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Introduction and portfolio of recent design and marketing by Candy, the creative services agency of Michael Lachowski.

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About Candy

  1. 1. Candy is an ad agency in Athens, Georgia, founded and operated by Michael Lachowski in 1996 to meet two needs: an outlet for Michael to apply his visual and communication skills in the marketplace, and a vehicle to offer modern and genuine marketing solutions to businesses. Serving everything from small entrepreneurial startups to governmental agencies, Candy has proven over time that its images and messages are strong, viable, effective, affordable, original – and popular with clients and audiences alike.
  2. 2. The Candy logo, designed in 1996. Michael Lachowski michael@candycreative.com PO Box 749, Athens, GA 30603 706-549-0191 candycreative.com The other side of Candy’s current business card.
  3. 3. A quick overview: Michael Lachowski graduated from UGA in art photography where he also studied graphic design, print making, installation art, drawing, color and film. He is an artist, photographer, the bass player in Pylon, a DJ, and a member of Athens Design Development. Candy has been a creative services agency since 1996, with forays as a DJ/electronic music record store, a clothing boutique, and the publisher of Young, Foxy & Free magazine. All of these interests and experiences inform and enhance the work that Candy offers.
  4. 4. A current photo project by Michael of the original Lamar Dodd School of Art building where he received a BFA. Michael, Curtis, Vanessa & Randy of Pylon at 2004 show. Bus shelter designed by Athens Design Development, 2007.
  5. 5. Candy’s services include: >logo and identity design >naming, tag lines, copywriting >integrated marketing >print design and sourcing >photography >web design and realization >packaging >stickers, t-shirts, collateral >PR >audio and motion pieces >direct mail design and send >outdoor, street, viral, blog And a third perspective between your business and your audience. Oh yeah, and we don’t imitate or use a template; Candy is all about inquiry into your needs, followed by a genuine solution.
  6. 6. Things we’ve produced: Business types we’ve served: business cards non-profits letterheads state government envelopes record companies brochures real estate property sales websites national franchise marketing email marketing cycling teams and cycling sales direct mail lists artists, musicians photographs electrical contractor videos restaurants, bars, coffee shops slogans landscape architects postcards film festivals posters auto dealership billboards financial services radio ads local government CD and album packaging health care industry label urban design/city planning viewbooks music promotion maps biomedical press releases bicycle rides and races t-shirts eye surgeons buttons hunting lodge stickers home construction trade show booths medical specialty association premiums hair salons product labels home builders vehicle graphics bank projected presentations audio/video installer signage outdoor sports stores banners political campaigns displays insurance agencies broadcast ads other ad agencies PDF’s college admissions fliers artisans booklets political action groups domain names winery interior design commercial contruction phone scripts arts associations magazines clothing brands and boutiques receptions mobile advertising company guerilla marketing heath food grocery research syndicated radio program music programming yoga studios synergy with other entities filmmakers skateboard and surf shops art galleries veterinarian law firms… and more!
  7. 7. Some current projects at Candy: Drew Dekle Construction website concept and design photography Drew Dekle Construction logo brochure design and print Quality Property logo renovation and business card
  8. 8. City Tomato logo design business card concept, design and print
  9. 9. Mental Health Association of Northeast Georgia annual design poster design t-shirt design postcard design and print
  10. 10. Keller, Crymes & DeMarco business name change creative domain name consulting logo design postcard design and print identity suite design outdoor sign design photography magazine ad design website design
  11. 11. Athens Research & Technology
  12. 12. legacy logo redesign business card design website design for Thrasher Design postcard mailer design
  13. 13. Challenge of the Centuries bicycle ride
  14. 14. annual event graphic brochure design and print postcard design photography t-shirt design mailing service outsourcing website design and hosting wrist band design and sourcing banner design print ad design
  15. 15. Oneta project naming logo design domain name consulting website design postcard design and print photography illustration outsourcing site sign design banner design print ad design
  16. 16. Jeff Stewart, Keller-Williams
  17. 17. business card design and printing project name consulting copywriting photography marketing piece design and printing domain name website design and hosting outdoor signage
  18. 18. That was a peek at some recent Candy work – but you can stay up to date on our projects, our clients, and recommendations for business in the Candy blog. Read it at our website or subscribe to the RSS feed in your news reader. We also offer a weekly email update; sign up for it at our blog. And we want you to have a free Candy sticker – just send a request and mailing address by email or phone: michael@candycreative.com 706-549-0191 You can wear a Candy t-shirt, available at our blog, $20. All of this good stuff is just practice for what we provide our clients!
  19. 19. Candy’s blog shows off our recent work, promotes our clients, and provides timely news-you-can-use for your business. Find it at http://candycreative.com. We’ve given away thousands of Candy stickers over the years. Have you seen one? Get yours – just send your mailing address by email or phone.