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Envisioning Social Applications of Library Linked Data


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This talk discusses two streams of innovation on the Web--the Social Web and Linked Data--and explains how bringing them together can move library services to the 21st century.

The core of the presentation will look at a few of the envisioned social use cases for library linked data: Social Annotation, Peer-to-Peer Bookswapping and Social Recommendations.

The goal is to create interest in combining new technologies and to start a discussion about how to bring these and similar use cases to fruition.

Presented at the ELAG-2012 conference:

Published in: Technology, Education

Envisioning Social Applications of Library Linked Data

  1. 1. Envisioning Social Applications of Library Linked DataUldis Bojārs and Jodi Schneider
  2. 2. Collect information now: collab-edited document links to resources (+ link to slides after the talk)
  3. 3. About the Presenters Uldis Bojārs / @CaptSolo • National Library of Latvia • Researcher & Linked Data enthusiast Jodi Schneider / @jschneider •Librarian & Linked Data enthusiast •Ph.D. student, Digital Enterprise Research Institute, Ireland
  4. 4. Linking Open Data cloud byRichard Cyganiak and AnjaJentzsch.
  5. 5. W3C Incubator Group:Library Linked Data•Use cases for Library Linked Data•Available datasets & vocabularies•Report on benefits & obstacles
  6. 6. communitiesprovide users with servicesNew ways to do this on the Web:user-contributed contentcrowd curationMaking Social Data in Librariesmore important
  7. 7. Social Uses of Library Linked DataW3C LLD XG Social Uses cluster Cases:• Social Annotation• Peer-to-Peer Book Swapping• Social Recommendations
  8. 8. SocialAnnotation
  9. 9. [Social]AnnotationIncreasingly:2.created digitally3.published online4.shared
  10. 10. Annotation data can have ....Different levels of granularity:• whole book/work• chapters or sections• pages• paragraphs or sentences• wordsDifferent contents:• quote• commentary• position only (bookmarks and linemarkers)
  11. 11. Linked Data can help• Identify materials to annotate• Point to fragments and sections• Publish annotations• Aggregate annotations
  12. 12. Book swapping @ IRL
  13. 13. Challenges of Book Swappinginformation problem: who has what?Paper books:- have to meet in person or pay shippingE-book swapping:- restricted number of times books can be lent- restricted period books can be lent for- paying for service providers [some services]
  14. 14. Metadata for Bookswapping• Rights expression: Lendable? o can lend X times, has been lent Y times o conditions for lending a book (will ship, meet, ...)• Holdings o listing of the books I have• Wishlists o listing of the books I want to read (but not buy) o topics, genres I am interested in• Friends o who can I borrow from?
  15. 15. How Linked Data can help• Integrate wishlists across services• Identify friends of friends• Express rights/permissions
  16. 16. Social RecommendationsValdis Krebs
  17. 17. Interactions -> RecommendationsInteraction creates a trail of informationthat can be used to make recommendations.
  18. 18. Types of Interactions• Lending (circulation data), buying, reading• Viewing pages & items• Adding to favorites• Recommending to others• Tagging• Adding reviews & annotations
  19. 19. Recommendations in libraries• Alternatives to checked-out movies & books• Books with an opposing perspective• Similar authors, journal articles, etc.• ...Based on:• What other users have done: interactions• Available [linked] data (authority data, etc.)• Social network connections
  20. 20. Linked Data can help• Transport data between systems o Increase volume & diversity of data• Share public data sets seamlessly o Decentralized, distributed• Query over private data (SPARQL) o Anonymization• Share recommendations as linked data, too!
  21. 21.
  22. 22. Imagine: Small Demons asLinked Open DataWhat could / would you do with that?
  23. 23. Imagine: Small Demons asLinked Open DataWhat could / would you do with that?If Amazon recommendations are enough to build networks of books, what could people build with info from, e.g., Small Demons?Social networks of books, places, things, ...Opening up the data => => Unexpected uses
  24. 24. Summary• Social Annotation• Peer-to-Peer Book Swapping• Social RecommendationsWe need more Open Data!
  25. 25. • Power of combining Social and Linked Data• Creating interest in this combination o Opportunities o Message for getting these use cases & other social use cases implemented
  26. 26. Lets make it happen!• Discuss whats needed to implement these (and other) use cases• Collect information o re existing work and new ideas o add to / edit:• Build applications and do stuff with the data!
  27. 27. Thank you!Jodi / @jschneiderjschneider@pobox.com / @CaptSolouldis.bojars@gmail.com
  28. 28. Image CreditsLinking Open Data cloudby Richard Cyganiak and Anja Jentzsch in the hand of grammarian and politician James Harrisby kladcat Swap photoby Lawrence Brown Networks photoby Valdis Krebs