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BITUMAT EBOOK - Good overview of set-up and operation.

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Bitumat ebook

  1. 1. BITUMAT B2 eBookThe Complete Resource Guide 1 888-785-4485
  2. 2. Table of Contents:Section 1: Product Details (pg.3)Section 2: Operating Instructions (pg. 8)Section 3: Resources (pg. 28)Section 4: Parts List (pg. 44)Section 5: Accessories (pg. 52)Section 6: Related Products (pg. 54)Section 7: Service and Support (pg. 57) 2 888-320-7604
  3. 3. Section 1 Product Details 3 888-785-4485
  4. 4. Product DetailsLeisterʼs BITUMAT B2 is designed to weld modified bitumenroofing sheets (SBS, APP).This automatic welder is safer than traditional weldingtorches because it uses hot air to heat the bitumen, not anopen flame, decreasing the risk of fire.It is also more efficient because it only requires oneoperator—unlike open-flame torches where two operatorsare needed—helping to keep your workforce moreproductive.The BITUMAT B2 is the only bitumen welder that makes granular-to-granular weldingpossible. The BITUMAT B2 produces so much heat that the bitumen liquifies, melting thegranular surface into the material before the two pieces are firmly pressed together to createa strong weld. 4 888-785-4485
  5. 5. Call for a Quote 888-785-4485ProductDetailsThe BITUMAT B2 offers the following features andbenefits: • Flame-free welding of modified bitumen. • Peel and shear strengths up to 3 times stronger than flame welding. • Easy control of hot-air volume. • High working speed. • Air dam to contain and centralize hot air over the weld. • Adjustable guide bar to prevent back strain. • Requires only one operator.No matter the thickness, type of surface finish, operator or weather conditions, theBITUMAT B2 produces consistent, repeatable seam welds on any modified bitumen roofingsystem. 5 888-785-4485
  6. 6. Call for a Quote 888-785-4485ProductDetails Voltage V~ 230 Power consumption W 6,700 Temperature oF 68 - 1,202 Speed ft./min. 2.6 - 39.4 Noise Emission LpA dB 73 Size (L x W x H) in. 27.2 x 19.3 x 13 88.2 Weight lbs. (with cord)The table to the right shows the Approval mark BITUMAT B2 specifications. Protection class I 140.436—3 in. nozzle Order number 138.386—4 in. nozzle 6 888-785-4485
  7. 7. ProductDetailsDevice Overview 1. Power supply cord 18. Power cord holder 2. Housing 19. Guide roller 3. Main power switch 20. Adjusting screw—Guide roller 4. Drive switch 21. Adjusting sleeve 5. Speed knob 22. Replacement drive roller 6. Temperature knob 23. Screw-on additional weight 7. Welding nozzle 24. Screw for welding nozzle adjustment 8. Hot-air blower (ELECTRON) 25. Scraper 9. Tool holder 26. Screw for scraper 10. Locking lever 27. Holder for replacement drive roller 11. Transport roller 28. Carry handle 12. Scale for tool adjustment 29. Screw for adjusting sleeve 13. Drive roller 30. Fastening screw for welding nozzle 14. Fastening screw 31. Stainless steel wire brush 15. Lower guide bar 32. Knob for air volume 16. Clamping lever—Upper guide bar 33. Upper guide bar 17. Clamping screw—Lower guide bar 7 888-785-4485
  8. 8. Section 2OperatingInstructions 8 888-785-4485
  9. 9. Operating InstructionsThis section offers an overview of theBITUMAT B2ʼs controls and settings, andinstructions on how to properly set up andoperate the automatic welder.Prior to starting, read through themanufacturerʼs warnings and cautions listedon page 60. If you have any questions orneed clarification, please contact IHSʼauthorized Leister service center at888-785-4485. 9 888-785-4485
  10. 10. OperatingInstructionsControlsWelding Temperature—Red Dial—Controls the heat output on a 1-to-10 scale—alltemperatures are approximates. Settings 9 and 10 should only be used on material 180mils or thicker. Setting 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 °F Ambient 185 298 411 524 637 750 863 979 1,092 1,201 * Assumes air volume is set to maximum.Welding Speed—Black Dial—Controls the speed of the machine on a 1-to-8 scale—allspeeds are approximates and based on attainable speeds while welding. Setting 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ft./min. 2.6 6.2 9.8 13.4 17 20.62 24.2 27.8 * The BITUMAT B2 is capable of reaching speeds of 39 ft./min., but tops out between 27 and 30 ft./min. during the welding process. In ideal welding conditions, speed should be set to approximately 17 ft./min. to ensure adequate heat is applied to the seam. 10 23 888-785-4485
