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LinkedIn Workshop


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Highly Interactive- Computer lab setting

Published in: Technology, Business
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LinkedIn Workshop

  1. 1. THE RISE OF SOCIAL NETWORKING…Use LinkedIn to yourAdvantage!
  2. 2. MY BACKGROUND:Cara ValentineGraduate Counselor/Employer RelationsAssistantvalentc01@buffalostate.eduCareer Development CenterCLEV Upstate NY St. LawrenceUniversity Headhunter Buffalo State- CDC
  3. 3. HOW MANY OF YOU ARE USING… Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn? Instagram? Pinterest?
  4. 4. IMPORTANCE OF NETWORKING… What is networking? Definition: to develop relationships with people who can behelpful to one professionally, especially in finding employmentor moving to a higher position Why is networking important? Hiring Process“The work you do and the relationships you build stay with you forever!”
  5. 5. WHAT IS LINKEDIN? Social media website used specifically for professionalnetworking 200 million+ members (U.S. & Internationally) Allows you to: Manage and market your professional identity-Electronic Resume Build and engage with professionals in your network. Access knowledge, insights and opportunities (job, extra curricular, volunteer,etc) RESEARCH: Graduate School, Law School, Companies, Otherprofessionals, Hiring Managers, etc.FREE APP ON YOUR SMARTPHONE ORTABLET
  6. 6. LINKEDIN 2012 STATSRecruiter sourcing forcandidatesJob SeekersLinkedIn 93% 38%Facebook 66% 52%More InterestingStats!
  7. 7. LINKEDIN PROFILE Let’s take a look at what LinkedIn has to offer!! Home page/news feed Profile Contacts Groups Jobs Inbox Companies News More…
  8. 8. CONNECTIONS LinkedIn profiles are connections not “friends” 1st, 2nd and 3rd Connections Why? Helps you create your niche or area of interest (ie Law, Education, Fashion, Sales, etc) Job, Internship, Volunteer leads Build a relationship & help people network- “I scratch your back you scratch mine” Rule of thumb: Do not connect with anyone who will not benefit from knowing youor someone in your network Don’t connect with just anybody!!
  9. 9. GROUPS Why? Connect with like-minded professionals related to your industry Join discussions by sharing insights, posting articles or asking a question Find people to connect with also in group Job, Internship and Volunteer leads Join groups that are part of your “niche” Alumni Relations is a great tool for networking- Join Buffalo Stategroup
  10. 10. JOB SEARCH Why? Search for jobs and internships posted on LinkedIn A lot of recruiters/ hiring managers are now ONLY advertising their jobopenings on LinkedIn You can save job openings in different industries (up to 10 searches) emailedto you daily, weekly or monthly.
  11. 11. FOLLOW COMPANIES Why? Industry insight Find new professionals to connect with Track changes and development Job or Internship advertisements Generate job leads (expansions, promotions, job changes, etc)
  12. 12. QUESTIONS???Cara Valentine- Graduate Career Counselorvalentc01@buffalostate.eduCLEV 306716-878-5811