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#SEOChat Recap - Local SEO Best Practices - June 16, 2016


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This SlideShare is a recap of the Twitter #SEOChat hosted by Captivate Search Marketing President Chris J. Everett on June 16, 2016. The SEOChat discussed Local SEO Best Practices in 2016.

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#SEOChat Recap - Local SEO Best Practices - June 16, 2016

  1. 1. Summary: Local SEO Best Practices on #SEOchat
  2. 2. Multi-Location/City Businesses: When to use Local Landing Pages, when to use Subdomains/separate sites? @GregJLee Same brand=same domain.DA trumps other signals.Citations/links will boost DA. Same city=same page. Optimize page for city/metro. @EricLanderSEO Larger franchises w/ many locations & web based services/apps skew to subdomains; Single business w/ fewer skew subfolder. Elaborating, businesses with location finders, ordering, different inventory, etc. benefit most from subdomains. @mikecrimmins A few years ago it was all subdomains or separate sites. Now I want separate landing pages. I should note, most of my clients are small to medium sized biz so they don’t have a ton of locations. @jonfoulds I love using optimized folder structure (state/city/etc) instead of separate sites for easy navigation and avoiding confusion. If it’s the same brand, subdomain could work for separate categories, but then local folders off of that. @s4socialmedia Multi domains can be useful for multi locations business while local landing pages can be used for city business. Q1
  3. 3. @mikecrimmins Going after the same keywords. Something I’ve had issues with in both organic and paid. @EricLanderSEO Overlapping radial footprints; old search technology reliant on pure distance, not roads, neighborhoods, etc. @GregJLee W/many nearby locations NAP easily mixed up by public & other sources.Pushes Google to post wrong info. @Affil4you I would think trying to stay away from using the same copy. Especially if you own both locations etc. @GregJLee Great point @Affil4you . Unique descriptions is a pain in neck for 100s locations. Especially locations that all do the same thing! @s4socialmedia Stable #seo strategy, right #keywords targeting, etc. @jonfoulds Major challenge is on the site (landing pages) – differentiating between locations is so important for content/UX. What are some of the challenges facing businesses with multiple locations within the same city? Q2
  4. 4. @ChrisJEverett In this case, would you use a Neighborhood name, zip code, N/S/E/W? @jonfoulds Neighborhood, yes – gearing content toward the location as being an expert in the particular area and why. @PeterThistle Competing with themselves. One location does fine, another not. Hard to explain to clients why one is being neglected! @khepritech Exactly! Had to tell that from just a bad location. @nemofindsworld The locations competing with one another and targeting similar keywords. Providing unique, valuable content for the locations. What are some of the challenges facing businesses with multiple locations within the same city? Q2
  5. 5. @EricLanderSEO Comprehension. Use @Moz Local to syndicate changes, but complete FAR more than the minimum information needed. Rewards await. In other words, use tools to save time on monotonous tasks, reinvest that time on improving every detail possible. @GregJLee Brand authority! – is there a wikipedia page? + Positive reviews & social signals add to that. @khepritech My personal opinion is to be tied in with local blogs and sites…. Foodie blogs, Travel sites etc based upon business. Respond to critics and reviews on blogs for local things not just the big 5. @s4socialmedia Interlinking of the website #content should have more value. @seanvanguilder schema markup @jonfoulds Reviews – might impact carousel visibility, map CTR, etc.. Also structured data for locations (could impact if not already). We all know the importance of citations & links, but IYO what are the most underrated ranking factors? Q3
  6. 6. @khepritech It seems in some ways we have lost the ability to reach out to our local influences and such because we are stuck in the numbers. @seanvanguilder We leave that to the client or partner with an agency. borders too close on reputation management. @mikecrimmins We do it in house with tools like Moz Local. Haven’t gotten to where we need help. Plus, I like making sure it’s done 100% @emily_C27 Pros ease Con: less control/more back and forth with site screening. @jonfoulds As an agency, it depends on client’s need and # of locations. Pros and cons to every tool, but budget is important to them! @Affil4you I say in house. Honestly do you want some one outside of your company culture handling this? @ChrisJEverett Totally agree. If you hire trainable people, you should be able to keep it in-house. Do you handle citation cleanup in-house? If not, Pros/Cons come from outsourcing citation work? Q4
