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Cappo And Tropical Premium Coffee, Inc


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Cappo And Tropical Premium Coffee, Inc

  1. 1. Soumiik Mitraa Director International Sales & 15011East Badillo Street, Suite E Baldwin Park, CA 91706
  2. 2. • Cappo Drinks is of a coffee/smoothie drink powder manufacturing company in Baldwin Park, California in the United States. We have been in business for more than 10 years delivering consistently cutting edge products that have taken the industry by storm. We use wholesome and pure ingredients to achieve a perfect balance of flavor and consistency in our products. We have an in-house formulation division that has helped a lot of companies and distributors develop and produce signature blends and private labels. In addition to all the services that my company offers, I am capable to expand into the nutritional supplement industry. Products that are geared towards bodybuilding, joint & bone health, energy production, antioxidant support, immune support, and health and beauty are of particular interest If you would like instant information regarding our products, you may go to our website at You will find that we have many varieties of quality, smoothie drink flavors. Our products are currently being sold in coffee shops, casinos, dessert shops, bread shops, smoothie bars, fast food restaurants, sushi bars, bakeries, sandwich shops/delis.
  3. 3. • My name is Scott Berberian and my current clientele list includes local and national retailers, mass national distributors, global partners, and• a growing list of business relationships. I have 10 years of experience in producing smoothie powder mixes made from pure and wholesome ingredients to produce a balanced and satisfying flavor profile. I have had the pleasure of producing flavors that rival and beat other companies in terms of flavor profile, as documented through many taste test initiatives that have taken place. However, my experience does not stop here, I am an expert developer, formulator, and manufacturer of smoothie mixes. In addition, I have the capability to produce non-gmo smoothie powder mixes. I also have 10 years of experience in roasting premium• coffee imported from all over the world and sold to a vast array• of customers. In addition to all the services that my company offers,• I am capable to expand into the nutritional supplement• industry. Products that are geared towards bodybuilding,• joint & bone health, energy production, antioxidant support, immune support, and health and beauty are of• particular interest. I am also interested in producing liquid drinks• , such as functional and energy
  4. 4. • Mr. Soumik Mittra has around 26 years of rich experience in FMCG Sales & Marketing in Pan India & International Market. He has extensive experience in Strategic Planning & Management, Profit Centre Operations, Business Development, Sales and Marketing, Product & Brand Management, Sales Promotion and Team Management. He has worked with many well known• MNCs (P&G , Balsara ,Beckmans ,Hello ,Hulas ,Jagdale ,Natraj ,RASNA)and established lot of BRAND’S…
  5. 5. • Cappo “The Taste of Luxury“ produces a versatile line of quality dry powdered drink mixes for the foodservice industry. Using only the finest ingredients in all of its flavors, our pursuit of the perfect ice blended drink goes well beyond top-quality mixes. Successful operators know that specialty beverages can be the key to added profits. They command a premium price and drive incremental sales. Ice blended drinks have become the specialty beverage of choice for active, nutritionally aware consumers. Whether served as a light breakfast or as a quick lunch or snack, Cappo’s dry powdered drink mixes can be your key to increased sales and profits. Ice Blended Drinks Made Simple With Cappo all you need is a blender to get started. Theres no need to stock elaborate combinations of IQF fruits, beverages and yogurt – Cappo dry powdered smoothie mixes combine these essential ingredients in an operator friendly, shelf stable pouch. Preparation Is A Snap Simply open Cappo dry powered mix then pour the mix and ice/milk into a blender. Mix the combination on high for approximately 30 seconds and your "ice blended " quality beverage is ready to serve.
  6. 6. • At Tropical Premium Coffee, Inc . we believe roasting coffee is an art. Unlike many of the large coffee roasters, who believe technology can take the place of the human touch or that speed is more important than taste, we put our instinct and love of fine coffee into every bean we roast. Some say this is a foolish way to do business. To them, we raise our coffee cups and say, "Have a taste!" Because we know our diligence and experimentation has paid off. Our commitment to producing a full - bodied, aromatic coffee that led us to discover this perfect roasting process.• We invite you to enjoy the many coffee varietals roasted with this exclusive process. After just one sip, we think you will agree that this is the way good coffee was meant to be.QualityWe use 100 percent, top-grade coffee beans selected carefully to assure quality. Our unique roasting method, a llows us to vary the time and temperature to produce a coffee with full-bodied flavor. Our process takes two to three times as long as methods used by conventional roasters.FreshnessTropical Premium Coffee has built its reputation on the freshness of its coffee. We have chosen an expensive but very effective method of packaging our beans. We understand the importance of receiving fresh coffee when the bag is opened. All of our coffees are packaged in airtight, one-way valve bags. Whole bean coffee will remain fresh for up to six months in these bags. The shelf life of ground coffee is approximately half that of whole bean coffee. Consistency is the utmost challenge to the roaster. Roasting and blending coffees is not just following a recipe. Even beans from the same plantation can change from season to season, causing fluctuation in the taste of the coffee.• At Tropical Premium Coffee, our roasters are constantly changing and adjusting the blends to maintain our signature flavor. Our hands-on roasting philosophy and technique gives us that ability.• Although Tropical Premium Coffee offers many coffee blends and distinctive varietals from around the world, we also offer select customers the opportunity to create custom blends to meet their specific needs or to create a special and proprietary product.• Cappo and Tropical Premium Coffee were founded with the philosophy of two things in mind… produce quality flavorful products and excellent customer service.
  7. 7. • Coco Mocha Nut - A must try!! This smooth and creamy blend features a fusion of real coconut and Belgian chocolate that is sure to please. Mint chocolate- A refreshing blend of pure mint and Belgian chocolate!! Perfect to drink anytime for a quick pick-me-up!! Watermelon- A cool and crisp drink perfect for a hot Summer day!! Made from real watermelons for a true watermelon taste! Mango - Prepare to be transported to a tropical paradise with our mango smoothie!! Made from real mangoes for a true mango taste! French vanilla – One of our most popular drinks, and for good reason! A creamy blend of imported vanilla extract combined with the finest Arabica coffee. Caramel latte –Pure indulgence! Sip this unique and flavorful drink that combines high quality warm caramel with the finest