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Your biggest hidden cost saving


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Published in: Data & Analytics
  • Now, Ricoh is also helping Siemens to achieve its sustainability goals by introducing Ricoh’s new Quick Start Up (QSU) technology, an energy saving methodology with PxP toner multifunction devices that result in 25% less waste than typical laser printers. Ricoh diligently recycles toner cartridges according to its enterprise sustainability guidelines. In addition, Ricoh ensured that double-sided (duplex) print is a default feature on all its devices. Siemens has now established an ongoing data-gathering process and critical performance metrics through quality tools, which will eventually form a part of Siemens’ framework for continuously improving the quality of their customer service. Read complete case study at:
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Your biggest hidden cost saving

  2. 2. The true cost of print is often obscured. When you know where to look, you can make clear savings. Here are some thoughts on how you can work smarter …
  3. 3. IN THE OFFICE … Printing costs account for up to 3% of an organisation’s revenue1. We think they’ve become a black hole in IT budgets … 1 Based on research from ALL Associates Group, EDAM Whitepaper, 2012
  4. 4. Visible costs like hardware, paper, consumables and maintenance only add up to around 20% of total office print spend2. It’s the hidden costs incurred across your print and document management that have the biggest impact on budgets. 2 The True Cost of Enterprise Printing, IDC Report, 2011
  5. 5. FOR EXAMPLE ... ... just add up how much of your office print costs are spent on these areas:
  6. 6. IT SUPPORT AND INFRASTRUCTURE Dealing with helpdesk enquiries, equipment management and maintenance, staff training, print servers, network connections and print software.
  7. 7. +
  8. 8. PROCUREMENT AND ADMINISTRATION Uncoordinated buying with fragmented purchase decision-making. Managing multiple devices and suppliers, storing consumables, restocking and controlling inventories.
  9. 9. +
  10. 10. DOCUMENT PRODUCTION AND LABOUR The time end-users spend on actually printing documents – setting up and adjusting devices, dealing with issues and hand-finishing.
  11. 11. +
  12. 12. DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT AND WORKFLOWS Managing pre- and post-printing processes such as document filing, storage, indexing, scanning, binding, retrieval and distribution.
  13. 13. =
  14. 14. HIDDEN COSTS Many organisations still struggle to assign a cost to many of these areas. For those that can, it often adds up to a lot more than they expect.
  15. 15. WHAT CAN YOU DO ABOUT IT? If you already have good visibility of the costs and a team with print management experience, we have the tools to allow you to take more control.
  16. 16. SOFTWARE HARDWARE Our software helps you manage and improve secure printing and job routing, tracking and controlling costs across your organisation. Whether it’s scanning or printing, from PCs or mobiles, you can also ensure consistent output and user experience across different devices. The range of print and imaging hardware we offer allows you to consolidate and standardise your fleet of printers, improve reliability and cost-effectiveness, even in legacy IT environments.
  17. 17. OR ... If this sounds like a lot to manage, or your team lacks the skills or experience, you can consider a Managed Print Service (MPS). This lets you outsource the management of your print to an expert team.
  18. 18. THE MPS OPTION Nowadays the options are highly flexible and you can choose between more basic support or pick from a full range of services and consultancy – even a bespoke approach built around specialist document requirements.
  19. 19. CHOOSING THE RIGHT MPS FOR YOU Customer Managed Canon Managed Self-managed hardware and software Fully outsourced MPS Where would you fit on the line?
  20. 20. MPS TARGETS COST SAVINGS BY ... • Cutting time and effort spent dealing with multiple suppliers • Consolidating equipment and reducing the cost of managing and maintaining multiple print devices • Improving purchasing performance with centralised procurement of all equipment and consumables • Monitoring all print services and usage – driving continuous improvement • Reducing print wastage by establishing standard, organisation-wide print rules.
  21. 21. MPS SHOULD BE A JOURNEY OF CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT … In our experience, the best approach is based on a proven methodology that continues to deliver savings over the longer-term. Like this ...
