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  • Contact cards!!!
  • My background!
  • Reference Resume Handout!!Other resume formats: Functional, combination
  • Answer: A resume is a brief professional depiction of yourself. Its portrays your experiences, skills and abilities as well as your qualifications. Q. Does anyone know the purpose of a resume?
  • GET AN INTERVIEW!!! Catch Recruiter/ Hiring managers attentions. 15-30 seconds to do so! A, B, C PileA=Best candidates (my first people to call)B= Backup candidatesC= No Candidates
  • Examples:Look at a job objective as your thesis and the rest of your resume as your support for that thesis (Content- Relative and Recent)Computer science major, Java experience- hiring manager wants to know how much you’ve worked with Java, what projects you’ve created using the programResume is not a biography- its purpose is for the hiring manager to want to sit down with you to learn details about your experience (or to completely read through your resume, get to the cover letter) What skills you have that will allow you to hit the ground running….the less training the betterAre you at the top or the bottom of the A pile? If you have 6 jobs in 1 month… that is probably something you don’t want to put on your resumeTypos, formatting issues, etc Immediate C pileWhat comes first?
  • Name- Larger font or boldedInclude full mailing address- Spell out in full NY vs New York OR Ave. vs Avenue Best telephone # to be reached at, include area code - Make sure to have appropriate vm - avoid ring backs -example: Cookie Monster Story!!Email- make sure it is professional. Make a note of Elizabeth’s email
  • Two examples in which candidate feels the need to list two addresses (graduating, relocating, anytime you have two addresses)
  • Reference Writing Job Objective Handout!Why are job objectives important? 80% of open jobs are unadvertised, therefore they need to know your position of interestCardiology vs. DiabetesSales vs. ManagementIt’s like doing a research paper without a thesis
  • Can also include functional skill relevant to role, size of organization, geographic location, etc
  • A vague objective makes you appear unfocused or that you are applying to every open position under the sun… Its important that your objectives speaks the position you are applying for as well the resume contentAny education majors??
  • For most of you the next heading is going to be EDUCATION-
  • **As a recruiter, this was the first thing I looked for. Where have you worked, how long were you there, are there jumps in your resume, etcYou want your experience to jump off the page quickly and leave an impressionAs you become specialized:“Teaching”, “Hospitality”, “PR” ExperienceStudent Teaching ExperienceMilitary ExperienceInternshipsSummer & Seasonal ExperienceVolunteer Experience
  • Reference Writing Action Verb Statements Handout! See reverse page!Although I have one slide for AVS- they really are one of the most important aspects of your resume!Typically, under each experience you’ll want to describe your responsibilities, strengths, skills learned, accomplishments, etc-Accomplishments statements include #’s, %, $-Use jargon of your fieldAvoid helped, assisted and worked!!!! Avoid using the same verbs over again
  • Reference Resume Handout!! Page 2Sarah is a recent graduate, does not have a ton of work experience in her field of interest! She has chosen to highlight her Education Related Coursework, Marketing projects, Campus Involvement
  • Jazmine highlights Education and Internship experience! Related Coursework, Internship, Skills, Professional Affiliations
  • Many different formatting options- should reflect your style. Just make sure to keep it consistent and visually attractiveEasy to read 11-12 pt fontCategory headings should be largerReference Resume Tips for Career Changers & Experienced!
  • Reference Resume Handout!!Any questions on dos & donots?
  • Page 8- Back Melanie Byrne- 2 page resume
  • Any questions?CDC will critique resume for you! Show ORCA and Sample Resumes
  • Resume Workshop

    1. 1. Cara ValentineCareer Development CenterSUNY Buffalo
    2. 2.  Name Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Grad ORAlum Major OR Undeclared? Why are you attending today’s workshop? What areyou hoping to learn?Getting to know you…
    3. 3.  What is a resume? Content and format of a resume-(ReverseChronological) Resume samples Specific questions regarding your own resumesOverview Handout!!!
    4. 4. What is a resume?A resume is a brief professional depiction ofyourself. Its portrays your experiences, skills andabilities as well as your qualifications.
    5. 5. What is the purpose of aresume?GET AN INTERVEW!!!
    6. 6.  Supports and strengthens your job objective Attracts attention to your abilities Encourages hiring authority to find out more aboutyou Demonstrates your future value Reflects your uniqueness Creates a favorable impression Well organized and well typedEffective Guidelines-ResumeWhat comes first on resume?
    7. 7.  Name Address Phone # EmailIdentifying Data/Heading
    8. 8. JAZMINE WASHINGTON631 Victoria AvenueKenmore, New York 14217(607) 881-7772jwashington@mail.buffalostate.edu___________________________________________________________________________Elizabeth A. Sparks3 Darian Court - Apartment 1CPomona, New York 10970(914)
    9. 9. Sarah Martinezsmartinez@gmail.comPresent Address (until May 2012) Permanent Address621 Waterbury Lane 211 Gardenview TerraceBuffalo, New York 14221 Sodus, New York 12076(716) 877-5521 (315) 675-1111Irving GonzalezGonzalezIR@roadrunner.comPresent Address (May 20XX) Permanent Address1300 Elmwood Avenue Barnes Avenue #12Tower 2 Room 415 New York, New York 10466Buffalo, New York 14222 212-423-0809
    10. 10. TOBY MILLER3125 NORTH FOREST PLACE ♦BUFFALO, NEW YORK 14226 ♦716-331-3127millt83@buffalostate.eduLUKE J. STA113 Helper LaneBuffalo, New York 14222(716) 826-5131LukeJ@gmail.comLucas JohnsonSHANDY R. JAMES144 Shortview Avenue • Buffalo, New York 14201(716) 666-1636 • shandyrj@aol.comAny ideas on whatcomes next?
