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Canon holidaymakers infographic


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Infographic detailing key findings from a recent Canon survey looking into the printing habits of European holidaymakers.

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Canon holidaymakers infographic

  1. 1. Canon research highlights the opportunity for travel companies to improve customer experience by providing European travellers with more of the information they want on printed travel documents. consumers do holiday research online 0 Despite the digital 71 /0 f°' '°a55”'a"°° age, 93% of European holidaymakers print % out of habit travel documents print off accommodation details 7 2 % print off travel tickets O O of European travellers rely 87 / O 5 7 A social media and online sources of those who print out their to research information while travel documents refer to travelling h h f i . . Ehzirptgivper t e C°urse ° 0 % actually use the information provided by booking source 1 , The message to travel companies is clear; travel documents are still incredibly important to holidaymakers but the information they contain could be far more useful. Top 5 details travellers really want readily available: : tf**f%? * as . sad. Final destination Mapof Directionsto Public Key local address ‘ destination. ‘ p_ accommodation transportation addresses and ‘ j ‘ directions to numbers accommodation