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Resume Workshop

  1. 1. Cara ValentineCareer Development CenterSUNY Buffalo
  2. 2.  Name Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Grad ORAlum Major OR Undeclared? Why are you attending today’s workshop? What areyou hoping to learn?Getting to know you…
  3. 3.  What is a resume? Content and format of a resume-(ReverseChronological) Resume samples Specific questions regarding your own resumesOverview Handout!!!
  4. 4. What is a resume?A resume is a brief professional depiction ofyourself. Its portrays your experiences, skills andabilities as well as your qualifications.
  5. 5. What is the purpose of aresume?GET AN INTERVEW!!!
  6. 6.  Supports and strengthens your job objective Attracts attention to your abilities Encourages hiring authority to find out more aboutyou Demonstrates your future value Reflects your uniqueness Creates a favorable impression Well organized and well typedEffective Guidelines-ResumeWhat comes first on resume?
  7. 7.  Name Address Phone # EmailIdentifying Data/Heading
  8. 8. JAZMINE WASHINGTON631 Victoria AvenueKenmore, New York 14217(607) 881-7772jwashington@mail.buffalostate.edu___________________________________________________________________________Elizabeth A. Sparks3 Darian Court - Apartment 1CPomona, New York 10970(914)
  9. 9. Sarah Martinezsmartinez@gmail.comPresent Address (until May 2012) Permanent Address621 Waterbury Lane 211 Gardenview TerraceBuffalo, New York 14221 Sodus, New York 12076(716) 877-5521 (315) 675-1111Irving GonzalezGonzalezIR@roadrunner.comPresent Address (May 20XX) Permanent Address1300 Elmwood Avenue Barnes Avenue #12Tower 2 Room 415 New York, New York 10466Buffalo, New York 14222 212-423-0809
  10. 10. TOBY MILLER3125 NORTH FOREST PLACE ♦BUFFALO, NEW YORK 14226 ♦716-331-3127millt83@buffalostate.eduLUKE J. STA113 Helper LaneBuffalo, New York 14222(716) 826-5131LukeJ@gmail.comLucas JohnsonSHANDY R. JAMES144 Shortview Avenue • Buffalo, New York 14201(716) 666-1636 • shandyrj@aol.comAny ideas on whatcomes next?
  11. 11.  Description which defines the type of job desired bycandidate Should support job applying for and resume contentOBJECTIVE Handout!!!
  12. 12.  Resort/Hotel Management A position as a Graphic Designer. News ReporterSimple Statement ofProfessional Position
  13. 13.  A position in sales management. An internship in Human Resources. A position in fashion design.Functional Area ofInterest
  14. 14.  A fund raising position in New York City for non-profit organization. A full-time sales role in the pharmaceutical industrywith a Fortune 500 Company. A marketing position with emphasis on research.Particular EmploymentCome see us ifyou’re havingproblems withobjective!!
  15. 15.  An entry-level position A challenging and interesting position Opportunity for advancement Dealing with people A progressive organizationAvoid using broadobjectives…
  16. 16.  Candidacy for initial certification- prior to passing all required tests and completion of studentteaching Initial certification- Upon completion of all tests, but before completion of your Masters degree Professional- Once you are finished with you Masters degree Examples: Candidate for NYS initial Dual Certification in Special Education and ChildhoodEducation (Grades 1-6) Initial NYS Certification in Childhood Education (1-6) with Middle ChildhoodExtension in Math (7-9) Professional NYS Certification in Early Childhood Education (b-2) Candidate for Initial New York State Certification in Early Childhood and ChildhoodEducation (B-6) Candidate for NYS Initial Certification in Speech and Language Disabilities MIITC Students: Candidate for NYS Initial Certification in Childhood Education (Grades 1-6) OR Early ChildhoodEducation (Birth- Grades 2)Certification Area(s) – Takes the place ofan Objective
  17. 17.  Include Name of School Degree Major/Minor Date Degree received or expected (month/year) Optional Honors and Scholarships GPA or Major GPA above 3.0/4.0 Multiple Schools Do not list high school, unless you need to emphasize Examples: Hiring manager went to HS, Trade School, or Freshman Only include colleges you’ve received a degree from List most recent college firstEDUCATIONSee Part-TimeHandout!
  18. 18. Professional way to write out college on resume:State University of New York College at BuffaloOfficial Transcript- LinkedIn!!SUNY Buffalo State
  19. 19. OBJECTIVE Wildlife Biologist AssistantEDUCATION BACHELOR OF ARTS IN BIOLOGY, 5/2011State University of New York College at Buffalo StateGPA: 3.8/4.0, Dean’s ListOBJECTIVEA full-time sales role in the Pharmaceutical Industry with a Fortune 500 Company.EDUCATIONState University College at Buffalo, New YorkBachelor of Science in Business Administration, May 2011Management ConcentrationMajor G.P.A. 3.9/4.0, Deans ListErie Community College, Orchard Park, New YorkAssociate of Science in Business Administration, December 2009CERTIFICATIONCandidate for New York State Certification in Art Education (grades K-12)EDUCATIONBachelor of Science in Art Education, Expected 12/2012State University College at Buffalo, New YorkGPA 3.2/4.0, Deans List
  20. 20.  Include: Paid Employment Internships Field work Volunteer Service-Learning MilitaryEXPERIENCE/WORKHISTORYAskyourself:Relevant &Recent?
  21. 21.  Each Experience should include: Organization City State Position Title Dates EmployedEXPERIENCE Cont…
  22. 22.  CDC has a great list of AVS!!! Some examples: Tutored groups of students in biology. Trained new hires and delegated daily responsibilitiesto all staff. Edited and produced digital video documentary oncommunity needs. Generated $1.2M in sales from 2011-2012. Located and recruited new clients.Action Verb StatementsHandout!!!
  23. 23.  Courses (Upper level Jr/Sr no course #’s) Special Projects Special Skills Campus Activities Community Involvement Computer Skills Licenses and Certifications Professional Affiliations Research, Publications and Presentations Interests (Examples that directly relate to position)Optional Content:
  24. 24. FormatConsistent Font Style Font Size Bolding Margins Lines Bullet pointsReverse Chronological Under each section datesshould show most recentexperience first. Exception- “reverserule” may beappropriate when yourpast experience relatescloser to the positionapplying for.Handout!!!
  25. 25. Format Cont. Capitalize HEADINGS! Can use bold, italic, and underlining to highlightimportant words or phrases- Don’t over do it!! Print on good quality paper Do Not: Use Abbreviations List previous salaries, supervisors, employeraddresses or reasons for leaving Have misspelling or typos Use “I” or “My” Use complete sentences or paragraphs Include Social Security Number (Unless federalresume) Photograph List names of references Bright colored paper Use word templates! Try to keep resume to one page 2 pager Must cover at least half of the second page Must include name and page number in top rightcorner
  26. 26. valentc01@buffalostate.eduCareer Development Center716-878-5811CLEV 306ORCA Sample Resumes