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Photo Essay Power Point

  1. 1. Gender Stereotype By Josh Barajas
  2. 2. In this house, exist two beings. None of the two appear to have anything in common. It is a conflict that goes back for centuries...
  3. 3. The beings appear to look like this. These beings have become known as “man” and “woman”. We appear different on the outside, but are not as different as we appear on the inside. Unfortunately, we have each been given many stereotypes over the years.
  4. 4. Each gender has their own stereotypes and images of how they should or want to appear. Man has come to be symbolized by manly figures such as Bruce Lee. It reflects hard work, strength, etc. All of these things are characteristics associated with men.
  5. 5. The same has been applied to women. This image represents the house working that is usually associated with women. It also shows that woman are very hard working, devoted, etc. These are characteristics that are associated with women.
  6. 6. Each gender has also become known for their roles or jobs in society. Men have been given many roles to play in society. Some of these things consist of hard labor and other strenuous fields of work.
  7. 7. Woman also have their certain roles. These roles mostly fall under the category of house work. Some examples are cooking in the kitchen, as seen above, laundry, etc.
  8. 8. Another stereotype applies even to the clothes the genders wear. Woman especially have this problem. This problem does not occur as much anymore, but not that long ago, it was highly frowned upon for a woman to wear a shirt and jeans. No!!!
  9. 9. Rather than wear “man clothes” it was more likely that a woman would wear a dress. Wearing anything else was thought to be, at the time, a somewhat act of rebellion. Many famous fictional characters have been known for this such as Scout from Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird. Yes
  10. 10. Each gender has also been given a stereotype as to what their idea of fun SHOULD be. The idea of “fun” that applies to men is going out with some guys, hanging out, and drinking. Like many stereotypes, this is not always true.
  11. 11. The womanly stereotype of what should be fun for them is getting together with fellow women and drinking tea. That also goes together with gossiping and reminiscing. This is also not always true.
  12. 12. A very large stereotype is the idea that man and woman are in a sense, enemies. This means that they are not supposed to get along. It has been given because society assumes that the differences in stereotypes will get the best of them.
  13. 13. In reality, these stereotypes are only images that have been given to show how society thinks man and woman should look. These are not true roles. Man and woman may appear different on the outside and are supposed to have many differences, but they really aren't AS different as they appear on the inside.
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