How to Find Antique Car Insurance


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How to Find Antique Car Insurance

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  2. 2. Tailoring AIG Car Insurance to Your Needs Insurance policies are a necessity in life. If you ever get behind the wheel of a car then you absolutely must have car insurance of some sort. You are legally required to have car insurance but it is not enough to stick to those state requirements.
  3. 3. State car insurance requirements Often state car insurance requirements are very basic and many states do not make it compulsory to have certain insurance policies that you really should have. Your insurance needs can be met by AIG car insurance policies and you can tailor your insurance policies to your needs.
  4. 4. Coverage Options Some of the basic coverage options that are available through AIG car insurance are bodily injury liability coverage and property damage. This is the most basic insurance polices that you can buy when you have a car. You will find that all states require this; however states differ as to the need of other policies.
  5. 5. Underinsured motorist coverage Uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage is not compulsory in all states; some states such as New York however make it compulsory to have this coverage. Whether or not it is compulsory in your state it is a good idea to have this coverage from AIG car insurance.
  6. 6. Coverage really saves This coverage really saves you if you get into an accident and the at-fault motorist does not have insurance or not enough insurance to cover the damages. Without it you are going to end up paying out of your own pocket. This coverage is not that expensive and could save you money in the future.
  7. 7. AIG car insurance Another coverage option that AIG car insurance provides is medical payments coverage. This policy will provide you with a reimbursement of any medical fees that result from a car accident. This also includes guests traveling in your car.
  8. 8. Reimbursed for accidents You can even be reimbursed for accidents that occur when you are walking or cycling and are hit by a car. Depending on the amount of coverage you can be compensated for a year after the accident to five years after the accident.
  9. 9. May seem irrelevant or trivial It may seem irrelevant or trivial but towing costs and rentals can cost money. You will most likely have to pay for these things in the event of an accident. Often these things are not included in your basic AIG car insurance policies. Make sure that you are covered for these things. Check the price of rentals and tow trucks and decide if you would be willing to pay for these out of your own pocket instead of buying a policy.
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