  22. 22. MPS Discover Highlighting potential savings and improvements in your current print environment. Design Turning insights into service recommendations and a business case. Review, Review, Review Regularly analysing performance and driving continuous, long-term savings and efficiencies across the document lifecycle. Transition and implementation Managing the introduction of onsite services – training staff in using the new equipment is key. Support and manage Managing supplier contracts, equipment and consumables, and resolving any issues before they become problems. So you can focus on your core business.
  23. 23. WHEREVER YOU ARE ON YOUR JOURNEY, WE CAN HELP. Here are three short examples from our customers.
  24. 24. “ We’ve gained in so many ways. Print-related costs have been substantially reduced, which has significant impact on our bottom line. We have far fewer devices, which are more flexible and resilient, and we have the right machines in the right places. ” SUE CHICK PROJECT MANAGER, IMAGINATION
  25. 25. “ The results achieved here speak for themselves – we are now saving over 60% of our previous printing and copying costs. ” HORST SCHLÜCHTER HEAD OF APPLICATION-MANAGEMENT & INFRASTRUCTURE, R&V VERSICHERUNG
  26. 26. “ We can drill down into the total volume of print and see exactly what it consists of – who’s printing what, on which machines, how much is in colour or black-and-white, and how much is double-sided. ” PAUL CULLEN TECHNICAL MANAGER, ARMSTRONG WATSON
  27. 27. BUT WAIT. THERE’S MORE …
  29. 29. THE WAY YOU PRINT Short run advertising Personalised marketing Reports Booklets Delivery notes Brochures Posters and signage Transactional documents CAN ALSO BE A MAJOR COST DRIVER
  30. 30. In our experience, in-house production print should save between 10% and 30% over outsourcing. If your organisation is not achieving this kind of result, or you are curious about taking these operations in-house for the first time, what are the key considerations?
  31. 31. In-house print capacity can be a great resource – but it only delivers real value and saving over outsourcing if people use it.
  32. 32. AND EFFICIENT WORKFLOW MANAGEMENT IS CRITICAL If you can channel more jobs through your internal print rooms, and turn around work faster, you can cut costs and improve service.
  33. 33. Being able to offer the right services in-house attracts more users, more economies of scale and more value … PRINT ON-DEMAND Short print runs and fast turnarounds enable an agile response to changing demands. VARIABLE DATA PRINT Easily customise communication materials with engaging personalised content. WEB TO PRINT Streamline service efficiency with online job quoting, ordering and tracking.
  34. 34. We’ve seen this in our work, helping all kinds of organisations drive savings, increase efficiency and gain real competitive advantage … • Introducing new services to attract new users • Automating production workflows and optimising processes • Improving cost management and enabling accurate recharging.
  35. 35. SO IF YOU ALREADY HAVE AN IN-HOUSE PRINT OPERATION OR ARE THINKING OF MAKING THE MOVE ... ... these are just three examples of organisations who have achieved outstanding results.
  36. 36. “ Managing the whole production process in-house, we estimate we’ve reduced almost 50% of our print-related costs. ” NINO DEL PLATO PROJECT MANAGER, CENTRAL REPROGRAPHIC DEPARTMENT MANAGER, ECOSFERA
  37. 37. “ Somewhere between €80,000 and €108,000 has been saved per year in print costs – instead of holding large stocks of standardised folders and documents, we now print only the precise number of customised documents that we need. ” BENT KONGERSLEV PROCUREMENT COORDINATOR, SOUTH JUTLAND HOSPITAL
  38. 38. “ We’ve consistently achieved high-quality results, day in, day out. I estimate we have cut our costs by about 50% across the entire process. ” CHRISTOPH BRANDNER GRAPHICS AND DESIGN DEPARTMENT HEAD, RHI AG
  39. 39. HOW CAN WE HELP YOU? If you’re looking to reduce these hidden costs, we can help ...
  40. 40. From office documents to specialist or high-volume production. We have the wide-ranging expertise and market-leading technology that can make a big difference to the way you work with print.
  41. 41. If there are any areas of particular interest that you would like to discuss further, or to set up a meeting, call Scott Ofield on 01235 433470 or email © Canon Europa N.V. 2014 BE EXCEPTIONAL and visit