  11. 11. OperatingInstructionsDrive Switch—Black Switch—Activates the drive motor, whichmoves the machine forward.Power Switch—Orange Dial with Yellow Base—Turns the machineon and off.Air Volume—Black Dial on the Back of the Hot-Air Blower—Controls the amount of air blowing through the heat gun. Air volumesetting ranges between 100% (maximum) and 75% (minimum).NOTE: If the temperature is higher than setting 8, air volume must beset to maximum, otherwise you run the risk of overheating the machine.Pressure—Drive roller, silver weight and replacement drive rollerlocated at the front of the machine—Applies joining force to theheated bitumen seam. 11 888-785-4485
  12. 12. OperatingInstructionsPower Needs Generator (minimum requirements)For the BITUMAT B2 to function properly, it • 6,700 watts, continuous powerneeds to have a consistent, adequate power • 230 voltssource. Following are power requirements for • 30 ampsgenerators, wall outlets and extension cords. • Single phase Wall Outlet (minimum requirements) • 6700 watts • 230 volts • 30 amps • Single phase Extension Cord • 10-3 gauge wire or lower • 100-foot cord length (maximum) 12 23 888-785-4485
  13. 13. OperatingInstructionsHow to Prepare the Surface and Machine1. Clean the overlapped bitumen sheets of debris and contaminants, like moisture, grease and oil.NOTE: When welding granular-to-granular sheets with theBITUMAT B2, you do not need to degranulate.2. Set the guide bar to a comfortable position. • Lower Guide Bar Clamping Screw—Adjusts Guide Bar Angle—Loosen the clamping screw and tilt the guide bar back to the desired position, and then retighten. • Upper Guide Bar Clamping Lever—Lengthens or Shortens Clamping Clamping Lever Guide Bar—Release the clamping lever and move the guide Screw bar up or down to the desired height. 13 23 888-785-4485
  14. 14. OperatingInstructions3. With an aerosol can of silicone, spray any part of the machine that may be exposed to splattering bitumen, including: • Hot-air blower • Nozzle tube (not the flat nozzle end) • Undercarriage • Drive roller • Air dam and guide wheels • Hot-air blower slide bar This silicone will serve as a buffer between the melted bitumen and the machineʼs surfaces, making it easier to clean. Make sure to complete step before turning the machine on, as the aerosol spray is flammable. 14 888-785-4485
  15. 15. OperatingInstructions4. Plug the power cord into the power source outlet.5. Snap the cord clip onto the cord holder to ensure the cord doesnʼt get entangled in the machine.6. Turn the machine on with the power switch.7. Using the temperature, speed and air volume dials, configure the BITUMAT B2 according to the jobʼs requirements (see pg. 10 and 11 for settings). Power Main Control Cord Clip Switch Settings 15 22 888-785-4485
  16. 16. OperatingInstructionsNOTE: The BITUMAT B2 will take approximately 3-4minutes to reach the proper welding temperature.8. After the welder has warmed up, run a test weld (see pg. 17 for details) on scrap material to make sure the temperature, speed and air-volume settings are properly configured for the job.9. If the test weld does not meet your standards, make any necessary adjustments to the machineʼs settings before moving on. 16 888-785-4485
  17. 17. OperatingInstructionsHow to Test Weld QualityBITUMAT B2 heat output can be affected by an improperbalance of temperature, speed, air volume and pressure, as wellas external factors, such as moisture, humidity, ambienttemperature and direct sunlight.For this reason, before every use, always run a test weld onscrap material to make sure you have the proper settings. Toperform a test weld:1. Cut two, 10-foot strips of bitumen sheeting.2. With the configured and warmed-up BITUMAT B2, weld the two strips together. (conʼt on next page) 17 22 888-785-4485
  18. 18. OperatingInstructionsA good weld should produce a bead of bitumen along the edge of the seam.3. Using a hook-blade, cut three-to-five 2-inch strips perpendicular to the seam. Strips should be cut from the beginning, middle and end of the test weld to ensure quality throughout.4. As soon as the bitumen surface over the seam weld is the same temperature as the rest of the material surface, tear the strips apart.A quality weld should reveal the scrim, or netting, of the bitumen material. Hook Blade Bitumen Bead Test Strips Bitumen Scrim 18 22 23 888-785-4485
  19. 19. OperatingInstructions(Instructions continued from pg. 16)10. When satisfied with the test weld, position your properly configured BITUMAT B2 on top of the bitumen seam. Guide Roller • Swing the guide roller down and align it with the seam edge. • Align the drive roller with the seam edge, but place it approximately 3/8-inch off the edge. This will help to keep the roller clean. 3/8 in. Gap 19 22 23 888-785-4485
