ExoFit NEX™ - The Next Generation Full Body Fall Protection Harness By Capital Safety


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ExoFit NEX™ full body harnesses provide comfort, function and durability that have never been experienced with a fall protection harness . . . until now!

With first-of-its-kind features and benefits, the ExoFit NEX provides the highest level of safety and the utmost comfort with technologically advanced hardware, soft yet extremely durable anti-absorbent webbing, strategically placed padding, and protective elements that prolong the service life of the harness.

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ExoFit NEX™ - The Next Generation Full Body Fall Protection Harness By Capital Safety

  1. 1. Comfort Function F ti Durability D bilit Prepared by  P db Capital Safety Australia & New Zealand
  2. 2. The Next Generation Full Body Harness Comfort Function F ti Durability D bilit
  3. 3. ExoFit NEX™ - Get into the Best NEXComfort• Features giving the user the best feel f l and fit available d il bl – Lightweight materials g g – Soft edging – Moisture wicking and breathable fabrics – Flexible ergonomic Flexible, design moves with you – Modernised sizing fitting all body types
  4. 4. ExoFit NEX™ - Get into the Best NEXFunction• Features creating a harness that makes your job less challenging – Memory fit with easy adjustments that stay in place – No-tangle ‘X’ shaped design for easy donning g – Built-in areas for holstering tools and personal items – Easy to inspect construction – Multiple models for various applications
  5. 5. ExoFit NEX™ - Get into the Best NEXDurability• Technology that marries comfort with extreme performance and incredible strength – Protective components covering key abrasion areas on the harness b i th h – Constructed using materials found in military, sporting and aerospace applications li i – Tested to the most stringent industry standards across the world including AS/NZS1891.1:2007
  6. 6. ExoFit NEX™ Features & Benefits NEXDuo-Lok™Quick Connect Buckle• One-handed operation with memory-fit web-lock ensures fast, non-slipping connections – Simple one click connection and easy adjustment – Simple rotating lock maintains the web adjustment in place – Lightweight aluminuim design reduces overall bulk and weight of harness This feature prevents webbing “creep” occurring with other buckle designs
  7. 7. ExoFit NEX™ Features & Benefits NEXRevolver™Vertical TV ti l Torso Adj t Adjusters• Simple and fast adjustment that eliminates loose ends and locks into place preventing slippage – One handed turn adjustment allows you to find the proper fit in seconds – Rotating design locks adjustment into place keeping the proper fit throughout the day – Turning action spools web eliminating loose straps that become a potential hazard
  8. 8. ExoFit NEX™ Features & Benefits NEXHybrid Chest Design• A Velcro® cover protects the labels and positions them in an easy-to-access location – Includes i-Safe™ tag for easy i Safe inspection and inventory maintenance – Size labels help identify proper fit• Conveniently holds and protects a cell phone, camera, t t ll h or other item – Elastic binding expands to hold items tight to the body – Velcro cover prevents item from falling out of p g pocket
  9. 9. ExoFit NEX™ Features & Benefits NEXHybrid Hip Padding• Balance of premium comfort and extreme durability – Lightweight, moisture wicking, and breathable padding – Ergonomically formed design fits comfortably around waist – Protective belt loops cover stitching and webbing in vulnerable wear areas – Rigid loops p g p prevent belt sagging gg g from heavy equipment pouches – Large space between belt loops for various sizes of pouches and other equipment i t
  10. 10. ExoFit NEX™ Features & Benefits NEXBuilt in Versatility• Features that allow use in a variety of applications – Drop down buttock strap in Tower Workers model – Can be stored on waist belt when not in use – Can be released for use when required Stored on Waist belt Released for Use
  11. 11. ExoFit NEX™ Features & Benefits NEXMoulded LM ld d Lanyard Keepers dK• Breakaway lanyard keepers easily holster connecting y g hooks of all sizes – Retains lanyard out of the user s user’s way to help prevent trip hazards – Snap design breaks-away if lanyard leg gets caught on something – Large keeper opening accepts various size snap hooks
  12. 12. ExoFit NEX™ Features & Benefits NEXTech-Lite™Aluminium D-rings• Patented spring loaded stand up dorsal D i d l D-ring – Ensures fast, easy and safe connections• Extremely lightweight alloy commonly used in military and aerospace offers a higher level of security and comfort – DBI-SALA design meets stringent industry standards including AS/NZS1891.1:2007
  13. 13. ExoFit NEX™ Features & Benefits NEX Repel Web Standard WebRepel™ Technology After Webbing 1,000 Abrasion• New technology provides Cycles longer lasting web – Provides up to 5 times more abrasion resistance b i i t – Repels water and other liquids – Prevents dirt particles from penetrating webbing weave preventing premature wear – Non saturated webbing avoids g mold and odors – Prevents premature corrosion of attachment hardware
  14. 14. ExoFit NEX™ Features & Benefits NEXHigh Visibility Reflective Material• Reflective material in multiple areas for greater visibility in low-light dangerous environments – Dorsal padding – Chest area – Lanyard keepers – Leg padding dd
  15. 15. ExoFit NEX™ Features & Benefits NEXIntegrated Suspension g p Trauma Straps• Provides relief after a fall to minimise suspension trauma – Adjustable sizing for various leg lengths – Continuous loop allows all types and sizes of footwear to be used with straps – Continuous loop allows user to move legs in and out of straps to help maintain better circulation
  16. 16. ExoFit NEX™ Features & Benefits NEXImpact Indicator• Indicator stitches on back of harness tear-out if subjected to a fall for easy inspections• Activates at 200kg loadi-Safe™ Enabled• Built-in RFID tag makes accessing and recording inspections, inventory and inspections user information fast and easy
  17. 17. ExoFit NEX™ - Get into the Best NEXA Harness for Every Application• Various styles provide solutions for multiple industry applications Tower Climbing Sit Derrickmans Floatation Workers Harness Harness Harness Harness Harness
  18. 18. ExoFit NEX™ - Get into the Best NEX BONUSFREE HarnessStorage BackPack with EveryExoFit Nex™Harness(Australia & New Zealand Only)
  19. 19. The NEX Generation Full Body Harness ll dGetIntoI t theBest www.capitalsafety.com.au/NEX