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Unit 1 6ºA


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Unit 1 6ºA

  1. 1. My favourite person Hello, my name is Carlos. My favourite person is RAQUEL. She is from in Spain, she lives in Ciudad Real. She always does athletics, she always goes to school...... She usually wears a tracksuit, she usually wears trainers... She loves going to sport centres Her favoutite football team is Real Madrid. In her free time, she goes running.
  2. 2. Hello, my name is Beatriz. I’m 11 years old. I’m from Spain. My famous person is Selena Gomez.
  3. 3. She’s from Texas in EE.UU. She lives in Texas. She usually wears jeans, a T-shirt and a dresses. She always wears earrings. She likes pickles. In her free time, she likes watching TV.
  4. 4. Hello, my name is Carlos Paton. I am11 years old and my favourite singer is Michael Jackson. This will be my Project.
  5. 5. MY PROJECT about MICHAEL JACKSON My favourite Singer is Michael Jackson. He lived in Los Angeles, California. He usually sings and dances pop music. He usually wears bright clothing and leather. He had five brothers. The song with more success was THRILLER. PROJET A famous person My famous person is Victoria Justice; she is a singer and an actress. She is from Hollywood, Florida, in the U.S.A. She lives in Hollywood Los Angeles. She always gets up early;
  6. 6. She often sings, she never plays tennis, she sometimes listens to CDs. She usually wears jeans and T-shirts, she sometimes wears dresses, she often wears a jacket. She loves dogs and her sister, Madison Justice. Her favourite food is a hot dog. In her free time, she watches DVDS. At the weekend, she sometimes goes shopping and she goes to the cinema. BY CRISTINA Hello, I´m Inés. My favorite famous pop star is Selena Gomez. She was born in 1.992.she is from texas in united states of america. She lives in new York.
  7. 7. She has got brown eyes and long, straight and brown hair. She usually makes her own clothes. She Sometimes plays paddle, she often plays basketball and she never plays football. She never wears a raincoat. She Always wears rings and she usually wears boots. She is a great actress. She sings very well. She plays the guitar brilliantly. She dances well. She likes pizza, salads and chocolate cakes. She loves animals and her favorite pet is a dog. She is a philanthropist and she gives money for poor people. Her first film was “Ramona and Beezus”. At the weekend she goes to gym with her friends. After that they go to the cinema. Selena Gomez singing in the Stars Dance Tour in Noruega, september of 2013 Hello! I´m Irene. I´m 11 years old. I from Spain. I live in Ciudad Real.
  8. 8. My favourite famous person is Carlos Marco, he is a singer in the band :AURYN. He started singing when he was young. He is from Alicante,(Spain). He lives in Madrid. He studies and he always practises his songs. He always wears trousers, a t-shirt and he sometimes wears a jacket. He usually gets up at 8:00. He sings brilliantly. His favourite song is 1900. His best friends are Dani, Álvaro, Blas and David. He sings for his friends "cuando te volveré a ver "the movie ROMPE RALPH. A famous person Hi, my name is Jose Ramon. I´m 11 years old. My favourite tennis player is: Rafael Nadal. Rafael Nadal is from Manacor and he lives in Mallorca.
  9. 9. He usually practices tennis in the morning. He normally travels a lot around the world. He always is abroad because of the competitions. He often wears sport clothes: a tracksuit, shorts, T-shirts, tennis racket … He´s very famous because he wins many tennis championships He likes chocolate a lot, he likes playing golf, and fishing in the sea.. His girlfriend is Maria Francisca ENGLISH PROJECT: MY FAVOURITE PERSON
  10. 10. My favourite person is Sofía. She’s from Ciudad Real. She lives near Erosky. In her free time, she always plays the saxo. She sometimes plays the piano as well. She usually plays tablet games and she likes going to the cinema at the weekend. She often goes to the countryside with her family. She’s got a little dog called Perla. She always wears T-shirts and jeans. She’s got a beautiful house and sometimes I sleep with Sofía in her bedroom. I love it!!!!!!.
  11. 11. BY LUCÍA RUIZ VILLASEÑOR, 6º A Hello, my name is Paloma. I am eleven years old. My favourite famous person is Super Junior. He is from in North of Korea. He lives in Gonsan . He always wears a jacket and jeans. He never wears earrings or a belt. He sometimes wears a tracksuit. He usually wears trainers. He loves playing the guitar and singing in band. his favourite
  12. 12. • By : Paloma Arroyo.
  13. 13. Project: A famous person Hello, my name is Paula Daniela. I’m from Spain. My favourite famous person is TAYLOR SWIFT Taylor swift is a singer, an actress, a composer of country music. She is from the USA. She lives in Tennessee with her mum (Andrea), her dad (Scott), her brother (Austin) and her grandmother; she was a famous opera singer. She loves animals. She usually wears dresses and skirt. She sometimes wears a cap. She always wears earrings. She never wears a tracksuit. She gets up early In her free time, she likes cooking cupcakes. She has a cat and two dogs and at the weekend, she likes going to the cinema and the restaurant. Her favourite music is love story.