  20. 20. OperatingInstructions11. Stand in the welding position—behind the BITUMAT B2 with the guide bar Not Engaged directly in front of you.12. Engage the lifting device (see pg. 27 for details) by pushing the handle away Push Handle from you. This will pick the drive roller Away up off the bitumen sheet. Engaged13. Turn on the drive switch to start the drive roller. The machine will not begin moving as long as the lifting wheel is engaged. 20 22 23 888-785-4485
  21. 21. OperatingInstructions14. Pull up on the locking lever, lower the hot-air blower, and slide the nozzle between the overlapped bitumen. Lowered Blower Nozzle Locking Lever15. Count to three and then pull back on the lifting wheel Pull Back lever. The machine will begin moving right away, so make sure to have a firm grip on the guide bar. 21 22 23 888-785-4485
  22. 22. OperatingInstructions16. Guide the BITUMAT B2 along the seam edge using the guide bar. NOTES: • Do not push or pull the machine. Simply steer it so the guide roller tracks the seam edge. • Remember to keep the drive roller approximately 3/8- inch off the seam edge to avoid melted bitumen sticking to it. • Keep the nozzle completely between the overlapped bitumen. If the nozzleʼs air holes are exposed they will spray melted bitumen on the machine, material surface, and potentially your clothes and skin. 22 23 888-785-4485
  23. 23. OperatingInstructions17. At the end of the weld, immediately pull up on the locking lever, slide the hot-air blower away from the machine, and then swivel it up into locked position. Pull Locking Slide Hot-Air Lever Blower Out Swivel Up Turn Off Drive Roller 18. Press in the drive switch to stop the drive roller. 22 23 888-785-4485
  24. 24. OperatingInstructionsHow to Shut Down the BITUMAT B2When your job is complete, follow these simple instructions to turn off the machine.1. Turn the temperature dial to 0 and turn the air volume dial to maximum. The airflow will gradually cool down the heating element, which will help to keep it in peak working condition. Turn Clockwise Turn to 0 to Maximum 24 22 23 888-785-4485
  25. 25. OperatingInstructionsHow to Shut Down the BITUMAT B22. While the heating element is cooling, but the nozzle is still hot, use a stainless steel wire brush and scrape off any melted-on bitumen (see instructions on pg. 37). Be sure to wear gloves and goggles. NOTE: This is an important step because a buildup of bitumen on the nozzle can restrict airflow (see image at right), which will impact the machineʼs performance and cause it to overheat.3. Wipe any splattered bitumen off the BITUMAT B2 with a rag and silicone spray.4. Once clean, re-silicone all moving parts to keep them lubricated. Clogged NozzleThe key to maximizing the life of your welder is to keep it as clean as possible. 25 22 23 888-785-4485
  26. 26. OperatingInstructionsHow to Shut Down the BITUMAT B25. Once the machine is blowing cool air (approximately 3-5 minutes), it is safe to power it off using the main power switch.6. Unplug the machine from the power source.7. Move the BITUMAT B2 safely into its storage case. Turn Power Off Store Machine In Case 26 22 23 888-785-4485
  27. 27. OperatingInstructionsAbout the Lifting DeviceThe BITUMAT B2 Lifting Device raises the drive roller offthe bitumen material. This important feature serves twopurposes:• Allows the drive roller time to get up to speed once Lifting Device started, instead of it gradually speeding up during a weld.• Removes the machine weight from the seam edge, so you can easily slide the nozzle between the material. 27 22 23 888-785-4485
  28. 28. Section 3 Resources 28 888-785-4485
  29. 29. ResourcesThis section provides maintenance tips and how-tos that willhelp you keep your BITUMAT B2 in proper working order, andprolong the life of the machine. • How To: Change a heating element (pg. 30) • How To: Change a nozzle (pg. 32) • How To: Change the drive roller (pg. 34) • How To: Clean a nozzle (pg. 37) • How To: Clean a drive roller (pg. 38) • How To: Install a lifting device (pg. 39) • Troubleshoot: Poor weld quality (pg. 41) WARNING: Do not perform any maintenance on the BITUMAT B2 while it is plugged in, unless otherwise noted. 29 888-785-4485
  30. 30. Resources:How To Loosen Cheese-Change a Heating Element Head ScrewsOver time and with frequent use, the BITUMAT B2ʼs heatingelement will wear down and possibly break. When this occurs, itneeds to be replaced.Following are simple steps to replace your BITUMAT B2 heatingelement. (See pg. 53 for the heating element order number.) Pull Off NozzleNOTE: Allow the BITUMAT B2 nozzle to cool before starting thisprocess.1. Remove the four cheese-head screws that hold the nozzle to the hot-air blower.2. Pull the nozzle away from the handle. 30 888-785-4485
  31. 31. Resources:How To3. Slide the mica tube off the element. Slide Mica4. Unscrew the grounding ring from the handle and slide it off the Tube Off heating element.5. Wiggle the heating element back and forth until it comes off.6. Attach the new element by aligning the three pins with the three sockets of the handle base. The element only attaches one way.7. Reassemble the hot-air blower. Unscrew Remove Grounding Ring Element Align Reassemble the Element Pins Hot-Air Blower 31 888-785-4485
  32. 32. Resources:How To Loosen Cheese- Head ScrewsChange a Nozzle RemoveNozzles can get clogged with bitumen, dent or break, Nozzlerendering them ineffective or useless. Following areinstructions on how to remove a nozzle and attach anew one.To remove a nozzle:1. Unscrew the four cheese-head screws that connect the handle to the nozzle.2. Slide the nozzle over the mica tube and off the hot-air blower. 32 888-785-4485
  33. 33. Resources:How ToTo attach a new nozzle:1. Align the nozzle so that the flat base that slides between the bitumen sheets lays flat against the ground when the hot-air blower is lowered.2. Slide the new nozzle over the mica tube and align the holes with the screw holes on the handle.3. Insert and tighten the four cheese-head screws. Slide Nozzle Tighten Cheese- Lay Nozzle Flat Over Mica Tube Head Screws 33 888-785-4485
  34. 34. Resources:How ToChange the Drive Roller Unscrew WeightAs the BITUMAT B2 welds a bitumen seam, there is a good chancethat the drive roller will be exposed to melted bitumen (For cleaninginstructions see pg. 38). If this builds up, it can cause the wheel tolay unevenly against the material surface leading to a poor weld.The BITUMAT B2 comes with a spare drive roller, which is Remove Extrastored under the circular weight at the front of the machine Drive Roller(opposite the guide bar). To attach this new drive roller, follow theseinstructions:1. Unscrew the weight from the front of the machine.2. Pull the new guide roller out of its holder. Lay Machine Flat3. Place the welder on its side so that the hot-air blower faces up. 34 888-785-4485
  35. 35. Resources:How To4. Unscrew the brass fastening screw by turning counter- clockwise, and remove.5. Pull the air dam off the deflector roller.6. Pull the drive roller up and off the machine, and then pull the air dam off the roller.7. Lay the air dam into the groove of the new drive roller. Unscrew Brass8. Align the new drive roller with the post on the machine, and slide Fastening Screw it into position. Lay Air Dam in Slide Drive Roller Groove Into Position Remove Drive Pull Off Air Dam Roller 35 888-785-4485
  36. 36. Resources:How To9. Pull the air dam back over the deflector roller and make sure it lies completely in the groove.10. Insert the brass fastening screw through the middle of the drive roller and tighten until snug.11. Make sure the air dam aligns with the two guide rollers, and then flip the machine back into the proper position. Pull Air Dam Onto Insert Fastening Deflector Roller Screw Align Air Dam with Guide Wheels 36 888-785-4485
  37. 37. Resources:How ToClean a NozzleIt is important to clean the BITUMAT B2 nozzle after everyuse to avoid bitumen buildup that restricts airflow. Buildup cancause the machine to overheat, damaging the heating element.To clean the nozzle, use a stainless steel or brass wire brush,and in a motion away from your body scrape the excess bitumen Safetyoff. Recommendations:Make sure the nozzle is still hot while you do this because the • Hold the hot-air blowerʼs green handle with your free hand tobitumen will be more difficult to scrape away if it has had time to secure it in place while and solidify. • Wear protective gloves and safety glasses.Continue until you can see that all the air holes are clear of • Make sure the blower is turned off so that loose bitumen piecesblockages. At least once a week, hold up the nozzle to a light are not blown into the air.source and check that light is showing through all air holes. 37 38 40 41 42 888-785-4485
  38. 38. Resources:How To Remove FasteningClean a Drive Roller ScrewBuilt-up bitumen can cause the drive roller to lay unevenly against thematerial surface, leading to a poor weld. For this reason, itʼs importantto clean your drive roller after each use. To do so:1. Unscrew the brass fastening screw and pull it away from the drive roller. Wipe Off Bitumen2. Pull the drive roller off the machine. Reinstall3. Spray silicone onto the drive roller and a clean rag. Fastening Screw4. Wipe away the bitumen using the rag.5. Once clean, coat the drive roller with a layer of silicone to help keep it clean.6. Reinstall the drive roller and secure it in place with the fastening screw. 38 40 888-785-4485
  39. 39. Resources:How ToInstall a Lifting DeviceThe lifting device—equipped on all BITUMAT B2ʼs sold in the US—is attached to thedrive wheel scraper. With frequent use, there may be times where you need to take offthe device for cleaning. To do so, follow these instructions:1. Unscrew and remove the weight and extra drive roller from the front of the machine.2. Unscrew and remove the lifting device bracket from the side of the machine.3. Flip the machine on its side with the hot-air blower facing up.4. Remove the two fastening screws securing the scraper to the bottom of the machine. Unscrew Lifting Device Bracket Flip Machine On Loosen Fastening Unscrew Weight Its Side Screw 39 38 40 888-785-4485
  40. 40. Resources:How ToTo reinstall the lifting device, follow the steps on the previous pagein reverse order.When going through the reinstallation process, keep the followingtips in mind: • Put the BITUMAT B2 on top of a secure, flat surface, and let the front end overhang the edge slightly. This offers greater access to hard-to-reach areas. Insufficient Space • As you tighten the fastening screws of the scraper, pull the scraper toward you. If the scraper is too far back when it is secured, it will rub against the drive roller, causing undue stress on the motor.NOTE: The space between the drive roller and scraper should bethe thickness of a dime. 38 40 888-785-4485
  41. 41. Resources:TroubleshootingPoor Weld QualityThere are a number of variables that can impact a BITUMAT B2ʼs welding performance.Below are three things you can check while on a roof. If none of these resolve the weldingissue, contact IHSʼ authorized service center.To resolve poor welding quality:1. Check that the temperature, speed and air-volume settings are properly configured. If any of these are off for the material or the environment, your seam quality will suffer.Note: The amount of air blowing through the heating element will have an inverse affect onheat output, limiting how hot the BITUMAT B2 can get.2. Make sure the welding nozzle is free of melted bitumen and debris, which can restrict airflow. If you discover any blockages, scrape them away with a stainless steel or brass wire brush (see pg. 37 for details). 41 38 40 888-785-4485
  42. 42. Resources:Troubleshooting3. Make sure the machine is receiving the proper power supply (see pg. 12 for details) by checking (in order) the power source, extension cord, and then machine power cord. • First, check that the power source is producing enough power. Use an AC voltage tester with prong probes, and make sure to wear insulated gloves. If the power doesnʼt meet the machine requirements, below are some tips to resolve the issue. (Click here for a complete blog post on the topic.)Generator Wall OutletsContact your distributor •Invest in a generator to ensure you have a consistent poweror the manufacturer to source from job site to job site.troubleshoot the issue •Purchase a buck-boost transformer, which can help toand determine the maintain consistent power output.appropriate fix. •Contact a certified electrician to examine the electrical system. He or she may be able to safely boost power output. 42 38 40 888-785-4485
  43. 43. Resources:Troubleshooting • If the power source checks out, next test the extension cord. Use the voltage tester to test the cord outlet that the machine plugs into. If there is a problem detected, youʼll need to purchase a new cord. • Lastly, check that the BITUMAT B2ʼs power cord is not frayed, cut or sliced. If it is, it will need to be replaced by an authorized Leister technician.After youʼve ruled out all these variables, if your machine is still welding poorly youʼll needto send it to an authorized Leister service center for support. 43 38 40 888-785-4485
  44. 44. Section 4 Parts List 44 888-785-4485
  45. 45. Parts toview the full-sized diagramof the BITUMAT B2 with partnumbers. See page 50 for a parts diagram of the standard ELECTRON hot air blower, which is the heat source for the BITUMAT B2. 45 888-785-4485
  46. 46. Call for a Quote 888-785-4485Parts ListPos Order No. Qty Part Name Pos Order No. Qty Part Name 1 107.073 1 Undercarriage (complete) 20 125.739 1 Base weight 2 104.266 2 Rollpin spring ø 4 x 20 mm 20 100.871 2 Cheese head screw M8 x 20 mm 3 100.142 2 Thread forming fillister head screw M5 x 12 mm 20 125.793 1 Pressure roller retainer 4 100.124 2 Spring ring M5 5.35/9.2/1.2 mm 20 138.877 1 Centering nut 5 100.173 2 Torsional protection disk 24 138.136 1 Threaded rod 6 104.268 1 Internal retaining ring ø 52 mm 25 113.898 1 Hexagon nut M12/0.5d mm 7 108.115 1 Driving axle 26 138.135 1 Weight 8 106.811 1 Parallel key 6 x 6 x 22 mm 27 114.113 1 Roller chain 8 x 1/8 in. x 408 mm (39 ft. 5 in./min.) 9 107.085 1 Chain adjuster 27 110.553 1 Chain joint 8 x 3 mm10 102.241 1 Washer M4 4.3/12/1 mm 28 106.731 2 Cheese head screw M6 x 16 mm11 107.733 1 Spring washer M4 4.3/8/0.5 mm 29 100.951 2 Washer M6 6.4/12/1.6 mm12 106.732 2 Cheese head screw M4 x 20 mm 30 137.918 1 Wiper13 101.008 1 Spring ring M4 4.25/7.6/0.9 mm 31 107.714 1 Hinge (complete)14 116.003 1 Set screw M6 x 8 mm 32 104.234 1 Hexagon set screw M4 x 10 mm15 127.575 1 Spacer shaft 33 100.945 2 Slotted pan head screw M6 x 16 mm16 137.895 2 Pressure roller 100 mm with shoulder 34 137.899 1 Guide shaft (complete)16 137.896 2 Pressure roller 75 mm with shoulder 35 121.619 1 Shoulder bolt M5 x 8 mm16 140.229 2 Pressure roller 100 mm without shoulder 36 114.500 1 Pillow block16 140.228 2 Pressure roller 75 mm without shoulder 37 100.356 1 External retaining ring ø 14 mm17 138.148 1 Fastening screw, brass 38 102.408 2 Countersunk screw M6 x 20 mm18 101.113 2 Cheese head screw M6 x 20 mm 39 107.053 2 Retaining disk19 100.299 13 Fillister head screw M4 x 10 mm 40 107.052 1 Bearing bush 46 888-785-4485
  47. 47. Call for a Quote 888-785-4485Parts ListPos Order No. Qty Part Name Pos Order No. Qty Part Name41 107.092 1 Axle suspension 60 100.374 1 Locking nut M5, hexagon42 107.953 1 Spiral pin ø 5 x 30 mm 61 126.895 1 Roller43 137.894 1 Transportation axle 62 115.198 1 Fitted shoulder screw M6 x 8 mm, with socket head44 100.341 2 External retaining ring ø 15 mm 63 137.696 1 Guiding bar bottom45 107.074 1 Rocker (complete) 64 101.113 2 Cheese head screw M6 x 20 mm46 125.621 1 Flange sleeve 65 140.933 1 Clamping lever M8 x 25 mm47 107.069 1 Deflection roller (complete) 66 100.424 1 Cheese head screw M5 x 16 mm48 107.042 1 Collar screw 67 126.597 1 Cable fixation clip Ø 12.5 mm49 104.224 1 Round belt 68 130.275 1 Snap hook50 140.125 1 Electron BITUMAT B2 69 137.843 1 Guiding bar upper part (complete)51 100.909 1 Retaining ring 120 x 8 mm 70 138.817 1 Hand brush, stainless52 100.442 4 Cheese head screw M4 x 16 mm 71 100.977 1 Set screw M6 x 12 mm53 102.047 1 Gasket ø 60/83 x 2 mm 72 108.221 1 Pressure spring ø 1.25 x ø 6.3 x 25 mm54 126.239 1 Grounding ring 140.489 1 Carrier box BITUMAT B2, 750 x 555 x 450 mm, green55 126.386 1 Heating element type 38C2, 230V / 6500W 200 108.120 2 Pinch roller55 126.594 1 Heating element type 38C2, 400V / 6500W 201 107.071 2 Pinch roll (complete)56 102.046 1 Mica tube ø 56.5 x 155 mm 202 107.093 2 Rubber ring ø 74/92 x 40 mm57 138.047 1 BITUMAT B2 Nozzle 100 mm 300 138.328 1 Guide roller (complete)57 138.048 1 BITUMAT B2 Nozzle 75 mm 301 104.263 1 Springy thrust piece M8 x 16 mm58 103.361 1 External retaining ring ø 8 mm 302 100.299 2 Fillister head screw M4 x 10 mm59 138.152 1 Air scoop 100 mm (complete) 303 140.219 1 Mounting plate guide roller59 138.150 1 Air scoop 75 mm (complete) 304 100.351 1 Shim ring 8/14/0.5 mm 47 888-785-4485
  48. 48. Call for a Quote 888-785-4485Parts ListPos Order No. Qty Part Name Pos Order No. Qty Part Name305 126.945 1 Rocker (complete) 508 104.262 2 Circlip for shaft ø 8 mm306 107.730 1 Hexagon nut M10/0.8d 600 125.985 1 Drive unit 39 ft. 5 in./min.307 107.079 1 Axle 601 101.060 1 External retaining ring ø 12 mm308 107.703 1 Guide roller (complete) 602 127.419 1 Chain wheel 39 ft. 5 in./min. 11 mm wide309 100.976 1 Hexalobular socket pan head screw M5 x 12 mm 603 135.440 1 Planetary gear set (complete), 195:1310 103.519 1 Cheese head screw M8 x 30 mm 604 107.061 1 Gear support311 124.298 1 Countersunk screw M4 x 10 mm 605 114.109 1 Motor support 39 ft. 5 in./min.400 115.427 1 Tool holder (complete) 606 100.142 4 Thread forming fillister head screw M5 x 12 mm401 100.906 1 Tool holder 607 114.112 1 Toothed belt 5/16 in., 39 ft. 5 in./min.402 115.426 2 Flange sleeve ø 20/28/35 x 20 mm 608 100.429 2 Carbon brush 5 x 6 x 14 mm with lead (230/200V)403 100.362 1 Rollpin spring ø 3 x 20 mm 609 128.907 1 Motor DCS 52/33, 230V, 12 m404 100.361 1 Pressure spring 610 112.503 1 Cheese head screw M4 x 40 mm405 100.359 1 Trigger 611 103.782 2 Cheese head screw M4 x 60 mm406 100.360 1 Lock pin 612 126.017 1 Temperature resistant wire AWG20 x 145 mm500 140.232 2 Holding-down roller (complete) 613 126.018 1 Temperature resistant wire AWG20 x 180mm501 100.299 2 Fillister head screw M4 x 10 mm 700 141.671 1 Lift up device for BITUMAT B2502 138.468 2 Safety cover (complete) 700 140.476 1 Lift up device for BITUMAT B2 (complete)503 107.056 2 U-profile 701 141.465 1 Lift up device holder504 107.077 2 Holding-down roller 702 141.463 1 Lift up device wiper505 104.267 2 Rollpin spring ø 8 x 20 mm 703 100.299 2 Fillister head screw M4 x 10 mm506 127.778 2 Compressing spring 704 101.008 2 Spring ring M4 4.25/7.6/0.9 mm507 107.055 2 Guide pillar 705 141.470 1 Lift up device lever 48 888-785-4485
  49. 49. Call for a Quote 888-785-4485Parts ListPos Order No. Qty Part Name706 101.060 1 External retaining ring ø 12 mm707 101.154 2 External retaining ring ø 10 mm708 114.316 2 Washer M10 10.5/20/2 mm709 141.438 1 Lift up device role710 128.743 1 Handle711 141.485 1 Stop angle (complete) 49 888-785-4485
  50. 50. Parts ListStandard on eachBITUMAT B2 is anELECTRON hot airblower—the machineʼsmain heat see a full-sized partsdiagram of theELECTRON. 50 888-785-4485
  51. 51. Call for a Quote 888-785-4485Parts ListPos Order No. Qty Part Name Pos Order No. Qty Part Name301 100.299 6 Fillister head screw M4 x 10 mm 323 125.458 1 Mounting ring for nozzle302 100.032 1 Company label 75 x 22 mm 324 100.528 1 Warning label "Hot surface"303 140.134 1 ELECTRON enclosure 325 127.548 1 Temperature resistant wire 1.5 mm2 x 1100 mm, yellow304 101.237 1 O-ring ø 75.92 x ø 1.78 mm 326 126.383 1 Temperature resistant wire 1.5 mm2 X 1100 mm, white305 101.252 1 Rubber ring without cams 327 126.382 1 Temperature resistant wire 1.5 mm2 x 1100 mm, black306 140.126 1 Fixing clip 328 115.831 2 Temperature resistant wire AWG20 x 1 m, white307 113.578 1 Hexagon counternut M16 x 1.5 mm 329 126.384 1 Temperature resistant wire AWG20 x 1100 mm. red308 113.577 1 Cable screw fitting M16 x 1.5, NW 12, straight, black 330 126.385 1 Temperature resistant wire AWG20 x 1100 mm, blue309 107.753 1 Cable sleeve NW 12, black, 450 mm 331 117.823 2 Silicon tube ø 8 x 0.5 x 100 mm310 100.186 2 Thread forming fillister head screw M4 x 8 mm 332 100.151 1 Cord fastener 85 x 22 mm311 113.712 1 Motor 54/25 KS, 230V 333 107.687 4 End sleeve, 0.5 mm2, white312 113.720 2 Brushholder for KL/KS-Motor 334 110.808 2 End sleeve, 1.5 mm2, red313 114.785 2 Carbon brush 5 x 6 x 16 mm for KL/KS-Motor (230/200V) 335 107.686 1 End sleeve, 2.5 mm2, blue314 101.251 1 Steel hub 336 127.455 1 Threaded hose coupling, angled, M20 x 1.5 mm315 104.064 1 Turbine housing lower part (complete) 337 113.569 1 Hexagon counternut M20 x 1.5 mm316 100.284 3 Thread forming fillister head countersunk screw M4 x 14 mm 338 102.215 1 Electronic circuit board DS 85, 240/230/200V317 107.591 1 Turbine 339 102.233 1 Potentiometer 100 kOhm318 107.762 1 Distributor (complete) 340 100.450 1 Potentiometer knob black319 107.592 1 Turbine 341 140.178 1 Insulating paper320 100.287 1 Hexagon nut M5/0.5d mm 342 140.275 1 Adhesive company label321 126.258 1 Turbine housing upper part 3 sockets, photo IC 343 107.175 4 Shrink sleeve 1/8 in. x 14 mm, black322 101.269 4 Fillister head countersunk screw M3.5 x 8 mm 344 125.757 1 Photo IC 51 888-785-4485
  52. 52. Section 5Accessories 52 888-785-4485
  53. 53. Call for a Quote 888-785-4485AccessoriesEach of the following BITUMAT B2 accessories can be purchased separately.(All items featured below are included with the purchase of a BITUMAT B2, except for the pressure roller.) Bitumen-Nozzle Wooden Storage Case Heating Element Drive Roller Order No: 138.048—75 mm Robust case 28.35 x 18.5 x 230V; 6700W Order No: 137.895—80 mm Order No: 138.047—100 mm 17.7 inches Order No: 126.386 Order No: 137.896—100 mm Order No: 140.489 Lifting Device Stainless Steel Wire Brush Pressure Roller (not included) Order No: 140.476—75 mm Order No: 138.817 One-arm, silicon pressure roller with ball bearings Order No: 140.160—40 mm 53 888-785-4485
  54. 54. Section 6 Related Products 54 888-785-4485
  55. 55. Call for a Quote 888-785-4485Related ProductsLeister offers a variety of other welding machines designed for specific roofingapplications. To learn more about any of the following products, please contact IHS at888-785-4485 or The Leister VARIMAT V2 offers the fastest welding speeds of polymer roofing membranes on the market—up to 39 feet per minute—and its slim design allows for welding in gaps as narrow as 4.33 inches. While designed for flat commercial and industrial roofs, the VARIMAT V2ʼs motor is strong enough to weld at inclines up to 30 degrees. The UNIROOF E is a compact roofing membrane welder for PVC, TPO, ECB, EPDM and CSPE. Its small design makes it ideal for edge work and hard-to-reach areas. 55 888-785-4485
  56. 56. Call for a Quote 888-785-4485RelatedProducts The TRIAC DRIVE is a semi-automatic welding machine designed for use in conjunction with the TRIAC S or TRIAC PID hot-air hand tools. It can produce high-quality welding on thermoplastics, and is ideal for use on high-pitched roofs, parapet walls, vertical walls and special flashing details. Contact IHS to learn more about any of these Leister products—888-785-4485 or 56 888-785-4485
