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Unit 5 projects 6 a

  1. 1. MY LAST SUMMERHello, my name is Elena I´m 11 (eleven) years old. Ilive in Ciudad Real. My favourite color is green andmy favorite number is 5 (five). Now, I´m going totalk about my last summer.Last summer I went to Xeraco (Valencia). Xeraco isbetween Gandía and Cullera. My dad rent anapartment. The apartment had a very big pool anda very big terrace. I went to Xeraco with myparents, my sister and my dog.We arrived on Saturday morning, and then, wespent the evening at the beach, later, we wentto have dinner to a restaurant.On Sunday morning, we went to the pool, and thenwe went to have lunch. My parents took a nap,while my sister was playing with me. Later, we wentto the beach, and we had dinner in the apartment.We did the same, more or less, during the wholeweek. And on Saturday morning we went back toCiudad Real. We enjoyed it very much, I lovegoing to the beach.BY ELENA RUIZ 6ºA.
  2. 2. PROJECTMY HOLIDAYSIn July, I went on a cruise in the Mediterranean. The ship was called"Orchestra"I visited many cities and countries: France, Italy and Tunisia. InPompeii it was very hot, In Florence and Pisa there were many churchesand museums.The ship was very big and there were many people, and there wereswimming pools, bars, discos and a very big theatre.They were my best holidays.BY ENRIQUE OLIVER MORCILLO
  3. 3.  My name is Fran and I am going to talkabout my last summer. First I went to Madrid because I had aproblem in my heart.I stayed in the hospitalfor one week and a doctor operated on me. Then I went to “Torre del mar”(Málaga).There ,I surfed in the sea with my board.Atnight I played with my little cousin María
  4. 4.  Finally, I came back to Ciudad Real. Here, Imet my friends and we went to the park. Inthe park we played football and we rode ourbikes. At night I went to the fair with myfather, my mother and my sister. In conclusion ,last summer I had fun.
  5. 5. THE END
  6. 6. In my last summer, I went to Calpe (Alicante), with my parents, mysister, my aunt and with my dog. We went to the apartment of myaunt.The apartment is very beautiful: has got one kitchen, four bedrooms,one bath, one living.My aunt has got one parrot ,it is very naughty. Few days after mycousin came with her friends.I went to the house of my seconds a month, because mygrandfather was sick and my parents were caring for him.My grandfather died of cancer.I went to Sabinillas ( Málaga ) with : Ana, Carlos , Luis y Miguel. Wehad a great time.
  7. 7. Project:My last summer
  8. 8. Hello, I’ m Jesús, I’ m eleven, I live in Ciudad Real, my favourite numberis 13.My last summer
  9. 9. • In my last summer came two dominican girls to my house. Theywere 1 month. This names are Beatriz and Betesha.• In August I went of Castillo de• Locubin for visit my grandmother.• One day when we were in Catillo• de Locubin, my mum dediced• that went of AlhambraMy last summer
  10. 10. • On 21st of August, I went to Salamanca. We stayed in a floor of mysister. The floor it is in the 11-23 Fray Junípero Serra street (Infront of the Chinchibarra Park)• When we were Ciudad Real, I went Ávila. In Ávila bhought jews theboat.• In the travel came whit my: my dad, my mum, my brother and mytwo sistersMy last summer
  11. 11. Castillo de Locubín:Jaén
  12. 12. LA ALHAMBRA:La Alcazaba and The Generalife
  13. 13. Salamanca:Castilla y León
  14. 14. Ávila:Castilla y León
  15. 15. Project By:Jesús Aguayo Romero
  16. 16. Hello, I´m Jimena.I´m 11 (eleven) years old.I live in Ciudad Real (Spain) in Laguna de laPosadilla Street.In my last summer I went to Lanzarote.I stayed there for ten days.It was funny and different from here.Lanzarote is on the Canary Islands it is verybeautiful and impressive it is the best island ofthe world.I went to Lanzarote with my family (my mum, mydad my brother and of course me).When we arrived, we went straigth to the hotel.Frist we went to eat, the place was very beautiful.The following day we went to see a cave. And thefollowing day we went to the beach.
  17. 17. It was not very impressive but those were myholidays.By Jimena Romero Hervás.
  18. 18. My last summer.Hello, I am Luis. My last summer was in 2.012, it was my second favouritesummer in my life. During my favourite summer, I travelled to Viveiro,where my grandmother was born.But now I want to talk about my last summer.O.K. that summer started with an athletic competition, in Motril. It wasincredible we were in the third position. We stayed in a four stars hotel,with other clubs. The competition was in June. The summer startedwonderful.Then I went to Salamanca, I was living in a beautiful house, near cows, wewere there for eight days, but we didn`t stay all the time in the house, wevisited many towns near Navacarros. We visited Candelario, where, in thepast, there was a tradition consisted of killing pigs in the street.We visited Bejar, a city that has a very cold swimming pool. Other day wewent to Miranda del Castañar, where we were walking with a friend of mymom.We were in Barco de Ávila, where we saw a big Castle. Peña de Francia, isa monumental mountain, very big and beautiful. La Alberca, that is aMedieval city perfectly preserved.At the end, we went to Salamanca, with a big and beautiful square, therewe visited a big Gothic Cathedral, an University…Finally, I was in the best camp in Spain “Sabinillas” near Marbella. With:Miguel, Carlos, Paula, Alejandro, Jimena and Ana. We did a lot of thingsand funny activities.
