Finding Car Insurance Answers in New York


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Finding Car Insurance Answers in New York

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  2. 2. Finding Car Insurance Answers in New York There are serious consequences for not having car insurance in New York. Besides having to pay fines you may also find your car impounded. Knowing car insurance answers in New York is the first step to avoiding this unpleasant situation. You will not be issued license plates in New York without insurance.
  3. 3. Department of Motor Vehicles The Department of Motor Vehicles in New York requires two kinds of proof of insurance, electronic proof and paper proof. Once the DMV has these two forms of proof they will then issue you license plates. The limit liabilities in New York are also higher then some states.
  4. 4. State Requirements The limit liability for bodily injury is $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident. In the case of death the limit is $50,000 per person and $100,000 per accident. Property damage has a minimum limit liability of $10,000 and basic no fault liability stands at $50,000. Unlike some states uninsured motorist coverage is not optional in New York.
  5. 5. Motorist coverage For uninsured motorist coverage you are required to pay the same rates as you would for bodily injury and death.
  6. 6. Where and How to Get Insurance One of the car insurance answers in New York that needs to be clarified is where you can buy your insurance. Some states will allow you to buy out of state insurance. In New York however you must buy insurance from an insurance company that is licensed by the New York State Insurance Department.
  7. 7. Car insurance answers Car insurance answers in New York about how to prove your purchase of said insurance is fairly simple if somewhat tedious. Once you have bought car insurance your insurance company will contact the DMV electronically and inform them about your purchase. The second piece of proof that you will produce in car insurance answers in New York is a New York insurance ID card.
  8. 8. Following Up What happens if your insurance is not up to date? The car insurance answers in New York state that you are breaking the law. This can happen if you have lapsed payment on your insurance policy and your insurance company notifies the DMV.
  9. 9. Changed insurance companies Another way that this might happen is if you have changed insurance companies without notifying the first. If the DMV does not receive notification from the new company you will get a letter. This needs to be resolved right away before you end up with fines for every day that you are uninsured or thought to be uninsured.
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