Red panda


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  • Thanks but that's information straight from a textbook. You can find it in the red panda book.
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  • Generally good but there are a few inaccuracies....Pandas are mature at 12 months, not 3 months. And red pandas and foxes cannot interbreed.
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Red panda

  1. 1. The Red Panda By: Carolyn Dean
  2. 2. Ailurus Fulgens• A raccoon - like creature, not related to the panda.• Was grouped with raccoons up until recently, but is now its own species.• Located in South Eastern Himalayas and Eastern Asia.• The species is divided into 2 subspecies; The Western and The Styan’s.
  3. 3. The Western Red Panda
  4. 4. The Styan’sRed Panda
  5. 5. Habitat• Live at an altitude of 7,200 to 15,700 ft.• Prefer temperatures of 50 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit• Prefer areas highly populated with old trees to live in.• Need areas copious with bamboo to eat.
  6. 6. Habitat
  7. 7. Behavior• They are solitary and territorial.• You will rarely find 2 or more pandas together, unless they are mating.• It cleans itself like a cat, marks its territory like a dog, and eats with its hands like a human.• To defend themselves, they will climb to high ground, or stand on its hind legs like a human to look bigger.
  8. 8. Behavior• http:// /watch? v=gWcXkN9Xa_k• http:// /watch? v=C2pRj6O-t2o
  9. 9. Diet• Mainly feeds on bamboo.• Is omniverous, and will sometimes eat smaller mammals, birds, and sometimes berries.• They can’t digest cellulose, so they have a low - calorie food intake that gives them little energy to move. So they mostly sleep and eat.
  10. 10. Reproduction• During mating is the only time you will see red panda adults together.• Neither sex is monogamous, so both have multiple mates during mating.• The mother gives birth to 1 to 4 cubs, and raises them all on her own.
  11. 11. Child - Rearing• The babies are cleaned by their mothers.• Each red panda has its own natural scent.• The babies are raised in nests.• Babies can see on their 18th day of life, and are considered mature by the 90th day of life.
  12. 12. Baby Red Pandas
  13. 13. Conservation• There are only about 10,000 adult red pandas in the wild.• They are threatened by deforestation, and are sometimes, but rarely poached.• It is illegal to hunt red pandas, and areas are set up for red pandas to live and be safe.
  14. 14. Conservation
  15. 15. Domestication• The red panda is about the size of a cat.• There is a report of a man keeping one as a pet.• Scientists are now looking at breeding them with the siberian fox in order to domesticate them.
  16. 16. Domestication