Andre Liebaert's Green Week Water Presentation


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Water in the EU Development Policy

A powerpoint presentation by Andre Liebaert from the Green Week, May 2012

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Andre Liebaert's Green Week Water Presentation

  1. 1. Green Week 2012 Water in the EU Development Policy DG DEVCO/C2
  2. 2. Water and development – the policy framework• EC Communication and Council resolution of 2002 • Under IWRM framework • Access to water and sanitation • Transboundary water management • Cross-sectoral coordination• EU Consensus for Development 2005• Agenda for Change 2011 2
  3. 3. The EU Water Initiative (2002)• Launched at WSSD: dialog platform, based on a participatory multi-stakeholder approach and using strategic partnerships in defined regions. – Partnerships in Africa and Latin-America – Policy dialogues in EECCA and MED – Financial strategies and Research network (SPLASH) – Establishment of EU-ACP Water Facility in 2004 – New component EU-China Water Platform• Strengths: – Political mandate, aligned to EU Development Policy – Collegial engagement and multi-stakeholders approach – Link with principal aid disbursement instruments – Demand-responsiveness to regional priorities.
  4. 4. Water - what do we finance Aid is delivered all over the world but for Water and Sanitation the greatest percentage has been given to ACP and neighbourhood countries Neighbourhood ACP 24% 68% Asia 4% Latin Americ a 4%DEC.2011 4
  5. 5. Water - what do we finance• Geographical Programmes National and Regional Programmes (DCI, EDF, ENPI).• ACP-EU Water Facilities (9th and 10th EDF): € 712 million committed to boost the sustainable delivery of water and sanitation.In total for the period 2003-2010, € 2,9 billion committed for WSS projects.• 2012 EU MDG Initiative, ~ 260 million euro will be allocated to WSS projects in 18 countries. Since 2004, 32 million persons have gained access to improved water supply and 9 million to sanitation facilities. 5
  6. 6. Looking ahead - Latest developments• 2011 Hungarian Presidency paper on strengthening water in EU development policy. – EU Development Ministers agreed to: • better integrate the role of water in EU development policy • strengthen the policy and implementation framework • revitalise the EU Water Initiative — Conclusions of the EU Environment Council June 2011: • Called for a strengthened policy and implementation framework for water management in developing countries • Recognised the inter-linkages between water and other sectors• Bonn Conference on water-energy – food security nexus• World Water Forum Marseille – Ministerial declaration 6
  7. 7. Latest developments: Agenda for Change (2011) • Increase impact of EU development cooperation – inclusive growth and sustainable development • Support to Regional development through cross border cooperation on water, energy and security. • Agriculture and Energy: tackle inequalities and give poor people better access to land, food, water and energy without harming the environment. • Poverty reduction and MDGs remain central objectives. • Sub-Saharan Africa and Neighbourhood remain priority regions.DEC.2011 7
  8. 8. Looking ahead: Rio+20• Role of water within the green economy, with special attention to the interaction between water, energy and food security.• Operational Goals and Targets : Universal access to safe and clean drinking water and basic sanitation Sustainable water use, through improved implementation of IWRM and increased water efficiency
  9. 9. Looking ahead: Elements for a new Water Policy• Access to Water and sanitation (beyond MDGs)• Water for inclusive growth: the water – energy – agriculture nexus. Involving economic actors• Effects of climate change in the water cycle• Water governance• Transboundary water management - peace and security 9
  10. 10. Looking ahead: Global dimension of EU Blueprint• Benefit from experience, expertise and knowledge in management of EU Waters, resource efficiency, wastewater management, water reuse, research & innovation• Policy coherence – water in traded products 10
  11. 11. Looking ahead: towards a new policy framework Main principles:Reinforce the catalytic role of Recognize inter-linkageswater in inclusive growth and between water and othersustainable development sectors of development policy
  12. 12. Looking ahead: towards a new Policy Synthesis• Align with new developments • New EU development policy • Commitments in Rio + 20 • Global aspects of EU Blueprint• Implementation framework • Complementarity between EU and MS instruments – Aid effectiveness • Responsive to strategies of partner regions • Policy dialogue and coordination – revitalised EUWI 12
  13. 13. Thank youDG DEVCO/ 13