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Canvas Art


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Canvas prints from £10 by Canvas Dezign. Established over 8 years ago for printing canvas wall art with some big customers including the BBC

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Canvas Art

  1. 1. Keywords - canvas art, canvas prints, wall art Canvas Art – Creating Impressive Piece Of Wall Art Don't want to stack piles of photo albums in the closet, hidden away for years? Tired of art prints that are available in your price range? It is definitely your time to look into canvas printing! Canvas printing is a technique that imprints the photo of your choice onto a canvas, like those used in oil painting, whereby you can create art suitable for hanging on your wall. It isn't just a matter of scanning the image into a computer, however. Most canvas artists draw your photo by hand and feed the image into a computer that is specially programmed to replicate the craftsmanship associated with a fine work of gallery art. You can use canvas art printing services to recreate your favorite images from your collection, or choose a variety of wall art they have on hand. Make sure you have your printing provider or artisan gives permission to use their canvas art before submission. Permission from the copyright holder is usually enough to allow that work to be accepted. Chances are, you will not be able to obtain the images in popular magazines or books. If you really do not have any photos or wall art of your own, but would like to use the canvas photo process anyway, to create a piece of canvas art, there are websites where you may purchase royalty free images for a low price. Istockphoto is one example, and there are many others on the internet. The purchase price allows you to do almost anything you like, short of resale of the art. Create an impressive piece of wall art by printing a mural, or a series of coordinating images that can be hung together, creating a glorious work of art on canvas. Themes may
  2. 2. be created from nature, color schemes, a favorite vacation, or family snapshots. Your canvas art can be customized further, by using imprinted slogans or collage writing, and alternate images, or negatives. Images imprinted on the canvas can recreated the clarity and sharpness of your original photo, or mimic the brushstrokes of traditional art. Single subjects really pop with the use of canvas prints, as the process adds the illusion of texture, using visual techniques. If you prefer a simpler look, some canvas artists will do line drawings, or outlines of your photo for a pop art look, or as mentioned above, make a collage. Traditional canvas art can be extremely expensive, especially if you want a larger piece. Canvas art that comes from your pictures is cheaper, because the artist doesn't need to spend time working on design, since one is already provided. For a minimal investment, you can combine your photo collection, and your art collection, and redecorate those bare walls.