How to Beat Sky Rocketing Car Insurance Rates


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How to Beat Sky Rocketing Car Insurance Rates

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  2. 2. How to Beat Sky Rocketing Car Insurance Rates More expensive cars models, higher repair cost and higher incidents of road mishaps in most parts of the country have pushed up car insurance rates. In some states, car insurance rates have gone really high that a lot of drivers have a hard time keeping up with their monthly insurance premiums. Fortunately, there are many ways of legally beating the rising car insurance rates. If you want to lower your monthly car insurance premium, here are some things that you can do.
  3. 3. Maximize Your Deductible One of the best ways to reduce your monthly car insurance premium is to raise the amount of your deductibles. When filling up the car insurance questionnaire, see to it that you state there the highest deductible amount that you can afford. According to most experts, you can safely claim as much as 40% deductible from your car insurance. This amount can effectively bring down the car insurance rates so you get to save a lot of money.
  4. 4. Claiming the maximum deductible What is more interesting about claiming the maximum deductible amount on your car insurance is that you will no longer have to make too many small claims on your insurance policy. Small insurance claims usually result from those minute provisions in the insurance policy that allows you to charge small repairs and other mundane things on your insurance policy.
  5. 5. Small claims Of course these small claims may be beneficial to you but your insurance company will not be too happy about it. Note that most insurance companies do not like to entertain so many small policy claims because this is time consuming and labor intensive. In fact, a lot of car insurance companies cancel the policies of their clients who make too many small claims.
  6. 6. Get Discounts You may not be aware of it but can insurance companies do give out discounts to their clients. To reduce your car insurance rates, make use of multi-policy discount by insuring your home and you car with the same insurance company. If you have more than one car, reduce your car insurance rates by insuring your cars together. The good thing about insuring your cars with the same insurance company is that it will be easier for you to keep tabs of your premium payments.
  7. 7. Credit ratings Another way to reduce your car insurance rates is to use your credit ratings. Your good credit standing can effectively lower your car insurance rates so if you have very good credit scores, don't hesitate to use that to get discounts.
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