Open Data in Data Journalists' Workflow


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a talk about tools for supporting data journalism workflows and making work with open data easy.

Open Data on the Web workshop:

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  • Data-driven journalism is a journalistic process based on analyzing and filtering large data sets for the purpose of creating a new story. Data-driven journalism deals with open data that is freely available online and analyzed with open source tools.DDJ as one of the motivating use cases (for the tool)
  • we know data need to be published along with the story, but [almost] nobody’s doing that
  • Open Data in Data Journalists' Workflow

    1. 1. Open Data inData Journalists WorkflowInstitute of Mathematics and ComputerScience, University of LatviaNational Library of LatviaUldis Bojārs (@CaptSolo)ODW-2013 – 24-Apr-2013
    2. 2. National Library of Latvia (NLL)• Digital Library “Lettonica”–• Linked Open Data [Publishing]– being added into NLL’s systems• Examples:– authority data– digital object management system– digital text corpus + named entity database
    3. 3. IMCS, University of Latvia• Institute of Mathematics andComputer Science (IMCS)–• Open Data– making it easier for people to work with data(discover, transform, visualize, ...)– interested in collaboration on open data projects
    4. 4. Make it simpler• working with data must beas easy as possible– *frictionless* (as Rufus says)• need a data eco-system– [work with] data  more useful data= motivation for the Data Journalism /Data Processing Tool [proposal]
    5. 5. Marko Lorenz, 2010 – CC BY 2.0 license
    6. 6. Data Visualization Pipeline (Ben Fry)via “Speculative Maps & Open Data“ talk @ ODW-2013by Benedikt Groß
    7. 7. Data Processing Tool• The Idea:– a tool (or set of tools) covering the whole workflow• repeatability, provenance, data publishing– make it easy for people to use open data• graphical modeling, visualization, natural language• Data Journalism (one of the use cases)– discovery– transformation (clean, filter, integrate, ...)– interpretation (visualization, ...)– developing a story– publishing
    8. 8. Research @ IMCS• semantic web– data modeling, mapping RDBMS data to RDF, ...• network analysis and visualization [tools]–• computational linguistics– named entity and relationship extraction– natural language interfaces
    9. 9. in the context of Data Web• important [for the web]:– data discovery– data publishing• publish the data along with the story– make it easy to publish data as a part of the datajournalism workflow– make data discoverable for re-use– [automatically] maintain provenance info
    10. 10. More info• Uldis Bojārs -• National Library of Latvia• IMCS: Exploring the Networks on Open Public Data Journalism Tool proposal in progress,get in touch for more info