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Music Choice


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Music Choice

  1. 1. What Music should I choose?
  2. 2. So what music choices are there? We offer 4 music options to our clients
  3. 3. Music choices Commercial Music Sound A-Likes Royalty Free Music Unsigned Artists
  4. 4. Commercial Music Commercial music is what you would expect to hear on the radio, or publicly. And with over 3 million tracks to choose from we can create virtually any profile or music playlist for you.
  5. 5. What genres of Commercial Music are there? The complete UK Top 40 Non-chart Pop Jazz Country Classical Comedy Film Soundtracks Smooth Easy Listening Soul Urban Rock Folk Funk
  6. 6. Clients that use Commercial Music Here are some of our clients that use our Commercial Music to improve the ambience of their stores
  7. 7. BEN & JERRY’S
  8. 8. SWATCH
  9. 9. SOUND A-LIKES Sound-a-like tracks are well known commercial music tracks, recorded by unsigned performers who sound very similar to the original artist. The beauty is, there is no need to pay PPL a penny ! Perfect for background music and the listener will not be aware that they are not hearing the original artist.
  10. 10. Clients that use Sound A-Like Music Here are some examples of clients that use our Sound A-Like Music
  12. 12. MAX STUDIO
  13. 13. ROYALTY FREE MUSIC Royalty Free music is ideal for situations where you are looking to create an atmosphere but don't need the distraction (or the cost) of music with lyrics. Royalty free music is instrumental and requires neither a PRS nor a PPL license.
  14. 14. Clients that use Royalty-Free Music Here are some examples of clients that use our Royalty-Free Music
  16. 16. OVERPLAY MUSIC (Unsigned Artists) We have over 20,000 songs by unsigned bands and artists who are looking for good exposure.  We offer a choice of over 16 genres from Soul, Pop, R’n’B, Rock, Latin, Instrumental and Indie to ensure that you are listening to the most appropriate unsigned artists playing the most relevant music to your brand.
  17. 17. WHY NOT VISIT US AT OVERPLAY.COM? See Overplay in action visit
  18. 18. Music Licenses PRS PPL Comments Commercial Music Yes Yes You will need a valid PRS & PPL License to play Commercial Music. This License fee goes directly to the artists Sound A-Likes Yes No You would not need to pay for a PPL License, only a PRS License for Sound A-Likes Royalty Free Music No No There are no licenses to pay for Royalty Free Music Overplay (Unsigned Artists) 15% of the license 15% of the license You will require both a PRS & PPL License, however your charge would only be 30% of the normal license
  19. 19. WHO ARE WE? WHAT DO WE DO? <ul><li>BRAND AUDIO EXPERIENCE AUDITS </li></ul><ul><li>AUDIO BRAND GUIDELINES </li></ul><ul><li>MUSIC PROFILING </li></ul><ul><li>CONTENT DELIVERY SOLUTIONS </li></ul><ul><li>SUPPLY MUSIC </li></ul><ul><li>DESIGN IN STORE RADIO </li></ul>
  20. 20. GET IN TOUCH HEARD ENOUGH? T 020 8931 9300 W CENTRERADIO.CO.UK E [email_address]