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  • LinkedIn is NOT Facebook!!!My experience as a recruiter Sourcing candidates using linkedin  “Background check” or digital dirt on FB or twitter
  • Let’s talk about the disconnect here!!
  • Home, Profile, Contacts, Groups, Jobs, Inbox, Companies, News, MoreHome:-News feed, industry articles, connections posting, etc-Connection Suggestions-Who has viewed your profileProfile:Professional depiction of yourself- should mimic your resume1) Heading (City, State, Profile Picture, Title, Contact Information) Professional Profile Pictures: Mine, Stacey’s, Josh Hayden Non Professional Profile Pictures: Jacob Morley, No profile picture at all2) Activity New connections, joining groups, following companies, “liking” an article, etc3) Background -Summary (Objective or Cover Letter) Cara vs. Sarah -Education -Work History -Skills/Expertise Additional Content: Volunteer Organizations Projects Languages Publications Honors & Awards Courses Certifications 4) Recommendations 5) Connections 6) Groups 7) Following
  • Search and join a group- if the group you joined grants automatic access search that groups members- find another connection!!
  • LinkedIn: For Beginners

    1. 1. for beginners
    2. 2. Cara Valentine Graduate Employer Relations Assistant Career Development Center CLEV 306 716-878-5811
    3. 3. Getting to know you…  Year? Alum?  What are you studying?  What do you hope to learn today?
    4. 4. Importance of networking in your job search… • What is networking? o Definition: to develop relationships with people who can be helpful to one professionally, especially in finding employment or moving toward a higher position • Why is networking important? o Hiring Process o Endorsement for job application “The work you do and the relationships you build stay with you forever!” 1. Advertised openings (~10% of all jobs) 2. Company outreach- inquiry 3. Job Fairs or other career events 4. Professional Networking
    5. 5. What is LinkedIn? • Social media website used specifically for professional networking • 200 million+ members (U.S. & Internationally) • WHY? o Manage and market your professional identity-electronic copy resume o Build and engage with professionals in your network. o Access knowledge, insights and opportunities (job, articles, volunteer, etc) o RESEARCH: Graduate School, Law School, Companies, Other professionals, Hiring Managers, etc. FREE APP ON YOUR SMARTPHONE OR TABLET
    6. 6. LinkedIn 2012 Stats Recruiters sourcing for candidates Job Seekers LinkedIn 93% 38% Facebook 66% 52% Twitter 54% 34%
    7. 7. Connections • LinkedIn: connections not “friends” • 1st, 2nd and 3rd Connections • Why? o Helps you create your niche or area of interest (ie Law, Education, Fashion, Sales, etc) o Job, Internship, Volunteer leads o Build a relationship & help people network- “I scratch your back you scratch mine” • My Rule of thumb: Do not connect with anyone who will not benefit from knowing you or someone in your network • Understand that different people have different practices/rules for connecting! (Check out to their profile to see!)
    8. 8. LinkedIn Profile • Let’s take a look at what LinkedIn has to offer!!
    9. 9. Groups • Why? o Connect with like-minded professionals related to your industry o Join discussions by sharing insights, posting articles or asking a question o Find people to connect with also in group o Job, Internship and Volunteer leads • Join groups that are part of your “niche” • Alumni Relations is a great tool for networking o Buffalo State Career Development Center o Buffalo State Alumni
    10. 10. Job Search • Why? o Search for jobs and internships posted on LinkedIn o A lot of recruiters/ hiring managers are now ONLY advertising their job openings on LinkedIn o You can save job openings in different industries (up to 10 searches) emailed to you daily, weekly or monthly. o Student Jobs feature:
    11. 11. Follow Companies • Why? o Industry insight o Find new professionals to connect with o Track changes and development o Job or Internship advertisements o Generate job leads (expansions, promotions, job changes, etc)
    12. 12. New Feature: Alumni Tool
    13. 13. QUESTIONS??? Cara Valentine Connect with me!! @cara10valentine