  7. 7. @GregJLee U can still get a FREE Yahoo Local Listing. Just keep clicking U’ll find it @emily_C27 @whitespark can be tedious when filtering through listings but it’s worked. Also, @moz OSE for looking at competition. @jonfoulds Recommend @Momentfeed for large companies w/ lots of locations. MozLocal for maybe a couple of locations. @ChrisJEverett Does anyone use @bright_local to manage citations? @emily_C27 Oh yeah, I’ve used it to start with; seems to deliver a shorter, more quality list. Thx for reminding me! @ChrisJEverett You’re right @emily_C27 I think it’s like $65/mo Aside from Yext & Moz Local, what other citation building aggregators should SEOs consider using? Q5
  8. 8. @mikecrimmins local influencers, articles that mention the client but don’t have a link, etc. Small city and we have an active social media dept, so it’s often finding someone that has a connection. @gyitsakalakis participation with local orgs (volunteering, sponsorships, scholarships, etc). Publish local (hyper-local topics, language, etc). @ChrisJEverett Doing good in the community and earning links? That’s a winwin @khepritech Go out to local events or host local events. Host your local bloggers group if you can. Run contests with local influences in your business arena. Get social! @ChrisJEverett Great points for earning local links! @Affil4you Instead of just typing about your local area get your support behind some events in your area What are some of your favorite sources and methods for earning local backlinks? Q6
  9. 9. @jonfoulds Depends on company, but engage real community with events, volunteering, etc. and people will share. Utilize site for content. Also, social is often local now – engage community on Foursquare, Instagram, etc. @emily_C27 I still think guest-posting is a great method if you can find an opportunity for less than $1,000.00!! What are some of your favorite sources and methods for earning local backlinks? Q6
  10. 10. @khepritech Want that .edu love start sponsoring local school events! Want .gov donate to the county sheriff or city etc. It is not just good for your business it is good for your community that helps your business thrive. @gyitsakalakis Google My Business… @MozLocal @yext @GregJLee Love the county sheriff idea for .gov! @jonfoulds Google My Business (most important one imo!), Local ranking tool like Moz, & good ol’ Excel for data manipulation. What are the top 3 local SEO tools (aggregators, competitive, reviews) you can’t live without? Q7
  11. 11. @mikecrimmins is my standard and something I train my staff on. @BKVadvertising Adding schema to contact info, reviews and events are essential to local SEO-maximizes Google Knowledge Panel. @jonfoulds My goal – implement structured data for every local client. So important for geo searches and impacting knowledge graph. How have you used to improve #localseo for your clients/websites? Q8
  12. 12. @khepritech Honestly childcare is huge. More for legal as well. @gyitsakalakis here’s one we use a lot: but answer directly /seoagency. @ChrisJEverett Clarified: What NEW Specific Local Business Types would you like to see added? @jonfoulds Museums or concert venues would be awesome, more stuff for tourism. @GregJLee review stars for a service (not product or business) would be cool. @emily_C27 Yes! I’d like to see more treatment, software, and education options for clients I work with. The Specific Local Biz schemas are somewhat limited (dentist, childcare). Which would you like to see? Q9
  13. 13. @gyitsakalakis for local links, don’t obsess over domain authority… Focus on localness and relevance. @khepritech Don’t just do business in your local community. Be in your local community @Affil4you Don’t just listen to the numbers. Listen to the users..> They will tell you everything @GregJLee Google See Inside – streetview inside can be really cool for your client @ChrisJEverett Customers like to know what to expect when they get to your place of business, as well! @jonfoulds Always focus on how you can positively impact the local community and local user. Great UX and share-ability will follow. @BKVadvertising Local SEO needs to be an ongoing brand building effort + social activity. Parting Shots: What is the top local SEO tip for 2016 you can leave us with? Q10