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Discover how Captivea integrated Google Maps within SugarCRM. Presentation made for SugarCRM EMEA Summit 2012, 1st - 2nd October in Munïch

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CapMaps for SugarCRM

  1. 1. Enhance SugarCRMcapabilities with CapMaps A Google Maps powerful integration into SugarCRM !
  2. 2. Who are we ?• Yannick Biet, co-founder + CTO• Captivea is a French partner of SugarCRM 2009 2012• We are already working in all French-friendly countries ! (and always looking for new destinations )• Key difference : we are developers and Sugar-exclusive !• Already working with other Sugar partners (what about you ?)
  3. 3. Developers ?• Captivea’s action part of Open+ partner program since fall 2011 : – New features and improvements, – Bugs fixes in 6.4.x and 6.5.x,• As part of our customers’ project, we extended SugarCRM – We developed lot additional modules for SugarCRM – We developed Windows C# apps
  4. 4. Which kind of Modules / Apps ?SMS Geolocalization Word/PDF Merging Google SynchronizationRating field SIRET field CTI Synchronization
  5. 5. Answering functional needs • Leads, • Customers, • Partners, • Suppliers, • … Users spent time to fill in the information requested within the different modules…
  6. 6. Answering functional needs (Example) Travel Appointment Time remaining Canceled or delayed
  7. 7. Answering functional needs How Sugar can give ROI on the time spent to collect and save addresses information in CRM ? How Sugar can help the sales rep. to be more efficient ? Multiply contacts ! Fill the day with other appointments !How to find the “other” appointments ? GEOLOCALIZATION !
  8. 8. Configuration panel
  9. 9. Configure Modules / Addresses fields
  10. 10. Account’s detail view : Map widget
  11. 11. Opening Map
  12. 12. Search nearby relevant cards
  13. 13. Search results’ display
  14. 14. Search results’ display • Tooltip displaying address when mouse hovering icon • Opening Card’s detail view in a new tab • Schedule Meeting button • Schedule Call button • Create Task Button • Create Note button
  15. 15. Activities’ generation from map
  16. 16. Quick Searching using saved searches
  17. 17. Search filters management (like Reports)
  18. 18. Features• Third-party module easy to install via Module Loader• Dedicated admin panel – Enable/Disable Google Maps features on the fly – Customize look and feel of the map – Configure geocoded modules and fields • Any module supported (including custom modules) • Any address fields (up to your choice)• Custom Address widget replacing base widget (with geocode status)• Automatic / on-the-fly geocoding (logic hook) + scheduler• Seamless integration within Sugar 6.x UI• Search for nearby points / Range search• Predefined saved searches• Activities scheduling right from the map• Filters
  19. 19. Features• Direct geocoding when saving card (and only when required)• Batch geocoding (scheduler or manual launch)• Extensible UI (via capMaps plugins) to enable new features