  19. 19. My sister and me in BejarPlaza Mayor in Salamanca.
  20. 20. My name is Marina, and I talk aboutmy last summer:Two years ago, I went to Paris. It isin France. Paris is the capital ofFrance.I went with my family. We spent aweek. We went two days toDisneyland and then to Paris.Everything was very beautifuland very funny.Disneyland: was very beautiful andfunny I saw all the characters ofDisney.
  21. 21. Paris: was very very beautiful. I sawThe Tour Eiffel, Notre Dame, TheLouvre museum, The Invalids…I went to Paris, but I went to Gijontoo. It is in Asturias. Gijon is verybeautiful but it was very cold. I wentwith my family. We spent two weeks.This was one of my best summers.By Marina Molina Recuero, 6ºA
  22. 22. Hello my name is Marta. I´m 11(eleven) years old. I´m fromSpain I live in Ciudad Real inEras del Cerrillo street. I willtalk about my last summer.In my last summer I went toCalpe. I went in my birthday´sday on of August. I went toCalpe by car and I had aheadache. At the beach, I met
  23. 23. Paula and herfamily and I was very happy.However, they came back thatday but I played with them andit was very funny. My hotel´sname was Solymar. It was a verybeautiful hotel and the peoplewas friendly but there wassomeone who wasn´t friendly.Then I went to the beach and Iplayed with Paula in the sea. And
  24. 24. my mother and myfather were sunbathing.At night my family and Paula´sfamily went to had dinner to arestaurant.The last day I went with myfamily to the beach and I playedwith my sister to make a palacein the sand. And then I went tohave lunch in the hotel. Later Iwent to the swimming pool in
  25. 25. the hotel and I had dinner.I went to Alicante with Jimenaand her family. It was veryfunny. I went to the beachwith them and in the sea therewere jellyfish. At night wewent to
  26. 26. the funfair. The last day wewere in a pirate ship. However,within the ship, there was adisco and a bar and we went to arestaurant to have lunch.THIS WAS MY LAST SUMMERBY MARTA FUENTES MATEO6º A.
  27. 27. Hello, I am Miguel.I am eleven years old.I live in Ciudad Real (Spain).In my last summer, I went to the:- Football Camp: I went to the football camp with my friendPedro, because I like playing football with my friends, thecamp lasted for one week.- Sabinillas Camp: I went to the Sabinillas Camp with my friendsAlejandro, Carlos and Luis in the camp I met many children, thecamp lasted for 10 days.My family and my cousins went to Disney Land Paris on theof August. I like to travel by plane. My hotel was Santa Fé.The first day was Sunday. On Sunday morning, I saw afantastic theme park, I wanted to ride on the attractions.In the afternoon, we came to have lunch in the hotel SantaFé. The other days were fantastic days. My cousin and mewanted to ride on the other attractions. The last day was9th of August. This trip was fantastic.By MIGUEL MEGÍA PUERTA.
  28. 28. In my last summer, I went to Calpe (Alicante), with my parents, mysister, my aunt and with my dog. We went to the apartment of myaunt.The apartment is very beautiful: it has got one kitchen,four bedrooms, one bath, one living room.My aunt has got one parrot, it is very naughty. Few days afterwe were there, my cousin came with her friends.I went to the house of my seconds for a month, becausemy grandfather was sick and my parents were caring forhim. My grandfather died of cancer.I went to Sabinillas ( Málaga ) with : Ana, Carlos , Luis andMiguel. We had a great time.
  29. 29. My last summerThe pass my last vacation at home. I stayed at home during mylast holidays, it Was pretty funny.Many things have happened such as we adopted a Ukrainian girl forforty days and thanks to the association that brought them eachWednesday we went to Beach Park, we also went to the Lagunasde Ruideras, the beaches of the Vicar, to Madrid, to therestaurant Labrador, Valle de los Perales and greasy spoon restaurant.
  30. 30. MY LAST SUMMERHello, my name is Silvia. I live in Ciudad Real. I am eleven(11) years old. My favourite color is blue. My favouritenumber is one.My last summer, I was in Ciudad Real. I swam in the poolat an aunts house; I managed to do it without stoppingHUNDRED metres LONG, I went to five concerts by myfavourite music group “SHARP FIREFLY”…ON SATURDAY MORNING, I read a LOT.I READ:THE heroes of mythologyHARRY POTTER AND THE PHILOSOPHERS STONEHARRY POTTER AND THE CHAMBER OF SECRETSHARRY POTTER AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABANHARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIREHARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIXHARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCEHARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWSROSE(REDD THE WHOLE SUMMER NO SATURDAY MORNING)
  31. 31. I saw a film with my friend Angela .Harry Potter and the PHILOSOPHERS STONEHARRY POTTER AND THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS
  34. 34. roseBy Silvia Velázquez 6 A
  35. 35. The holidays2-8-10 AugustIt was a quiet summer and very hot. That summer we went toManilva, Malaga. We arrived at the hotel at 16 hours and 2 minutes.The following day we went to the beach, it was a nice day.The second day we visited a castle, I loved it.The third day it was the visit to Portobanus, we saw Ferraris,Lamborginis...I had very happy holidays.By Vicente