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1 Bárbara Cazangas / Apoquindo


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1er Congreso Educativo Inacap.
Sala 6 - Aprender Haciendo II.
1 Bárbara Cazangas / Apoquindo: Manual Didáctico como Herramienta Transversal para la Formación del Perfil del Traductor.

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1 Bárbara Cazangas / Apoquindo

  1. 1. Manual Didáctico como Herramienta Transversal para la Formación del Perfil del Traductor TransDaBel Translation Didactic Booklets Bárbara Cazangas INACAP, Apoquindo
  2. 2. Students Learning by Doing Method OBJECTIVES • Enhance knowledge • Develop linguistic skills • Foster personal values Teachers • Encourage students to think critically and creatively • Manage time and space effectively • Provide collaborative feedback Support and Assure Learning Outcomes
  3. 3. Research Project Directed to the Translation Study Program, July 2012 to July 2013, FDD2 Evaluation and Theories Students and Teachers Linguistic Skills and Communicative Abilities Subject Integration
  4. 4. ORGANIZATION BOOK 1: 05 Chapters BOOK 2: 07 Booklets 1. Overview on Language Skills 1. The Language of Literature 2. Basics on Parts of the Speech 2. The Language of Business 3. Word Formation Procedure 3. The Language of Fashion Design 4. Reading Strategies Translation Procedures 4. The Language of Natural Science 5. Guidelines for Research 5. The Language of Medical Science 6. The Language of Technology 7. Glossaries and Evaluation Charts
  5. 5. Linguistic Skill Codes A: Searching B: Assimilative C: Cognitive D: Productive E: Resolving F: Deductive G: Evaluating Learning Sequence • Informational technologies: Reading • Vocabulary and expressions : Meaning • Linguistic knowledge: Relating • Written and oral production: Creating • Translation: Decision-Making • Information inference: ABP • Improving performance: Assessment: Concept-Procedure-Attitude
  7. 7. ELEMENTARY / INTERMEDIATE /ADVANCED ACTIVITY This activity deals with the identification of technical concepts and expressions in the field of the Heavy Industry.____________________________________ Learning Sequence: Assimilative + Cognitive + Resolving + Evaluating Skills and Abilities: Read information concerning the area of mining to render instructions and processes, applying the Translation Equivalence Method. Item 1-2-3: B+C+E
  8. 8. Guidelines  Form groups of three students each.  Identify the letter code to understand the main skill to be developed.  Take a look at each item to understand what the procedure is.  Use encyclopedias and dictionaries online.  Make vocabulary notes.  Fill in charts as requested.  Share answers to learn from the others.  G+ Provide collaborative feedback to improve academic performance.
  9. 9. SAMPLES: LITERATURE AND BUSINESS Item 3 A+B+C+F Read the Sonnet LXXIII by Shakespeare. Bearing in mind the imagery literary resource , answer the questions in B. A. Shakespeare Poetry B. Imagery Resource Sonnet LXXIII That time of year thou mayst in me behold When yellow leaves, or none, or few , do hand upon those bough which shake against the cold… 1. What is the physical spot reflected? 2. What are the feelings shown? 3. What season of the year is it? Item 1 B+C+D: Describe movement in business , considering arrows given. Rocket Climb Increase Plunge Slump: Supply & Demand
  10. 10. Fashion Design and Natural Science Item 2 C+D+F: Look at the picture and describe full costume details on a Spec Sheet. SPEC SHEET COMPANY INFO. Item 3 B+C+E: Look at the flower portrait with distinctive leaves. Render the equivalence in Spanish. Flower features ST Info. The petals are contained in the inner floral envelope giving a showy display. 1. 2. TT: _________
  11. 11. Medicine & Nutrition and Technology Industry Item 2 B+C+E: Give the equivalence rendering for creating menus. Kinds of Foods Methods of Cooking and Preservation. Ground meat dressed with powdered garlic and a dash of salt. Plain boiled potatoes and parboiled vegetables. No lard included. Item 1. A+B+C+D: Develop specialized research in teams.
  12. 12. Source of Information Newmark, P. (1988). Recuperado el 20 de Abril de 2013. Marcelo, C., Yot, C., Sánchez, M., Murillo, P., & Mayor, C. (2011). Diseñar el Aprendizaje en la Universidad. Revista de Curriculum y Formación del Profesorado, 15(2). Burns, A & Richards, J. (2012). Pedagogy and Practice in Second Language Teaching. New York: Cambridge University Press
  13. 13. TransDaBel Didactic booklets oriented to enhance the teaching - learning process in order to achieve translation study goals. The activities are designed to reinforce skills and abilities to assure learning outcomes, leading to effective performance. Learning by Doing Model, INACAP THANK YOU