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Email marketing - Getting started & Best practices


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This deck was used as part of a webinar talking about best practices of Email Marketing conducted by co-founder & COO Ankur Nandu

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Email marketing - Getting started & Best practices

  1. 1.  What is Email marketing & why should I adopt it?  What happens to an email when you click SEND  Email Marketing – Getting Started  Best practices for Email marketing activities  Examples of Good & Bad Emails  Good Email marketing tools  What are the common challenges faced?  Common mistakes made by Email Marketers  Why Emails land in SPAM?  Advanced Email Marketing practices  Q&A
  2. 2.  Email marketing is the act of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing. Reference:Wikipedia
  3. 3. Let’s view some quick stats
  4. 4.  Three-quarters (75%) of companies agree that email offers "excellent" to "good" ROI.  For every $1 spent, email marketing generates $38 in ROI. – Campaign Monitor  86% of consumers would like to receive promotional emails from companies they do business with at least monthly, and 15% would like to get them daily.
  5. 5.  Email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook orTwitter. – McKinsey  Email subscribers are 3 times more likely to share your content via social media than visitors from other sources. – QuickSprout  72% people prefer to receive promotional content through email, compared to 17% who prefer social media. – MarketingSherpa
  6. 6. Send Email Mail Server OK to email? Security Policy SENDER RECEIVER Get MX Record for Destinatio n domain DNS Server Public DNS – get Destination domain MX record Public DNS – get SPF record of sender domain Server SPF record valid? Establish SMTP Connection & send email 1 2 3 4 5 Security Policy Is the Email content OK? 6 Does User exist? 7 8 Email is delivered
  7. 7.  Create lists of contacts  Remove invalid emails from the list  Segment the customers  (source, geography, interests, services offered, etc.)  Create an email engagement planner  Prepare content, Design emails  Use a good tool & you are ready to go  Don’t forget to track how you are doing!
  8. 8. You should create a quarterly email engagement planner focusing on  Content  Segmented customer list &  Frequency of communication
  9. 9. Marketing Activities Content of Emails SSC (All students) SSC App Download SSC Prospects SSC Leads SSC Customers SSC Past Students MBA Sublist Banking Sublist Email Campaign Launch of SSC App - Download 5 uses of the SSC App New features released Upsell of other features Email Campaign Reminder - App Download (to those who haven't downloaded) Free Educational Guide (1 day) Open Workshop - Career Counselling (4 days) Case Study/Testimonials Personal Counselling Session Offer to attend Free Class Referral Request Email Refer & Earn Rewards Upsell to other programs Bank Test Series Launch MBA Classes Announcement Drip - Launching SSC App Drip to convert Prospects to Leads Drip to convert Leads to Customers
  10. 10.  Personalize your emails  Maintain brand consistency (look & feel in email)  Don’t make them think – Email should have a clear goal & ideally a single CTA  Provide easy option for customer to unsubscribe  Introduce urgency in emails (timers)  Ensure the email is mobile friendly
  11. 11. •Brand consistency • Main focus of the email highlighted clearly • Single goal – reiterated (to Shop) Reference: Hubspot
  12. 12. • Smart way to use GIF image & stand out • Good use of background colors to divide a long email • ClearWell defined CTA blocks Reference: Hubspot
  13. 13. This email is to highlight new product introduction •Look at the real estate given to the product! – the heart of the email Email space has been very wisely used Reference:VerticalResponse
  14. 14. Be Consistent in messaging – Don’t use Click Baits The subject line is a Click BAIT –You’re fired.The content is very different. You will get opens, but also a lot of unhappy customers Reference: Zapier
  15. 15. • No clear difference between content of the email & the CTA buttons •The viewer is likely to be lost looking at this email Reference: Econsultancy
  16. 16. Ideally, you should personalize the emails. But if you do not personalize, you should definitely not club multiple event follow-ups in a single email Reference: Hubspot
  17. 17.  Unique Opens  Is normal to see this in 10-20% for a valid contact database  30% & above consistently is a very good open rate  Unique Clicks  Is generally 10% of the open rate  If the open rate is 20%, click rate will be ~2%  Bounces  Anything more than 15% is a red flag  Unsubscribes  Anything more than 5% is a red flag  SPAM Complaints  Anything more than 0.1% Of course, these numbers are general numbers & vary based on industry & geography, but are good metrics to track your performance
  18. 18.  Mailchimp   AWeber  Sendgrid There are a lot more… How to identify if a tool is good?
  19. 19.  Gives an easy drag & drop HTML designer?  Does it give open/click/other email stats?  Do they maintain suppressed lists?  What is the reputation of the servers it uses?  Does it provide auto responders /rule based email automation?  Supports easy segmentation of contact lists  A/B testing?
  20. 20.  Customer lists are not digitized or ready  Hard to create content  Designing emails is hard  Have tried, got very poor results & unable to quantify it
  21. 21.  Unable to send to all customers at same time  Emails landing in SPAM  Email marketing provider has blocked account  Even my regular emails are not getting delivered  Getting Blacklisted by Spam authorities
  22. 22. 1. Using Bought / Purchased Contact Lists  SPAM traps  Invalid email addresses 2. Mass Mail practice – Same email to everyone  42% of marketers do not send targeted email messages; only 4% use layered targeting. 3. Ignoring Mobile Friendly Email designs  Two-thirds of emails are read on either smart phones or tablets. (Marketing Land, 2015)
  23. 23. 1. Continue sending emails to suppressed lists  78% of consumers have unsubscribed from emails because a brand was sending too many emails 2. Send one single image or large attachments to everyone 3. Not tracking damage to IP/Domain reputation 4. Using same email domain for transactional & promotional emails 5. No segmentation on basis of engagement
  24. 24.  IP Reputation of email sending server  Domain reputation of sender  Presence on Email Reputation tracking Blacklists  Inconsistent Email sending practices  IPWarm up, Sudden bursts, Unknown addresses, etc.  Content of Email  Image toText Ratio  Attachments in email  Promotional/SPAM score of words & phrases used in email  Including Unsubscribe options in promotional emails
  25. 25.  Email authenticated properly?  SPF – Sender Policy Framework (Mailed by valid sender)  DKIM – DomainKeys Identified Mail (Signed by valid sender)  DMARC – Domain Based Authentication, Reporting & Conformance (Framework to ensure SPF & DKIM are followed)  Email Headers correctly highlighted  Bulk/Transactional/etc.  User Email engagement History  Past Opens/Clicks/Engagement history with sender  Engagement history with similar content & a lot more …
  26. 26.  Returnpath/ Senderscore  Your server senderscore should be monitored regularly & should be above 80 (ideally 90+)  Mxtools Blacklist checker  Check if your IP has been blacklisted by global email reputation authorities  Spam assassin (Try  Spam assassin is a great tool to monitor if your email content is good & not having any issues
  27. 27.  EmailAutomation (Email Marketing on Nitro)  Drip Marketing  Demographic & BehavioralTargeting  Registered but not purchased handling  Abandoned cart handling  Date based automation, etc.  Dynamic Content on Emails  A/B testing
  28. 28. Canvass Products Firecart ( -Ecommerce Marketing Automation Software InboundLeads ( -Inbound Lead Generation Widgets for Marketing Agencies Ankur Nandu COO, Canvass Inc (
  29. 29. Questions?