WDC 2014 - Presentation by CEO: Alayne Reesberg


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WDC 2014 - Presentation by CEO: Alayne Reesberg

  1. 1. Cape Town Design, NPC Alayne Reesberg, CEO
  2. 2. To  transform  Cape  Town   through  design,  into  a   sustainable,  produc6ve  African   city,  bridging  historic  divides   and  building  social  and   economic  inclusion    
  3. 3. +  iden2fy   +  nurture     +  promote     projects  that  offer  tangible  evidence  of   how  design  can  improve  lives,  within  our   uniquely  South  African  and  African   context  
  4. 4. 2014 PROGRAMME
  5. 5. +  WDC  is  an  invita2on  for  change   +  WDC  is  a  plaDorm  for  new   collabora6ons,  new  conversa6ons,  new   connec6ons  and  new  possibili6es  –  that   will  last  long  aFer  2014     +  Understand  how  integral  design  is  in   our  everyday  lives   +   How  we  can  use  it  as  a  tool  to  support   the  changes  we  would  like  to  see  in  our   homes,  schools,  neighbourhoods,  city   and  country   +  A  dynamic  programme  of  projects,   ac2vi2es  and  events  showcasing   services,  processes,  interven2ons,   products  and  objects  
  6. 6. 2014 Cape Town 2008 Turin 2010 Seoul 2012 Helsinki
  7. 7. +  First call for public submissions elicited 572 submissions, resulting in 230 shortlisted projects +  1 – 31 July: Second call for submissions that are design-led, game-changing, collaborative and of scale and impact -  Gaps identified in architecture, engineering, product design, science and technology -  667 submissions received -  69 submissions from outside of South Africa -  Sponsorship and partnership opportunities being identified +  Engagement through stakeholder sessions, public libraries, speaker forums and social media platforms
  8. 8. DESIGN WEEK FORUM (18 Sep 2013, London Design Festival) The ‘go-to’ event for Design Week organisers from around the world to meet in one place biennially to learn from each other and take back with them, constructive tools for consideration and potential development within their own events NEW YEAR’S EVE OF DESIGN (31 Dec 2013) The official launch event DESIGN GALA (26 Feb 2014) High-profile opportunity to recognise the contributions made by local design industries and design professionals that are testaments to city’s WDC designation SIGNATURE EVENTS
  9. 9. DESIGN POLICY CONFERENCE (November 2014) Global platform for the high-level exchange of ideas, insights and best practices from different countries, regions and cities developing, launching and maintaining effective design policy. Focus on Africa DESIGN HOUSE EXHIBITION (November 2014) 7-Day international showcase of cities across the world. International exhibitors are invited to present the best of their cities, creating an opportunity for designers to share ideas, innovation and expertise CONVOCATION CEREMONY (November 2014) A symbolic event highlighting the official ‘hand-over’ of the WDC title from one city to the next   SIGNATURE EVENTS
  10. 10. +  Philippi Innovation Hub +  Zamani Archeological Sites +  Monkeybiz South Africa +  Project Izizwe Free Wi-Fi +  Kaya Labs +  Stellenbosch Innovation District +  SKA – MeerKAT Project +  Learning Innovation Design Lab
  11. 11. +  Jamshack +  Reblocking of Mtshini Wam Informal Settlement +  Maboneng Township Arts Experience +  Reimagining an Icon: Naspers Building +  Suidoosterfees +  Greater Stellenbosch Development Trust
  12. 12. +  “UP” deadstock Collaboration +  Frame Foundry +  Lynedoch Eco Village +  Company’s Garden Restoration +  FoodPods +  Fundza Mobi Networks +  My Dream World (health service design) +  Oranjezicht City Farm
  13. 13. +  Hidden Cape Town +  Strand Street Quarry +  Africandy.com +  Design Network Africa Exhibition +  Ceramics South Africa +  WDC Pavilion +  Water Cathedral +  Hout Bay Pathway
  14. 14. +  WDC2014 is not a “FIFA” in terms of Arrivals +  WDC2014 will add gravitas to existing design properties and events in and around Cape Town +  WDC2014 is developing a “Design Route” in conjunction with Cape Town Tourism +  WDC2014 will establish Cape Town as a centre of design excellence – over time THE  IMPACT  OF  WDC2014     ON  TOURISM  
  15. 15.  Your  ques)ons?  
  16. 16. alayne@wdccapetown2014.com www.wdccapetown2014.com   twiPer:  @wdc2014   facebook:  worlddesigncapitalcapetown2014