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What is captora?


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What is Captora and what do we do? Check out our slide deck to find out more.

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What is captora?

  1. 1. Digital Marketing Acceleration
  2. 2. Amplify Marketing Productivity
  3. 3. Amplify Marketing Productivity
  4. 4. Amplify Marketing Productivity
  5. 5. Yesterday’s Marketer
  6. 6. Today’s Marketer Under Pressure to Accelerate Pipeline Growth
  7. 7. No Integrated Digital Marketing Solution To Find New Quality Buyers
  8. 8. Find and Capture New Buyers Before Your Competition Find digital marketing gaps across multiple platforms and prioritize resources Boost conversion of paid and organic results, leveraging your best existing content Increase impact of prior investments in back-office, CRM and Marketing Automation your best existing content
  9. 9. Find and Capture New Buyers Before Your Competition
  10. 10. Identify and Prioritize with Demand Analyzer Aggregate and interpret millions of Internet demand signals form anonymous, conversions-ready, buyers Access real-time buyer and competitive intelligence Reveal opportunities for capturing new buyers’ contact information and behavioral details
  11. 11. Launch and Optimize with Campaign Engine Automate the processes around scalable campaign creation and optimization Integrate with your forms/templates Automatically determine the best title, sub-title, and CTA to maximize conversion rates
  12. 12. Monitor and Report with Performance Advisor Leverage advanced monitoring and reporting techniques to report results by campaign/persona/channel over time Drive continuous, real-time improvement of campaigns using data and up-to-the-moment performance comparisons
  13. 13. 60% Better Cost-Per-Lead Highlights Marketo has launched 150+ Captora campaigns, with plans to get to 300+ With Captora, Marketo’s cost-per-lead is 50-60% better than other demand generation approaches used by Marketo Over 90% of Captora leads are non-branded, meaning they are not new prospects for Marketo
  14. 14. 60% Better Cost-Per-Lead Highlights ServiceMax identified, launched, and optimized over 800 search campaigns via Captora with no new marketing hires Using Captora, new Search, Advertising, and Social campaigns and showing 200-300% lift in conversion rates ServiceMax has seen substantially more leads at a lower cost-per-MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead)
  15. 15. Captora’s Marketing Engagement Platform See Do Win Real-Time Buyer & Competitive Inteligence Search, Advertising & Social Optimization (SEM) Organic Campaign Expansion (SEO) Content Collaboration & Management Marketing Reporting & Analytics Deep Natural Language Crawling Buyer Demand Signal Analysis Infinite Scalable Cloud Big Data PRODUCTS WTH DESIGN-FOCUSED USABILITY
  16. 16. Contact us Twitter: @captora