    11. 11.  Description which defines the type of job desired bycandidate Should support job applying for and resume contentOBJECTIVE Handout!!!
    12. 12.  Resort/Hotel Management A position as a Graphic Designer. News ReporterSimple Statement ofProfessional Position
    13. 13.  A position in sales management. An internship in Human Resources. A position in fashion design.Functional Area ofInterest
    14. 14.  A fund raising position in New York City for non-profit organization. A full-time sales role in the pharmaceutical industrywith a Fortune 500 Company. A marketing position with emphasis on research.Particular EmploymentCome see us ifyou’re havingproblems withobjective!!
    15. 15.  An entry-level position A challenging and interesting position Opportunity for advancement Dealing with people A progressive organizationAvoid using broadobjectives…
    16. 16.  Candidacy for initial certification- prior to passing all required tests and completion of studentteaching Initial certification- Upon completion of all tests, but before completion of your Masters degree Professional- Once you are finished with you Masters degree Examples: Candidate for NYS initial Dual Certification in Special Education and ChildhoodEducation (Grades 1-6) Initial NYS Certification in Childhood Education (1-6) with Middle ChildhoodExtension in Math (7-9) Professional NYS Certification in Early Childhood Education (b-2) Candidate for Initial New York State Certification in Early Childhood and ChildhoodEducation (B-6) Candidate for NYS Initial Certification in Speech and Language Disabilities MIITC Students: Candidate for NYS Initial Certification in Childhood Education (Grades 1-6) OR Early ChildhoodEducation (Birth- Grades 2)Certification Area(s) – Takes the place ofan Objective
    17. 17.  Include Name of School Degree Major/Minor Date Degree received or expected (month/year) Optional Honors and Scholarships GPA or Major GPA above 3.0/4.0 Multiple Schools Do not list high school, unless you need to emphasize Examples: Hiring manager went to HS, Trade School, or Freshman Only include colleges you’ve received a degree from List most recent college firstEDUCATIONSee Part-TimeHandout!
    18. 18. Professional way to write out college on resume:State University of New York College at BuffaloOfficial Transcript- LinkedIn!!SUNY Buffalo State
    19. 19. OBJECTIVE Wildlife Biologist AssistantEDUCATION BACHELOR OF ARTS IN BIOLOGY, 5/2011State University of New York College at Buffalo StateGPA: 3.8/4.0, Dean’s ListOBJECTIVEA full-time sales role in the Pharmaceutical Industry with a Fortune 500 Company.EDUCATIONState University College at Buffalo, New YorkBachelor of Science in Business Administration, May 2011Management ConcentrationMajor G.P.A. 3.9/4.0, Deans ListErie Community College, Orchard Park, New YorkAssociate of Science in Business Administration, December 2009CERTIFICATIONCandidate for New York State Certification in Art Education (grades K-12)EDUCATIONBachelor of Science in Art Education, Expected 12/2012State University College at Buffalo, New YorkGPA 3.2/4.0, Deans List
    20. 20.  Include: Paid Employment Internships Field work Volunteer Service-Learning MilitaryEXPERIENCE/WORKHISTORYAskyourself:Relevant &Recent?
    21. 21.  Each Experience should include: Organization City State Position Title Dates EmployedEXPERIENCE Cont…
    22. 22.  CDC has a great list of AVS!!! Some examples: Tutored groups of students in biology. Trained new hires and delegated daily responsibilitiesto all staff. Edited and produced digital video documentary oncommunity needs. Generated $1.2M in sales from 2011-2012. Located and recruited new clients.Action Verb StatementsHandout!!!
    23. 23.  Courses (Upper level Jr/Sr no course #’s) Special Projects Special Skills Campus Activities Community Involvement Computer Skills Licenses and Certifications Professional Affiliations Research, Publications and Presentations Interests (Examples that directly relate to position)Optional Content:
    24. 24. FormatConsistent Font Style Font Size Bolding Margins Lines Bullet pointsReverse Chronological Under each section datesshould show most recentexperience first. Exception- “reverserule” may beappropriate when yourpast experience relatescloser to the positionapplying for.Handout!!!
    25. 25. Format Cont. Capitalize HEADINGS! Can use bold, italic, and underlining to highlightimportant words or phrases- Don’t over do it!! Print on good quality paper Do Not: Use Abbreviations List previous salaries, supervisors, employeraddresses or reasons for leaving Have misspelling or typos Use “I” or “My” Use complete sentences or paragraphs Include Social Security Number (Unless federalresume) Photograph List names of references Bright colored paper Use word templates! Try to keep resume to one page 2 pager Must cover at least half of the second page Must include name and page number in top rightcorner
    26. 26. valentc01@buffalostate.eduCareer Development Center716-878-5811CLEV 306ORCA Sample Resumes