DELTA™ II Fall Protection Full Body Harness Range by Capital Safety


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DELTA™ II Harness Range
Durable, Comfortable & Safe... Continuing a tradition of cutting-edge research and design, the Delta™ II full body harness range provides a series of enhanced features to deliver absolute safety, comfort and peace of mind in all Height Safety / Fall Protection situations.

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DELTA™ II Fall Protection Full Body Harness Range by Capital Safety

  1. 1. Delta™ Keeps I m p r o v i n g ...... Because Safety Never GetsPrepared By OldCapital Safety Australia & New Zealand
  2. 2. DELTA™ II Features & BenefitsRepel™ Technology Stand Up DorsalWebbing D-ringQuick Connect Impact IndicatorBuckles i-Safe™Easy Grip End Tabs Label Pack Intelligent Safety Systemand Keepers
  3. 3. DELTA™ II Features & BenefitsRepel™ TechnologyWebbing• New technology provides longer lasting web: – Improved abrasion resistance – Repels water and other liquids – Averts dirt particles from penetrating webbing weave preventing premature wear – Non saturated webbing avoids mold and odors – Extends service life in harsh environments
  4. 4. DELTA™ II Features & BenefitsQuick Connect Buckles• Lightweight construction with intuitive operation and memory-fit: – Simple one click connection – One-handed operation – Smooth adjustmentsNote: Standard 2/3 bar buckles will still beavailable for those customers/applicationswhich dictate their use.
  5. 5. DELTA™ II Features & BenefitsEasy Grip End Tabs &Keepers• For fast efficient and secure adjustments: − Provides a more effective finishing of web end lengths
  6. 6. DELTA™ II Features & BenefitsStand-Up Dorsal D-Ring• No-Tangle™ Design with spring loaded stand up D-ring: – Unique spring loaded back D-ring allows fast easy to reach connection – Delta No-Tangle design creates a frame that prevents tangles and allows the harness to fall into place
  7. 7. DELTA™ II Features & BenefitsImpact Indicators• Indicator stitches on back of harness tear-out if subjected to a fall: − Allows for easy inspections
  8. 8. DELTA™ II Features & BenefitsLabel Pack• Velcro covered label pack with enhanced labels: – Protected labels with Built-in RFID system – Laminated PVC labels resistant to abrasion, UV, ambient heat, water and a wide range of chemicals – Features permanent indented Certificate of conformance print of critical product supplied with every product information ensuring it remains visible for the life of the harness
  9. 9. DELTA™ II Features & Benefitsi-Safe™ Enabled• i-Safe™ enabled to track inspections, control inventory and manage information
  10. 10. DELTA™ II Harness StylesA harness for every application• Core RangeRiggers Cross-Over All Purpose Tower Workers Miners Live LineHarness Harness Harness Harness Harness Harness
  11. 11. DELTA™ II Harness StylesA harness for every application• Industry Specific RangeRiggers All Purpose Linesmans Tower WorkersHarness Harness Harness Harness BA Rescue/Escape BA Harness Harness Note: Standard 2/3 bar buckles will still be available for those customers/applications which dictate their use.
  12. 12. DELTA™ II PackagingSupplied in FREE DuffleStorage Bag• In line with our commitment to make our business more environmentally sustainable, every DELTA™ II harness is packed in a reusable harness storage duffle bag: − Eliminates plastic packaging − Reduces total waste at both manufacturing and end user levels Free Storage Bag Available in Australia & New Zealand Only − Provides a bonus protective and functional storage bag
  13. 13. DELTA™ II Support MaterialsMarketing Material• Press Release• Brochure• Product Information Sheets• FAQ’s• Part Number, Pricing & Conversion Sheet• Customised Packaging• Product Images• Advertising & PR• Dedicated Web Address
  14. 14. DELTA™ II Full Body HarnessesDurable Convenient Comfortable Safe