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Open House presentation

  1. 1. Open House Cape Town For the first time in South Africa, to coincide with Cape Town’s designation as World Design Capital 2014, Cape Town will host the International event ‘Open House’. Created in London in 1992, it is guided by a straightforward but inspiring principle: to showcase the hidden wealth of architecture to the general public, stirring an interest for urban built heritage and innovation.
  2. 2. Concept ‘Open House’ is a simple but powerful concept: showcasing outstanding architecture for all to experience, completely for free. Open House initiatives invite everyone to explore and understand the value of a well-designed built environment and offers a unique avenue for the public to engage with their city. Open House is an annual not-for-profit event that was started by Victoria Thornton in London exactly 21 years ago. It now includes almost 20 cities across the globe.
  3. 3. Of Cape Town Open House Cape Town will be based on the Open House Worldwide model, and will be tailored to suit Cape Town’s unique and hybrid urban character. It will provide a platform for a wide range of participants, from architects, designers, homeowners, students, artists, futurists, urban- innovators, self-builders, city enthusiasts and the general public to engage with and showcase their city’s built environment, however formal or informal.
  4. 4. For Cape Town Open House Cape Town will see up to 50 buildings and spaces open for the public to visit free of charge. There will be lectures, debates, open studios, guided-tours, and city walks given by a range of architects and urban enthusiasts. Open House Cape Town and associated events will run over weekend in 2014. Staffed largely by architects, home-owners, students, young design and architecture graduates and volunteers, all Open House events and building access will be for free inspiring a huge amount of involvement and inclusivity and creating a lasting and growing legacy event. Involvement in the event will aim to educate and provide further opportunities for the following years.
  5. 5. African Innovation: Global Conversation Buildings, spaces and locations that showcase ingenuity, and excellence in the following categories will be chosen:- - Architectural design - Sustainability - Heritage Value - Community - Future thinking - Informal innovation - Design process - Social contribution - Urban innovation - Technical innovation - Spatial innovation
  6. 6. Cape Town interactive For the inaugural event, locations are expected to be CBD-centric, with an aim for the event to grow in the following years to encompass all of Cape Town. In 2014, with a hub in the city, and guided- tours to feature parts of the townships, the focus will be on inclusion and accessibility for all. Interactive maps will be set up and presented on the Open House Cape Town website. A free downloadable app could be developed to transfer district guides and interactive maps to mobile devices.
  7. 7. The inclusive city Open House Cape Town is centered around the concept of inclusivity at all levels. Open calls for participation will be put out, and volunteers will be sourced from a range of schools and universities. Social media and wide reaching marketing campaigns will aim to engage all aspects of the greater public. Events will be free and centered around accessible areas of Cape Town “One of my favourite events of the year, Open House offers the unparalleled opportunity to step inside the capital’s most interesting buildings. The vast selection of buildings on offer span from the intimate to the paramount. This is a first class education in architecture, and it’s free.” Christine Murray, Editor, Architects’ Journal on Open House London
  8. 8. Team : Justine Bell, Architect, Curator Justine Bell is a practising architect, photographer and curator. South African born, she has travelled to work, live and study. She has worked with award-winning and internationally recognized practices including John Pawson, and Carmody Groarke architects. Justine has visited and volunteered in many Open House events worldwide, it has been her vision to curate and present her cities vast wealth in building and urban assets as an inclusive and socially engaged African version of the Open House Worldwide events.
  9. 9. Team : Rashiq Fataar, Future Cape Town Rashiq Fataar is an urbanist with expertise in social media and public engagement. In 2010 he founded the incredibly successful not for profit urban think-tank Future Cape Town, and Future Cities Consultants. Since then he has delivered a range of engaging and participatory urban initiates as well as the Future Cape Town media platform through which he has developed large local and international networks.
  10. 10. Team: Andrew Scott, Building Designer Andrew is a sustainable building designer and passionate ‘green’ advocate. Having recently returned to Cape Town after working in Australia for the past six years, he is currently working on a number of key building projects across the country. While in Australia Andrew worked on a number of iconic urban developments in both a design and project management capacity. Andrew has actively participated in Open House Melbourne for a number of years and is excited about introducing this concept to Cape Town.
  11. 11. Funding will be based on co-sponsorship sourced through a variety of public and private sectors. Future Cape Town and the rest of the Open House Cape Town team are currently in the process of engaging with potential sponsors and determining funding requirements. Funding will be required predominantly for marketing and administration. This event is strictly not-for-profit and will rely on a network of volunteers for staffing, events and locations, in exchange for training, or marketing and involvement in this international event. Funding and sponsorship
  12. 12. Management and Operations The organizing committee will benefit from the vast knowledge base of Open House Worldwide that has helped to develop over 15 Open House cities across the world. Along with the existing team network and expertise offered by Future Cape Town, Justine and Andrew, a robust operations plan will be developed in cooperation with key local partnerships and affected parties. This will include such elements as logistics, transport, communications, security, emergency procedures, etc.
  13. 13. Open House Cape Town will draw on the vast international network of the Open House Worldwide network, as well as the strong local network and online social media presence and expertise of Future Cape Town. Open House Cape Town will have its own unique identity that draws on its own place and culture. Young marketing experts will be employed to create an identity and a simple and clear online and physical media presence. Active and inclusive targeted marketing will reach those that may have less chance of seeing on-line and print media campaigns. Marketing and Publicity