chris Gray, Symantec
Stephen Holcomb, Altrinsic
Renault Ross, Symantec

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Symantec Solutions Working Together

  1. 1. Agenda
  2. 2. Symantec At A Glance (50 foot view) STRATEGIC PRIORITIES: Enterprise Security & Data Center Management OptimizationSOLUTIONS: Security Endpoint IT Storage DisasterManagement Management Compliance Management Recovery Endpoint IT Service Discovery & High Retention Archiving Security Management Availability Management Messaging Endpoint Data Virtualization Security Data Loss Protection Management Virtualization Prevention Web Green IT Security
  3. 3. Agenda
  4. 4. Symantec solutions working together to ProtectSensitive Information Symantec Control Compliance Suite, Develop and Enforce IT Policies Symantec Data Loss Prevention, Symantec Network Access Control Authenticate Identities VeriSign® User Authentication PGP Encryption, Data Loss Prevention, NetBackup™ / Backup Exec™, Protect the information Enterprise Vault™, Veritas™ Volume Replicator Altiris™ IT Management Suite from Manage the Infrastructure Symantec Symantec Protection Suite, Symantec Web Gateway, Symantec Message Protect the Infrastructure Gateway, Symantec Security Information Manager, Symantec Critical Systems Protection
  5. 5. Managing the Infrastructure
  6. 6. Symantec Management Platform Symantec Solutions INFORMATION RISK INFRASTRUCTURE BUSINESS SECURITY & COMPLIANCE STORAGE OPERATIONS CONTINUITY Dell Management Console Third-Party Solutions Dell Client Manager vProTM enabled Management Platform 7.1 computer management HP Client ManagerMobile Security Business Process Application Power HelpDesk Patch and System Management Automation Virtualization Management Management Management (Workflow Modules)
  7. 7. Agenda
  8. 8. Extending SMP/DS 7.1 OSD withDeployExpert (DX) Stephen Holcomb President Government Technology Summit
  9. 9. Agenda• The Goal of Hardware Independent Imaging• The Power of Under-the-Hood Analytics• Healing Resource Gaps Inherent to HWI• Consequences to Resource Gaps• Real Zero Touch Windows OSD Automation• DX Product Demonstration•Q&A
  10. 10. at if software made all systems, regardless of make and model, effectively the sam
  11. 11. A computer is not a make or model, but a collection of unique parts…
  12. 12. The consequences of resource gaps
  13. 13. Incomplete imagedeployments are an expensive hassle for your organization forcing the I.T.Administrator to be the“human glue” holding it all together.
  14. 14. Email: sholcomb@altrinsicsolutions.comProduct Website: