Captronics Systems Automotive Testing


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Automated Testing, Measurement, Automation & Control Expertise

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Captronics Systems Automotive Testing

  1. 1. Captronic Systems in Automotive Testing
  2. 2. Captronic Systems - Overview Measurement, Automation & Control Company Automated Testing, Measurement, Automation & Control ExpertiseTest &MeasurementSolutionsAutomotiveElectronics& EMSHealthcarePowerAerospace& Defense
  3. 3. Expertise, Resources & Strengths Platinum Alliance Partner – National Instruments Our Expertise Includes: System Integration Instrumentation, Sensors & Data Acquisition Control Algorithms Electrical & Electronics Signal Processing & Analysis Software Skills – LabVIEW, TestStand, CVI, C, C++ Embedded Systems More than 75 man-years of Software, Hardware & System Integration Expertise Offices in India Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi & Pune Panel & Product Building Capabilities in Chennai Railway Track Instrumentation and Calibration Infrastructure in Chennai Projects Executed all over India, China, Japan & the United States
  4. 4. Some of our valued customers
  5. 5. AUTOMOTIVE TESTINGApplication Case Studies
  6. 6. Automotive Testing AreasBrakeTireInstrumentClusterInfotainment System• Audio•Navigation•Display SystemsSteeringColumnHornFuelSystemsElectronic Control Unit (ECU)•ECM•BCM•PCMTransmissionControlTire Pressure MonitoringSystem (TPMS)In-Vehicle Testing
  7. 7. Instrument Cluster Testing Automated vision based instrumentcluster calibration / inspection system Speedo Tacho Temp Fuel Telltales LCD Segment
  8. 8. Infotainment Test System End-Of-Line / Functional Testing for Radio/Audio Radio Receiver – AM Radio Receiver – FM CD Player AUX INPUT MP3 Player (USB) Bluetooth IPOD interface End-Of-Line TestingNavigation Systems
  9. 9. ECU Testing End-Of-Line / Functional Testing for ECUs ECM BCM PCM Other ECUs
  10. 10. Vehicle Electronics Testing Tire Pressure Monitoring System Testing Sensor Identification Monitor – Pressure, Temperature, Battery Status & Rotation RF O/P Power RF nominal frequency and low frequency (LF) sensitivity Remote Keyless Entry / Passive Keyless Entry Testing RF Power O/P of the Key fob Signal strength of the key fob output Amplitude and center frequency Relative signal strength analysis Spectrum analysis and lot more…
  11. 11. NVH Systems In Vehicle Sound & Vibration Testing Vibration level, Frequency Analysis, Octave Analysis, etc. Power Take-Off Shaft in Gearbox Testing Vibration, FFT & Order Analysis Automotive Gear Box Noise & Vibration Testing Bearing Life Testing Vibration level in the bearing Alternator Noise Measurement Trials Differentiation between Good & Bad Alternators
  12. 12. Brake Testing Performance Test Rig Endurance Test Rig Fatigue Test Rig Oven Monitoring Systems Brake Dynamometers
  13. 13. Other Component Level Testing Tire Unbalance Test System Steering Column test systems Transmission Control test systems Fuel Pump Test System Sensor Testing – ISCV, VSV, MAPS, etc. Bearing Life Test Rigs Wiper Motor & Link Assembly Testing Endurance Testing of Throttle Body Two Wheeler Engine Recovery System Automotive Speed Sensor Test System And more……….
  14. 14. In Vehicle Testing Applications In-Vehicle Performance Testing NVH Datalogger (Noise, Vibration & Harshness) ABS Datalogger – LMV & HMV Brake Performance Testing Truck Fuel Efficiency Field-To-Lab Dataloggers EMR Failure Temperature Dataloggers Steering Column Testing And more…..
  15. 15. Some Automotive Customers