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Fight for Your Life by Cancer Care Trust


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Cancer care trust is a government recognised trust which help the person who require treatment and is not able to attain the required medication due to some personal reason such as money assistance or any other. We provide the proper guidance to your cancer need and the therapies and medication required for the cancer treatment.We are the trust which thrive for people and work for there well being and better life.For more information about cancer care trust visit on

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Fight for Your Life by Cancer Care Trust

  1. 1. Fight for Your Life by Cancer Care Trust
  2. 2. Fight for Your Life - Fight Cancer We live in times where malignancy has turned into a family word. We as a whole have encountered this calamity with no less than one relative, companion, associate or somebody we hold dear.  It is a reality that cancer cases have been surging each year. With headways in medicinal science, we have possessed the capacity to battle with it to the absolute best that we can. In the Cancer Care Trust wake of this, a ton of malignancy consideration healing centers is being set up, both private and government.
  3. 3. The cancer care trust has reported that each year Indian cases record to almost 8% of aggregate malignancy passing on the planet. It's a long and troublesome battle, yet what has helped the majority is that individuals are presently mindful of this ailment and are not hesitant to discuss it. Acknowledgment is the way to fresh starts. Be that as it may, do we truly comprehend disease and everything identified with it so far?
  4. 4. Cancer Care Trust
  5. 5. Address:- A - 43, Second Floor, Sector - 2, Noida,Uttar Pradesh – 201301 Website:- Tel: 0120-6888171 Contact Us