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Making it in Digital PR


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Breakdown of what Digital PR is and isn't, how it differs from traditional and a breakdown of the day to day tools used.

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Making it in Digital PR

  1. 1. MAKING IT IN DIGITAL PR What Do I Actually Do?
  2. 2. Quick About Me… • Digital PR Specialist at Boom Online Marketing • Working in PR- 3 years • Broadcast Journalism Degree from NTU • Fell into it while panicking for work experience…
  3. 3. WHAT PR IS NOT
  4. 4. My Day v Samantha’s • Coffee and early morning cry (optional) • Check Emails/ Track Links • Make a to-do list • Chase editors • Content outreach • Build Media Lists • Ignore mummy bloggers • Has her messages dictated by an assistant • Same assistant probably gets her coffee • Fancy lunch meetings • Planning press launches for clients • Fancy “dinner date”
  5. 5. TYPES OF PR
  6. 6. Traditional and Digital PR Traditional • Focus on offline visibility (press releases, statements etc.) • Traditional Media outlets • Often more niche • Covers more crisis and reputation management Digital • Focus on online visibility • Working with Google and search engines to improve rankings • Agency works across sectors • Work with influencers, bloggers, social media, websites
  7. 7. How Success is Measured • Increase in a website’s authority • Improve SEO and rankings • Build brand trust and awareness • Increase in search engine traffic • Increase sales
  8. 8. Day to Day Tools
  9. 9. DONE.