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Gabe Galvez on the State of Middle Market M&A


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Gabe Galvez is CEO of CAPTARGET, a leading outsourced service firm supporting middle market M&A intermediaries. Gabe has a unique window from which to observe the middle market M&A intermediary industry, firms that assist the owners of entrepreneurial and family owned businesses with business sales and refinancing. Among his takeaways, since the financial crash, the intermediary industry has almost doubled in terms of the number of active firms, but the majority of these firms haven't closed a deal in the past year. In the interview Galvez provides his views on the industry's use of technology (behind the times) and predicts rapid consolidation dropping the number of active firms from today's 4600 to 3000 over the next few years.

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  • I used this research firm to assemble pitch material for a prospective client. Very disappointed by the amateur nature of their work — it was evident I received a data dump of general targets and industry information that wasn't pertinent to the segment of my prospect's industry. When I addressed these concerns with my "analyst" and its CEO, Gabe Galvez, there was no effort made to rectify my problems.
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