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Apprenticeship Assessment & Curriculum Plan - Basic Example

We have created a basic example of an apprenticeship assessment and curriculum plan that has been developed with Stedfast ( This shows how training providers are able to plan curriculum intent, implementation, impact, sequencing and mapping.

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Apprenticeship Assessment & Curriculum Plan - Basic Example

  1. 1. Apprenticeship Assessment & Curriculum Plan Basic Example
  2. 2. Assessment plans ● Set out course aims ● Identify the outcomes ● Used to plan curriculum intent ● Used to review curriculum impact ● Used for course continual improvement
  3. 3. Create an assessment plan - Example is Business Admin
  4. 4. Add narrative sections to explain the course aims
  5. 5. Create or import outcome set
  6. 6. Add units or modules
  7. 7. We can now start to work on curriculum intent
  8. 8. Measures set out the intent Curriculum Intent Intent is setting out what learners need to know and why.
  9. 9. Measures are used when analysing impact What do learners need to know and why How will this knowledge or skill be confirmed What is the benchmark or target for students When in the course should this be done
  10. 10. Outcomes can be mapped
  11. 11. Curriculum Implementation Once the assessment plan has been created, users can then develop curriculum implementation In curriculum implementation, teachers and trainers set out how they are going to deliver education and training.
  12. 12. Curriculum Implementation
  13. 13. Create Activity - Step 1 ● Add a short description ● Set implementation time ● Select if the activity requires Learning / Practice / Assessment
  14. 14. Create Activity - Step 2 ● Align activity with the assessment plan outcomes
  15. 15. Create Activity - Step 3 ● Based on the template created for this plan - add the activity detail
  16. 16. Check curriculum mapping for gaps
  17. 17. Check the curriculum sequence
  18. 18. Curriculum Impact Once delivery has been started, teachers are able to identify curriculum impact using assessment plan reviews. This can be done as student assessments are completed or at the end of the academic cycle. Findings are added by the teaching staff
  19. 19. Adding Findings
  20. 20. Each measure is allocated to a member of staff
  21. 21. Add findings and measure impact
  22. 22. Add improvement actions for the finding
  23. 23. Regularly review the action plan
  24. 24. View Reports
  25. 25. View cross-curriculum links ie Maths, English & Prevent
  26. 26. Book a demo If you would like to learn more about Stedfast and how it supports curriculum planning then please go to our contact page and book a free, no obligation online demo.