  57. 57. Section 6 Service & Support 57 888-785-4485
  58. 58. World-Class Leister AuthorizedService & SupportIHS is an authorized master distributor and certified Leisterservice and repair center. We offer a state-of-the-art facility Service Centerand the experienced technicians needed to quickly 888-785-4485troubleshoot, diagnose and repair your Leister equipment to info@ihshotair.comlike-new condition. www.IHShotair.comAs part of our world-class service, we offer: • Live Video Chat—Connect with us from the job site. We can set up live video chats with you and your tools and remotely see what you see, quickly troubleshoot issues, and then recommend quick fixes or next steps. • Arranged Pick Up and Delivery—IHS will arrange for your BITUMAT B2 to be picked up and dropped off after it has been serviced, saving you money in costly shipping fees. 58 888-785-4485
  59. 59. World-Class LeisterService & Support• Expertise—Certified technicians employed full time for immediate troubleshooting support.• Equipment—State-of-the-art instrumentation and tools to run diagnostic tests, make repairs and recalibrate settings.• Preventative Maintenance—With each repair, we also perform any necessary preventative maintenance to prolong the life of your tool and help avoid future breakdowns.• Inventory—We stock of tools and parts onsite to streamline order shipment and repairs.• Rentals—Rent a replacement tool while IHS repairs your broken one and avoid costly downtime. If you have questions about your BITUMAT B2, or are in need of service and support, please contact us. 59 888-785-4485
  60. 60. Warnings and CautionsWARNINGS CAUTIONS • Rated voltage stated on the device must correspond• It is dangerous to open the BITUMAT B2 casing while to the power voltage—N 61000-3-11; Zmax = 0.105 Ω the machine is plugged in because electrified + j 0.066 Ω. If necessary, consult an electrician. components and connections are exposed. Unplug the machine before opening it. • In case of a power failure, unplug the machine and set the main power switch to 0.• Incorrect use of the hot-air welder can cause a fire, and is an explosion hazard around combustable materials • For personal protection, we strongly recommend the BITUMAT B2 be connected to an RCCB (Residual and gasses. Current Circuit Breaker) before operation.• Do not touch a hot welding nozzle, as they can cause burns. Allow it to cool first. • The tool must be operated under supervision. Hot air can ignite flammable material that is not in view.• Do not point the hot airflow in the direction of people or animals. • The machine should only be used by qualified specialists or under their supervision. Children are not• Connect the tool to a power source with a grounding authorized to use this device. conductor. Any faults of the grounded conductor inside or outside the tools are dangerous. • Protect the device from exposure to damp or wet areas.• Only use extension cords that are grounded. • When lifting the BITUMAT B2 by hand, use the carrying handle and top of the guide bar. 60 888-785-4485
  61. 61. About IHSIndustrial Heat Sources (IHS) is one of four certified U.S.master distributors of Leister roofing products, meaningyou can trust us to deliver quality, direct-the-from-manufacturer hot-air equipment at the best possibleprices.We work with customers across a variety of industries,including: roofing, process heat, industrialfabrics, flooring, civil engineering and plastic fabrication.In addition, we offer unmatched service and support atour state-of-the-art facility, as well as through our servicecenter network across the Midwest and Northeastregions, giving you quick access to trained Leistertechnicians. 61 888-785-4485
  62. 62. Connect with UsFor more resources on the BITUMAT B2 and other Leister tools, and tips for roofing andindustrial-heat applications, visit our blog at, or connectwith us on: @IHShotair 62 888-785-4485
  63. 63. DisclaimerInformation is intended as a guide only and should be used by individuals familiar with theLeister BITUMAT B2ʼs features, functionality and parts. IHS is not responsible for injury orequipment damage that may result from operator negligence.Prior to setting up, operating or performing maintenance on your Leister BITUMAT B2, besure to read through all safety warnings and cautions contained within the productoperating manual. If you have any questions, need assistance or would like a productdemo, contact the IHS service center at 888-785-4485. 63 888-785-4485